The Body Products That Won Our 2021 Beauty Awards

Bathe and bronze your way to head-to-toe confidence with the best body products.
Best Body Products
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Updated Sep 01, 2021
We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy life’s biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

When thinking about pre-wedding #selfcare, taking time to pamper yourself with the best body products is just as important as tending to the skin on your face—especially if your dress is strapless, short or has a plunging back.

Start by reframing how you think about the shower or bath: Rather than a quick necessity, this is a time to invest in yourself, relax and wash away any wedding planning stressors (think: lingering RSVPs, your in-laws, assembling 150 welcome bags). Once you're in a more zen state of mind, use our fave for best body wash and turn your bathroom into an aromatherapeutic sanctuary. Then, incorporate our pick for the best body scrub into your showering routine twice a week to exfoliate away dead skin cells and give your whole body a refresh. Follow up with our pick for best body lotion, which both hydrates and tones.

If you're looking to get a sunkissed glow before your walk down the aisle, use our editor-approved best self-tanner two days before your wedding. If your day is on Saturday, for example, apply the self-tanner on Thursday night. You'll have a full night for the tan to develop and Friday to wash off the guide color and do any touch-ups.

Shop all the winners for best body products for your wedding below.

best body wash

Best Body Wash

What's better than just getting clean? Having a luxurious experience while doing it. Enter: our pick for the best body wash. Massage this rich skin conditioner all over, then rinse it off before hopping out of the shower for moisturized skin that stays hydrated all day.

best bar soap

Best Bar Soap

Basically a spa day in bar form, this invigorating green tea soap with avocado and olive oil nourishes, energizes and calms skin.

best body scrub

Best Body Scrub

The best body scrub won't just polish your skin, it's also a full-on sensory experience. The luxe-looking pastel packaging makes it almost too pretty to use. But you'll be glad you did once you feel how the gently exfoliating formula of crushed amethyst gemstone, magnesium-rich salt, organic virgin coconut oil and night-blooming jasmine sambac leaves your skin feeling revived and supersoft. Use once or twice a week to slough away dead skin cells, perk up dry patches on your elbows and knees and give yourself an allover glow. Pro tip: If you usually skip more abrasive body scrubs, this finely-milled one even works for sensitive skin.

best body lotion

Best Body Lotion

You'll probably feel naturally radiant on your wedding day, but slathering on this über-rich pick for best body lotion certainly doesn't hurt. True to its name, this luxurious moisturizer is mega hydrating. Packed with antioxidants like vitamins C and E, it soothes, firms and even fights off free radicals.

best deodorant

Best Deodorant

Keeping the best deodorant on hand (we recommend stashing it in your emergency kit in case you need to reapply) is an easy way to ensure you stay smelling fresh—no matter what temps or crazy after-party moments your celebration throws your way. And let's be real: There are bound to be some stressful moments during the wedding planning process in general. This spray goes on sheer, works for sensitive skin, comes in a range of clean scents and can keep you dry for up to 48 hours.

best natural deodorant

Best Natural Deodorant

Natural deodorant can get a bad rep for not working as well as traditional versions, but that's simply not the case with this super-effective pick. It's blend of clean ingredients like coconut oil and probiotics plus a pleasant herbaceous scent will keep you dry—and smelling amazing—throughout your day.

best self-tanner

Best Self-Tanner

The idea of self tanning before a wedding might invoke orange nightmares, but Vita Liberata's Heavenly Tanning Elixir is here to calm your fears. It applies like a moisture-locking lotion. Not only is the color a glowy, natural shade versatile for many skin tones, but also it's long lasting. Pro tip: Apply this tanner two days before the wedding. By the time your ceremony rolls around, the DHAs will have your tan in tip top shape.

Vita Liberata Heavenly Elixir self-tanner, $44,

best body sunscreen

Best Body Sunscreen

Throwing an outdoor affair? Shield yourself with a fast-absorbing, fragrance-free formula that lasts for four hours at a time and won't leave behind a chalky residue or compete with your wedding fragrance. Plus, it's reef safe, so you can take it on your honeymoon if you're hitting the beach.

best razor

Best Razor

Shaving is no one's favorite bath time activity, but this ergonomically designed razor, with five super-sharp blades surrounded by a water-activated serum, makes for a smooth experience.

best shave cream

Best Shave Cream

The difference between a close shave and dreaded knicks and irritation is often a good shave cream. Enter: this nourishing one that conditions skin, softens hair and adds a buttery buffer for your razor.

best ingrown hair treatment

Best Ingrown Hair Treatment

Stay ingrown, rash and blemish free between shaves or waxes with this alcohol-free serum. A glycolic acid formula exfoliates away dead skin, while lavender, vitamin E and chamomile calm and soothe even your most sensitive areas.

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