30 Sunflower Gifts to Celebrate Everything From Anniversaries to Birthdays

It's a birthday flower for Leos, an anniversary bloom for three-year marriages and more.
Sunflower Gifts for Every Occasion
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Mia Maguire
by Mia Maguire
Updated Nov 30, 2023
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Sunflowers are one of the most popular flower varieties for a laundry list of reasons—including their beauty and sunshiny vibe. Whether it be in a floral arrangement or as a present motif, sunflower gifts are a popular choice to mark numerous celebration-worthy milestones and occasions, from birthdays, to anniversaries, to even Mother's Day. While they may seem like just some pretty petals at first, there's a deeper meaning behind the florals. Sunflowers symbolize loyalty and adoration, and also are the designated flower for certain months and anniversary years. Whether sunflowers are your best friend's birth flower, you're attending a sunflower-themed bridal shower or you're just shopping for a gift for the sunflower lover (or Post Malone fan) on your list, you've come to the right place.

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Sunflower Gift Meaning

Here's the meaning of sunflowers as a gift: Sunflowers have various symbolic readings that span a wide range of themes—including love, friendship and more—but for the most part, the sentiments are bright, cheery and centered upon celebrating life to the fullest due to their association with the sun. When it comes to unromantic milestones, sunflowers can also represent rebirth, healing, health and longevity, making them a great floral choice for baby showers, births and even weddings and engagements. Sunflowers are also the birth flower for July 23 through August 22 (aka all of the Leos for the astrology lovers out there), making them a great choice for summer birthdays in this date range.

Additionally, sunflowers are the anniversary flower for the third year of marriage, making them a great choice for a third anniversary gift. Regardless of the specific symbolism, sunflowers unanimously represent summer, light and happiness, thanks to their happiness-inducing yellow petals. You can't go wrong with sunflower gift ideas regardless of the occasion or celebration in question.

The Best Sunflower Gifts

Unlike gifting someone with a bouquet of red roses—sunflower-themed gifts are an incredibly versatile choice that feels romantic without seeming generic. They're positive and uplifting. They're a no-brainer for celebrating Leo birthdays and third-year marriage or relationship anniversaries, but they're also a fabulous choice for any summertime milestone you plan to honor with a gift or two. There are plenty of ways you can go about gifting sunflowers, whether that be a classic botanical arrangement featuring the bloom or a sunflower-inspired gift that won't wilt after a week or two. Either way, there's no shortage of occasions to celebrate with sunflowers and we've rounded up plenty of ideas below to help you find the best present.

1. Sunflower and Red Lily Floral Arrangement

Sunflower and Red Lily Floral Arrangement
Photo: The Bouqs Co.

If you're looking for gifts for people who like sunflowers that you can send to them without delivering it IRL, The Bouqs Co. offers a wide array of sunflower-centric options suitable for a variety of occasions. This is an especially great choice to send new parents to celebrate the arrival of a baby (when they're too overwhelmed for house guests) or when you're unable to make a bridal or baby shower, but would still like to send the giftee something thoughtful. We love that this bouquet mixes sunflowers with red lilies for extra depth and warmth.

2. Real Sunflower Resin Block

sunflower resin block gift
Photo: JWBotanique

For the home decor lover who may or may not have a green thumb, consider this resin sunflower block. This is a great sunflower birthday gift for Leos, sunflower anniversary gift for third-year marriages or a baby shower keepsake that can be treasured forever. Plus, it's equipped with a soft light that makes the bloom glow.

3. Self-Watering Sunflower Grow Kit

Self-Watering Sunflower Grow Kit
Photo: Uncommon Goods

For a live sunflower gift that requires little to no maintenance, this self-watering sunflower grow kit will not disappoint. This is a great option for a sunflower housewarming gift because it'll brighten up any space in a second. All it requires to thrive is a little sunshine (of course) and weekly watering sessions.

4. Sunflower Tote With Zipper Pocket

Sunflower Tote With Zipper Pocket
Photo: Amazon

If you're looking for an affordable, yet personalized sunflower gift that looks relatively luxe without the expensive price, this on-trend monogrammed canvas tote fits the bill. Not only will they use it more than they'll ever imagine, but it's also a special reminder that the future is always bright and sunny. How sweet!

5. Modern Sunflower Wall Art

Modern Sunflower Wall Art
Photo: Anthropologie

Sure, you may not be able to afford an authentic Van Gogh (the O.G. sunflower artist), but this lovely piece of wall art is a great still life featuring the celebratory flower. It feels timeless, yet modern, so it'll mesh well with most home decor schemes. It's on the pricey side—bookmark this one as a unique sunflower gift for a very special occasion.

