This Secret Astrology Hack Can Actually Help You Find a Soulmate

Prince William and Prince Harry are proof.
Prince William and Kate Middleton; Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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Updated Feb 09, 2021

Finding your soulmate is no easy task. In fact, you might find yourself wondering if there's a formula for finding "the one." While we don't have all the answers, a secret zodiac hack may offer guidance for finding a soulmate. Yes, that's right—the answer can be tied to astrology. So, whether you're a cosmos expert or you're new to the zodiac obsession, anyone can benefit from this astrology secret.

If you're wondering how to find your soulmate based on astrology, there's a simple formula, and interestingly enough, it involves your parents. According to astrologist Susan Miller, people tend to marry someone with the same zodiac sign as one of their parents. "People gravitate toward the same signs because they're familiar," Miller tells The Knot. "The signs of our parents brought us up and are part of our family, so we're comfortable with them."

Because of your emotional connection to your parents, you're familiar with their astrological energy and how they express love. Plus, people tend to want a significant other who displays the best qualities of their parents. As a result, your soulmate may be someone who has the same zodiac sign as those who raised you.

To put this hack to the test, use your parents' birthday information to map their entire birth chart. Plenty of online sites can generate birth charts for free, which will detail your entire zodiac profile, including your signs and your planetary houses. While most people are familiar with their sun zodiac sign, there are actually three main signs that shape your personality: sun (which defines your core self), moon (which describes your inner self) and rising (which is how your outer self is perceived). Your birth chart gives a full view of your astrological profile, which can provide a deeper understanding of how the planets influence your life.

Look up birth charts for your parents to see which signs dominate their charts—this information can later be used to determine if your romantic partner is a strong match. When mapping someone's birth chart, you'll need to gather key information like the date, time and location of the person's birth. These details are essential for gathering a full reading of the stars at the exact moment they were born.

To see this soulmate astrology hack in action, consider two of the most famous couples in the world: Prince William and Kate Middleton and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. William and Harry's mother, Princess Diana, was a Cancer. This sign is notorious for being emotional, nurturing and highly sensitive, meaning the royals were brought up in a caring and thoughtful environment thanks to Diana's astrological energy. As a result, both princes found partners with this sign in their birth charts: Kate Middleton's moon sign is Cancer, and Meghan Markle's rising sign is Cancer.

"When the Moon conjuncts the Sun for a partner, it's like two magnets together," Miller explains. "It doesn't get any better than that." And, as it turns out, this unconscious attraction is quite frequent: Miller estimates this to be the case for about 70% of romantic partners.

If you're searching for "the one," you might gravitate to a match with a similar zodiac sign as your parents. Because you're familiar with your parent's zodiacs, you're more likely to be attracted to someone who has the same sign (or a strong presence of the sign in their birth chart).

Keep in mind that this astrology hack doesn't determine the success of your relationship, however. And especially don't sweat it if you're already married. Beyond the cosmos, the factors that define the strength of your relationship involve a strong emotional connection, healthy communication and a mutual investment into your partnership. But for zodiac enthusiasts, this secret formula can be a fun experiment to put your love of astrology to use in your love life. After all, you never know what may be written in the stars for you.

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