Wedding Accessories: Should My Wedding Veil Match My Wedding Gown?


I always thought wedding veils were all the same -- long and white. Then I went to a bridal salon, and whoa! The styles and options were a little overwhelming. I've pretty much decided on a full-skirted, almost ball gown-style wedding dress -- does that mean I can only wear a certain kind of wedding veil?


To veil or not to veil -- the choice is in your hands. Though there are some guidelines that will help you pick, there aren't any fashion rules you need to be afraid of breaking. For a full-skirted wedding dress silhouette, you can't go wrong with an elbow-length wedding veil (which falls to your -- you guessed it -- elbow) or a chapel-length wedding veil (which goes all the way to the floor and finishes in a 3-inch train). Can't decide between the two? Do a double veil, which features two layers and easily transforms into one or the other.

If that seems like too much veil for you, an easy way to make your decision is to consider how long you plan to actually wear your wedding veil. While some brides delight in every single veil-clad second, others can't wait to rip it off as soon as the wedding ceremony ends. If you think you'll be in the latter half, pick whichever you like -- but if you know you'll want to wear it for a while, practical considerations should come into play. When you try on veils, ask yourself whether you can eat, drink, toast, and dance in it, and have those answers influence your decision. Once you've chosen a length, pick a wedding veil that will complement, not compete with, your gown. If you're wearing a wedding gown with a lot of embellishment, like beading or embroidery, keep the veil simple and choose a one that's completely plain. If your gown isn't covered in embellishment, you can either match it with an austere veil or bring on the bling!

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