Wedding Family Matters: Honoring Grandparents at Wedding?


I really want to honor my grandparents at my wedding. They're both in their 90s, and they'll both be at the wedding ceremony and wedding reception! Any ideas?


It's a great idea to honor them on the big day. Some ideas: Give your grandfather a special boutonniere and your grandmother a great corsage; have them specially escorted to sit beside your parents in the front row or in the second row; have your officiant note their presence and mention how glad you are to have them there (or do it yourself, in the ceremony program); include a reading that was read at their wedding in your ceremony; dance to their first dance song at the reception; display their wedding portrait at the reception -- the list could go on and on! The important thing is to find the gesture you're most comfortable making, so your tribute will be heartfelt. Whatever you decide to do, they'll surely be touched!

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