Wedding Party: Am I Too Old to Have Bridesmaids?


I'm 37, and I'll soon be marrying for the first time (I'll actually be 38 by the time I get married). I wanted to ask a few friends to be my bridesmaids, but when I mentioned it to a friend, she acted surprised and rather rudely indicated that she thought I was too old for bridesmaids. It's really gotten to me -- is she right?


Think of it this way: Are you ever too old to have friends who stick by you, and who you would want by your side on such an important day in your life? Your friend's comments were very insensitive, and you shouldn't let her words get you down. You've waited a long time for this, and you should feel entitled to do things the way that make you feel happiest. No bride should feel she has to forego the bridesmaid experience.

If you think they might be uncomfortable wearing matching dresses, you could go for something more subtle, such as having them each wear their own black dress or opting for bridesmaid dresses that come in various styles (strapless, halter, three-quarter-length sleeves) in the same color palette, so they can feel more comfortable.

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