Wedding Accessories: Do My Bridesmaids Shoes Have To Match Perfectly?


Do my bridesmaids have to wear the same exact pair of shoes? My older sister says they should match perfectly, but I disagree. I think it will look better if they're slightly different—not so matchy-matchy.


While there's nothing inherently wrong with matching shoes, you're right. Your bridesmaids absolutely don't have to wear matching footwear. In fact, these days I'd say that more brides than not ask their bridesmaids to pick out their own shoes. Just give your girls some general style guidelines (like color, heel height, closed toe or open, and metallic or matte), so their choices will coordinate. Even if they still have to buy new shoes specifically for the occasion, they'll certainly appreciate getting to choose a pair that they really like, and are likely to wear again, and being able to control how much they spend. Plus, your bridesmaids probably have very different budgets—not to mention shoe size, width and taste.

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