The 25 Best Work Wife Gifts to Celebrate That Special Coworker

Get them a present as good as the memes they send over Slack.
work wife gifts
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Mia Maguire
by Mia Maguire
Updated Sep 29, 2023
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Regardless of how you feel about your actual job, it's the friendships that we forge that make going to work that much more enjoyable. And if you've got a work wife (a bestie that feels like your platonic office other half), you're a lucky one. When it comes time to celebrate them, you'll need some great work wife gifts to ring in their birthday, promotion or any other occasion. (And if you need ideas for wedding gifts for your coworker, we've got those too.)

Yes, you may know a ton about your nine-to-five pal's interests—and even what they're currently coveting during lunchtime online shopping sessions—but you want to make sure you're gifting the work wife in question something thoughtful, useful and reflective of their personal interests. Need some ideas to help you in your search for a gift for your work wife? Read ahead for a ton of universally appealing options. After all, happy (work) wife, happy (work) life!

1. Acrylic Wall Schedule Board

acrylic white board work wife gift
Photo: Amazon

Whiteboards can really help keep things top of mind (even if you're losing your mind) and help keep track of work tasks, but they're not exactly cute. Enter: this elevated acrylic board, which is the perfect alternative to both a traditional whiteboard and a wall calendar. It's personalized with your work wife's name, can be used as a reusable calendar or a daily to-do-list and it'll make their office, desk or cubicle feel a little more luxe.

2. Custom Birthday Candle

birthday candle gift
Photo: Birthdate Co.

If they're into the zodiac, Birthdate Co.'s candles make for a special, custom-feeling astrology gift for friends of any kind—especially a work bestie. This candle is made with a unique scent and design for every day of the year and includes a character reading related to their birthday and zodiac sign. It's the perfect desk accessory to display, whether at home or in the office.

3. Comfy Seat Cushion

seat cushion for office gift
Photo: Amazon

Sitting all day can be a real drain on one's posture and can lead to neck and back pain. And let's get real—most workplaces give you a basic, not-so-comfy seat to spend eight or more hours a day in. If your work wifey has complained about any of the above, consider gifting her with a comfort-boosting (and posture-correcting) seat cushion. It may not be the trendiest gift option, but they're bound to love it.

4. Waterproof Purse Protector

purse protector work wife gift
Photo: Amazon

A rainy or stormy day is perfect for working from home, but if your coworker can't always do that, we've got an idea for one of the best work wife gifts. Enter: the Iconikal Rain Cover. Designed to protect handbags, briefcases and even a fresh blowout from downpours when an umbrella isn't present, this waterproof and lightweight protective covering will make sure there are no soggy bills, unusable credit card chips or ruined suede in or on their new investment bag.

5. Chic French Press

French press work wife gift
Photo: Williams Sonoma

Whether they choose to keep it at their desk or bring it home with them, this French press coffee maker by Le Creuset will delight any coffee lover with a taste for rich colors and elegant patterns (peep the white marble-patterned one). This coffee maker feels like an elevated gift without being extravagant. Not only is it as cute as ever, it's also a practical pick they'll use daily.

6. Cute Phone Lanyard

phone lanyard work wife gift
Photo: Amazon

Keeping track of a phone can be a constant battle. Our phones are practically mini portable computers with so much critical information and data, yet they're so easy to lose. This handy device adheres to a phone and/or case and, with the help of a taut retractable lanyard, keeps it nearby or in its proper location. This cute phone lanyard is a great choice for that favorite coworker of yours that's always losing everything. It's a great alternative to an uber-personal jewelry gift, but more exciting than a keychain—and they'll thank you for prenting another lost-phone panic for sure.

7. Retro Mechanical Keyboard

keyboard work wife gift
Photo: Amazon

If your work wife spends hours clicking away on a keyboard, why not make it one that's fun to type on and looks cute to boot? Most office keyboards get the job done, but a retro-inspired mechanical keyboard in their favorite color will make computing and writing tasks all the more fun. Just make sure it's compatible with their current computer by sneaking a peak at their desk or, if remote, finding a way to casually ask in a conversation.

8. Stylish Desk Plant

desk plant work wife gift
Photo: UrbanStems

Everyone needs a cute desk plant! This one comes in a pretty patterned pot and features a pilea plant (Chinese money plant), which has adorable rounded leaves. Offer to water it for them while they're OOO in the accompanying message. Use the code THEKNOT15 to save 15 percent on your order.

9. Digital Photo Frame

digital photo frame gift
Photo: Aura

In most workplaces, little trinkets, mementos and souvenirs are what make desks feel homey. And nothing helps that along like having pictures of loved ones around. Most people have thousands of photos that stay mostly buried in their phones, but this device will let your favorite person at work display whatever and whoever brightens their day.