6. Delicate Sunflower Bracelet

Delicate Sunflower Bracelet
Photo: GLDN

If jewelry is on the gifting agenda, this sunflower-themed bracelet by Flora Mila is a universally appealing choice that feels sentimental without being overly gushy. This is a great piece for a third year anniversary, a July or an August birthday or just an anytime gift for someone who loves sunflowers. And really, who doesn't? It's available in sterling silver, 14K gold-filled or solid gold.

7. Tarot-Themed Flower Seeds

Tarot-Themed Flower Seeds
Photo: Uncommon Goods

For the tarot—or just metaphysical—type on your list, this Flower Garden Seed Tarot Deck should do just the trick. It's tailored to their celestial interests, but also is a practical option for anyone who loves to garden. And of course, sunflower seeds are featured front and center in this pack of four.

8. Sunflower Stained-Glass Window Ornament

Sunflower Stained-Glass Window Ornament
Photo: Wayfair

This beautiful window ornament is so special looking that they'll be asking if you found this in an off-the-beaten-path gift shop. Spoiler alert: It's available on Wayfair with quick shipping. It's a great choice for the cottagecore babes and bros, white still being versatile enough for new homeowners or first-time dorm-dwellers.

9. Van Gogh Sunflower Compact Mirror

Van Gogh Sunflower Compact Mirror
Photo: FinestGiftDesigns

On the hunt for gifts for someone who loves sunflowers and fine art? This little purse-sized mirror is the winner. The cover features an image of Van Gogh's famous sunflower painting as well as the recipient's name in delicate script near the bottom.

10. Lego Sunflower Kit

Lego Sunflower Kit
Photo: Walmart

Lego fans come in all shapes, sizes and ages, and we love this sunflower-themed kit that'll bring out the inner kid in any floral fan. They can lay them on a table or prop them up in a vase. Regardless of how they display them, they'll sure have a ball putting them together.

11. Sunflower-Print Throw Blanket

Sunflower-Print Throw Blanket
Photo: Amazon

They'll be walking (err, sleeping?) on sunshine with this cozy sunflower-themed throw blanket. It's a great choice for a sunflower Christmas gift, since coziness and warmth will be on the agenda during the winter months. Select between so many sunflower-themed patterns.

12. Sunflower Glass Coffee Cups

Sunflower Glass Coffee Cups
Photo: Amazon

For an employee, mother-in-law or anyone else on your list who loves sunflowers, but has a lower gifting budget allotment, these sunflower-adorned glass mugs are a foolproof pick. Heck, even if they don't love iced lattes or iced tea, who doesn't enjoy the appeal of a decorative water cup? They also make adorable sunflower bridesmaid gifts, if you're shopping for your whole squad.

13. Sunflower Candle

Sunflower Candle
Photo: Homesick

Whether they're your romantic partner, best friend of over a decade or your boss who always has a sunflower arrangement by their desk, you can't go wrong with a sunflower scented candle. The scents from this cult-favorite brand are meant to spark nostalgia. And especially in the winter months, this will def give the recipient a dose of summertime vibes whenever they light it.

14. Sunflower Wine Stopper

Sunflower Wine Stopper
Photo: Amazon

If the giftee in question is a wine lover, this decorative wine stopper will be their new favorite bar cart sidekick. It's a great stocking stuffer for when you've exhausted every last idea, yet it still comes across as thoughtful. You're welcome.

15. Sunflower Citrine Necklace

Sunflower Citrine Necklace
Photo: Brilliant Earth

If the occasion calls for jewelry (you'll know if and when it does), this subtle sunflower pendant necklace is a great gift. It'll remind them that you'll always be their ray of sunshine, even when times get tough. Plus, it just looks great with any outfit. We adore this option for a sunflower Valentine's Day gift.

16. Sunflower Wooden Spoon Set

Sunflower Wooden Spoon Set
Photo: EngraveMyDay

For the culinary aficionado on your list, this affordable sunflower wooden spoon set will set them abloom. Everyone can use extra kitchen accessories in their lineup, so why not make them extra special? This one definitely tops the list of our favorite sunflower bridal shower gifts for sure. It comes with six utensils and an optional holder.

17. Sunflower License Plate Frame

Sunflower License Plate Frame
Photo: Amazon

For the constant commuter who spends most of their days in their car (like it or not), try this cool sunflower gift. This license plate frame will add a border of bright blooms to their car (and so much pizazz to that aforementioned commute). It's not something they'd purchase for themselves, but they'll love putting it on their ride.

