This Couple Is Using Their Registry to Help Friends Fly to Their Destination Wedding

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Maggie Seaver
maggie seaver the knot wedding planning expert
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If you think a wedding registry is only meant for stocking up on china, silverware and linens, think again. While traditional gift registries will never go out of style, they're far from the only option these days, which means couples are free to think outside the box and customize a wedding registry to suit their lifestyle, interests and personalities.

For to-be-weds Madeleine and Trent, setting up a wedding registry as unique and selfless as they are was a no-brainer. The couple is set to exchange vows in picturesque Bermuda this summer surrounded by their nearest and dearest—thanks to their clever cash registry on The Knot Newlywed Fund. Instead of registering for towels and tea kettles, these two have dedicated their newlywed fund to "Helping Millennials Attend the Wedding."

Choosing a Destination

So, why Bermuda? Why not choose a wedding location closer to home? The couple and their families come from all over, so the idea of home isn't as black and white as it is for some couples. "Trent has lived in Massachusetts all his life, and his family lives there. My childhood was in Texas, my teenage years were in England, I went to college in Scotland and my family is spread out all across the globe," Madeleine says. Since wherever they chose to wed would mean a long flight for many of their guests anyway, the couple's top priority became picking a spot that was straight-up fun—one that would make the entire experience feel like an extended reunion with friends and family.

"Really it was about finding a location that was both fun and roughly geographically in the middle," Madeleine says. Neither Madeleine nor Trent had visited Bermuda before choosing it as a backdrop for their nuptials, but the destination just spoke to them. "We instantly knew we wanted a relaxed beach wedding somewhere unique where people could turn the trip into more of a vacation, rather than a quick trip for a wedding," Madeleine says. Bermuda fit the bill perfectly.

And a Brilliant Registry Idea Was Born

When it came time to start a wedding registry, asking for gifts was never in the cards. "We've been living together for three years and don't need more stuff—what we need is more time with the people we love, and weddings are the perfect moment to ask for that," Madeleine says.

The two have also attended their fair share of weddings and understand how plane tickets, hotels, outfits and gifts can add up for guests. They know not everyone's lucky enough to be able swing round-trip flights and resort reservations (especially their younger friends in the early stages of their careers), so asking everyone to chip in this way was the perfect solution. "Weddings are expensive for everyone involved. Since people give to honeymoon travel funds, we thought we would have a travel fund, but one that's not just for us," Madeleine says.

Everyone's On Board

For Madeleine and Trent, making lasting memories and being with the people they love most while they say "I do" is a better wedding gift than any they could unwrap. They've only had a little bit of (understandable) pushback from grandparents and more traditional guests, but the majority of people have been psyched to contribute. And for anyone who just couldn't get on board with the idea, the couple also added a charity registry.

So far, they've had guests contribute everything from generous roundtrip airfare from Europe and airline miles to a hotel room the night of the wedding. "We've been improvising as we go, but the biggest takeaway we've had from this different approach is that people love our appreciation for the gift of memories…. Anything anyone is willing to offer to help make coming to our destination wedding more feasible for others has been truly appreciated," Madeleine says.

Inspired by Madeleine and Trent's Newlywed Fund? Start yours on The Knot.

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