Wedding Engagement: How to Ask Parents for Hand in Marriage


I'm thinking of popping the question to my girlfriend soon. My problem is that her parents live in Arkansas and I live in Texas. How should I go about telling her parents that I plan to ask her to marry me? What is the proper way to do this? Would asking them in a letter or over the phone be too impersonal? Please help.


If you can't make a trip out there, it is okay to write a letter to her parents or call them. But, if you can swing it, contact them and see if you can visit, even if you just drive out for the day. No doubt they would be very impressed if you made the effort to ask in person! As far as what to say, that's really up to you. Just let them know that you love their daughter and want her to be your wife, and you'd love to have their blessing. That's really all they'll expect you to say. Then—welcome to the family!

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