18. Sunflower Night Light

Sunflower Night Light
Photo: Uncommon Goods

While this sunflower night light is a cute sunflower gift for any child's birthday, adults will appreciate this grown-up glow up as well. It's an easy home decor upgrade that doesn't seem like it's trying too hard, yet it adds a bit of the outside to any interior. Bonus: It's made from recycled glass, so it's a pretty and sustainable present.

19. Sunflower Gift Basket

Sunflower Gift Basket
Photo: BlissfulBeeGifts

Not sure where to start—or what they even like—aside from sunflowers? This thoughtful, versatile and widely appealing gift set covers all the bases for just about any giftee in question. It's a great option for a new mother, a boss you want to make a good impression on or someone who is just downright difficult to shop for (aka the person who has everything). It includes a lucious bar of handmade soap, a pair of socks and an adorable crocheted sunflower in a pot.

20. Sunflower Initial Necklace

Sunflower Initial Necklace
Photo: Rellery

Take the personalized gifting to the next level with this stunning pendant necklace from Rellery. Not only does it feature a subtle sunflower motif, but it also allows you to personalize the necklace with the initial of the giftee. They'll feel like you've been planning this gift for ages.

21. Sunflower Water Tumbler

Sunflower Water Tumbler
Photo: TenElevenCustoms

Who needs the internet-famous Stanley cup when you can get a perfectly good alternative with some botanical flair? Snag this sunflower-themed water receptacle that keeps cold drinks cool and hot drinks warm for hours. Plus, it's totally massive.

22. Personalized Sunflower Necklace

Personalized Sunflower Necklace
Photo: Amazon

A modern day alternative to a vintage locket that doesn't require you to spend hours (or days) scouring antique stores and flea markets, consider this personalized sunflower necklace. It's a sweet jewelry gift with a unique construction. It can also be engraved with a photo or custom text.

23. Artistic Sunflower Perfume

Artistic Sunflower Perfume
Photo: Nordstrom

Shopping for an art history lover or fragrance aficionado? This sunflower-inspired fragrance also takes cues from Van Gogh's renowned masterpiece. We love that it smells bright, but not overly floral.

24. Galaxy Sunflower Lamp

Galaxy Sunflower Lamp
Photo: Lightinthebox

How magical is this sunflower gift? It captures the blooms in a cloche sprinkled with fairy lights for an enchanted look. Truly ethereal.

25. Rounded Sunflower Purse

Rounded Sunflower Purse
Photo: Radley London

There's no denying the charming appeal of this sunflower-embossed leather bag by Radley London. The oval shape is so unique. And the short-handled design is actually so on trend.

26. Cute Sunflower Sunglasses

Cute Sunflower Sunglasses
Photo: Nordstrom

For the style maven who doesn't mind sporting statement accessories, these on-trend sunnies by beloved contemporary designer Lele Sadoughi will quickly become a fixture in their everyday lineup. Add a little sunshine to their wardrobe, while keeping the UV rays at bay. You can't miss with these.

27. Sunflower Catch-All Dish

Sunflower Catch-All Dish
Photo: Michael Aram

If they love home decor as much as they love sunflowers, this catch-all dish is sure to please. It'll suit any home size, from small studios to large single-family dwellings, while adding a bit of sunshine to their homescape. Plus, it's a great place to store rings, so it's an especially fitting sunflower gift for friends who are newly engaged and need a spot for their new bling.

28. Sunflower Superbalm

Sunflower Superbalm
Photo: FarmHouse Fresh

This multipurpose super balm is a great choice for the beauty obsessive you're shopping for. While antiaging serums and color cosmetics can be a risky choice when it comes to gifting, this universal balm will please skincare lovers all of kinds. It's also so great for the winter season.

29. Signature Sunflower Gift Set

Signature Sunflower Gift Set
Photo: La Fleur Bouquets

Ideal for a wedding, birthday or Valentine's Day, this sunflower-powered fragrance set feels luxurious without coming across as overly sentimental or too pricey. It includes a pretty perfume and a preserved real sunflower. Plus, anything luxuriously scented makes for a super romantic gift.

30. Sunflower Silk Scarf

Sunflower Silk Scarf
Photo: Aspinal of London

Regardless of the print, there's no better gift that'll please just about anyone than a beautiful silk scarf. This sunflower silk scarf is a great choice for anniversary, birthday and holiday gifts. Proceeds from the scarf's sale will be donated to the Centre for Women's Perspectives, which supports equal rights for women in Ukraine.

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