How to Buy a Flower Girl Dress That Matches the Wedding Vibe

Learn all about flower girl attire etiquette.
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chapelle johnson the knot associate editor
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Updated May 10, 2024

All eyes will be on the flower girl during the ceremony, so choosing a flower girl outfit that'll make her look adorable and feel confident is a must. While picking something cute is a fun task, there's more to consider than you might think. For example, there are guidelines around when to buy flower girl dresses, who picks them out and whether she should match the bride. Here, we break down everything you need to know about flower girl attire. Plus, we share our best tips to help you order something everyone will love.

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Who picks the flower girl outfit?

Usually, the to-be-weds choose the flower girl's attire, so she can match the wedding theme and sometimes the wedding party. Some couples are more flexible and don't mind if their flower girls' parents choose the attire as long as it somehow connects to the wedding theme. It's polite for the couple to give the guardians input since they're who pays for flower girl attire. But, if the couple has a specific dress in mind that happens to be a little expensive, it's proper etiquette for them to cover the cost of the flower girl's outfit.

When do I need to order a flower girl dress?

Figuring out when to buy the flower girl dress can be tricky. Because little ones grow so quickly, avoid shopping too early. Usually, two or three months before the wedding date is an ideal time fame. If you must buy the flower girl outfit farther in advance, be mindful that her size might change depending on her age.

Does the flower girl match the bride or bridesmaids?

Many believe that the flower girl dress is supposed to coordinate with the bride's wedding dress. Alternatively, some couples try to get a miniature and age-appropriate version of a bridesmaid dress for their flower girl to wear. Of course, neither route has to be followed. Beth Chapman, founder of The White Dress by The Shore, believes you don't have to stick to tradition when it comes to the style or the color your flower girl wears. "Often couples choose to have their flower girl's attire be unique to the child. Certainly, you would want the color of the dress to be cohesive with the bride or the bridesmaids, but there are absolutely no 'rules' that the attire of the flower girl should match the bridal party," Chapman says.

If there are multiple flower girls, do they have to match?

There's no hard-and-fast rule that all flower girls in the same wedding party have to match. Factors like their ages, personal styles and the couple's own preferences will come into play. However, each flower girl's dress style and color should be complementary of one another for a cohesive look.

Where can I find flower girl dresses near me?

Now that you're up to speed on all the dos and don'ts, you're probably wondering where to buy flower girl dresses. A great first step is to visit The Knot Vendor Marketplace, where you can easily filter through your local bridal salons to find locations with flower girl dresses in stock. While you can always browse styles online, shopping in person is the perfect way to get a feel for the styles all parties like and don't like—and it can be pretty fun, too.

      What else should I know about choosing flower girl attire?

      Shopping for a flower girl outfit doesn't have to be a confusing or stressful experience. Here are a few more tips to consider before you decide how and when to buy a flower girl dress.

      Think about her age.

      Flower girls can be anywhere between three and eight years old, which means they're often at the age when growth spurts seem to happen overnight. So don't worry about altering the flower girl outfit to make it the perfect fit. Instead, pick an outfit that allows for a little wiggle room but also isn't oversized.

      You'll notice while you're browsing flower girl dresses that they mostly come in two lengths: tea and floor length. Tea-length silhouettes, with hemlines that fall a few inches below the knee, are the best for young flower girls because they decrease their chances of tripping. Floor-length dresses work the best with older flower girls since you can teach them to be aware of the skirt and how to hold it to avoid hazards.

      Stick to the wedding theme.

      Many couples choose to have a wedding theme as one of the many ways to personalize their big day. The wedding theme is presented through the decor, food and, yes, even the flower girl's outfit. If you're a parent picking your daughter's dress, avoid any awkwardness and talk to the couple about their wedding theme and what kind of style they want the flower girl outfit to be. You don't want to show up to a nautical wedding with your little one wearing western-inspired attire.

      Check the weather.

      The flower girl's attire should not only match the wedding theme but the season too. For summer and warm spring weddings, choose outfits with short sleeves and open-toed flower girl shoes. For a fall or winter wedding, buy a long-sleeve dress and consider adding a cardigan and tights. You want the flower girl to be as comfortable as possible, so she can do her job with no distractions.

      Get her involved.

      No matter the flower girl's age, involving her in the decision-making process is key. By asking her for her opinion and respecting it, you're creating a close relationship that you and the flower girl will cherish. If the flower girl loves the outfit she's in, her confidence and excitement about the day will exude through the wedding photos.

      Show interest in her preferences by asking simple questions, like: Which colors are your favorites? Do you like glitter? Would you like to wear a tiara? Do you want to wear a dress? (Yes, stylish flower girl jumpsuits are a thing and no, a dress isn't required.)

      Not everyone likes going to the store to try on dozens of outfits to find the perfect one. Show the flower girl some possible options online first so you can get a better idea of what styles she likes. This way you save a lot of time at the store, and there are no tantrums.

      Consider her comfort.

      Unfortunately, some flower girl outfits are super cute but super uncomfortable. To steer clear of the flower girl trying to rip her outfit off while walking down the aisle, make sure you have her walk around and sit in the potential fit. If you notice that she complains about the sequin sleeves being itchy or that her heels keep popping out of her ballet flats, move on to another dress and pair of shoes. "Select attire for the flower girl that is comfortable and that they are excited to wear! It can be difficult on the day to coax children down the aisle and to pose for photos, so having them excited about what they are wearing can be half the battle," Chapman says.

      The Knot Expert Tip: Pick an outfit made of satin since that fabric is wrinkle- and rip-resistant. Avoid buying anything made of silk because it's expensive and damages easily. If you want a princess or ballerina look, go for something with tulle.

      Remember accessories.

      Once you've chosen the flower girl's attire, you have to get shoes and accessories. There are lots of fun and chic options out there, like lace Mary Janes, moss-covered flower girl baskets or classic flower crowns. Some flower girls wear corsages, too. Luckily, buying these extras is typically easier and quicker than buying the outfit, but you still need to choose comfortable shoes and accessories for the flower girl to wear. If the flower girl is younger than three years old, shoes can be optional as long as the parents and couple are aligned. If going barefoot is okay, have the child carried or pulled in a wagon down the aisle. This way the child doesn't step on anything hazardous.

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