15 Times All-White Wedding Party Attire Looked Totally Chic

No, white dresses aren’t just for brides.
by Sophie Ross

There’s an old-fashioned rule that dictates the bride is the only person who gets to wear white on her wedding day (and all guests should avoid the color too).

And if you’re a traditional to-be-wed who likes the sound of that, great! But if you’re not, don’t think you have to abide by the rules (after all, we’re all about breaking tradition here). In fact, we actually think all-white wedding party—or guest—attire is totally chic. See how real couples pulled it off, below.

  1. 1. A Red Wedding Dress With White Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

  2. 2. Boho Cold-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses

  3. 3. Mismatched White Bridesmaid Dresses

  4. 4. A Blush Wedding Dress With White Bridesmaid Dresses

  5. 5. Neutral Linen Groomsmen Attire

  6. 6. Plunging White Bridesmaid Dresses

  7. 7. Vibrant Wedding Dress With All-White Guest Attire

  8. 8. White Bridesmaid Attire With Sneakers

  9. 9. An Off-White Wedding Gown With White Bridesmaid Dresses

  10. 10. Custom Cropped Two-Piece Bridesmaid Looks

  11. 11. Short, Preppy Bridesmaid Dresses

  12. 12. All-White Wedding Party Attire With Bold Bouquets

  13. 13. White Flowy Maxi Dresses

  14. 14. Modern White Bridesmaid Dresses

  15. 15. White Mismatched Wedding Party Attire With Flower Crowns

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