10. Digitizing Pen

work wife gift smart pen
Photo: Neo Smartpen

If your work wife is a tactile type who prefers to take notes by hand, but still wants the convenience and accessibility of digital files and notes, what they need is a digitizing pen and paper set. Our favorite is the Neo Smartpen. It makes any set of physical notes taken with the pen on the appropriate paper into a digital copy and saves it in the designated location. This will be a work hack your paper-bound colleague will use daily to get the convenience of digital note taking without giving up their analog preference.

11. Sleek Desk Mirror

desk mirror gift
Photo: Target

If your office buddy is always rushing from wrapping up deadlines to an event, dinner or date, gift them with a luxe desk mirror. They'll be able to do the proverbial day-to-night, office-to-happy-hour transition with ease. This affordable brass desk mirror also includes a tray for stowing lipstick, jewelry and even pens and office supplies. It's the ultimate desk upgrade…you may as well get one for yourself, too.

12. Trendy Laptop Bag

laptop case work wife gifts
Photo: Urban Outfitters

If your work sidekick has an eye for of-the-moment fashion trends and likes to extend their impeccable style to their office accessories, gift them with a cute puffer laptop case. It's available in four eye-catching colorways and, while its good looks are certainly the selling point, it'll also keep their device protected from drops, spills and damage.

13. Hidden-Pocket Scrunchies

scrunchie work wife gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Is your work wife always asking for an extra hair tie or digging through their overflowing desk drawers to find a rubber band to get the job done? They need these luxe velvet scrunchies that are upgraded with a hidden pocket. They'll be able to stow other small items they're always misplacing—their lip balm, keys or other small items that seem to always escape them. Plus, the soft to the touch scrunchies also look chic when worn on the wrist, so even if they have a shorter hair style, they'll still love them.

14. Time-Management Device

work wife gifts

For the busy executive, assistant, producer, attorney or virtually anyone else that needs to carefully manage and document their time at work independently, there's no better solution than TimeFlip2. This 3D geometric plastic device operates by simply lifting and turning the side which is facing up to reflect the type of task or category of time the user wishes to track. They'll be able to easily lift, turn or otherwise manipulate the device to make a number of immediate and automatic notations to time logs, all retained in the device until they're able to sync it with their phone.

15. Faux Desk Plant

faux office plant work wife gift
Photo: The Sill

Okay, maybe they don't have a green thumb. That doesn't mean they don't deserve a cute little plant buddy for their desk. We love this high-quality option from The Sill. It's a faux spider plant that sits pretty in one of two modern pot options.

16. Noise-Canceling Headphones

headphones work wife gift
Photo: Amazon

At some workplaces, headphones can be essential when it comes to staying productive and taking calls while others are working closeby. Plus, when they're not talking to you, they can help pass the time faster as they get their work done. The headphones can help muffle or, in some cases, even shut out errant distracting noises.

17. Mini Desk Humidifier

desk humidifier work wife gifts
Photo: Amazon

Does your favorite coworker-in-crime constantly complain of dry skin, allergies and sinus problems? It may not be a cure-all, but adding a little extra moisture into the air with a pint-sized desk humidifier may help relieve their symptoms without being overly ostentatious or distracting in the office space. There are plenty of options to choose from on the market, but we love this portable desk humidifier for its ease of use and slim profile.

18. Personalized Embroidered Bookmark

personalized bookmark
Photo: 77 Arts

If your work bestie is always reading during their lunch break, this is one of our favorite work wife gift ideas. This little felt bookmark is embroidered with their first initial and fits on a book's corner to mark their place. Choose from four floral embroidery patterns based on the seasons.

19. Lie-Down Laptop Stand

lie-down laptop stand
Photo: Uncommon Goods

There are endless incredible uses for this genius lie-down laptop stand. Whether they're remote or wind up taking their work laptop back home with them each night to meet deadlines, this game-changing stand will not disappoint. Plus, it's also a great way to unwind when watching TV, TikToks or just reading from their laptop while they're in bed.

20. Chic Phone Charger

sleek wireless phone charger
Photo: Courant

Is your work wife constantly battling a dying phone…or just borrowing your charger and forgetting to return it? This gorgeous wireless charger will solve that issue. It offers convenient, single-device wireless charging functionality and a designer-like look that'll give their office desk an instant makeover. Plus, they'll probably feel more inclined to share it with their work wife next time you forget your charger at home.

21. Cozy Cashmere Scarf

cashmere scarf gift
Photo: Quince

If you both work from one of those infamous offices that never seem to be able to get the temperature just right (do they think that being freezing helps boost productivity?), give them an oversized, cozy cashmere scarf that doubles as a low-key blanket for days when the thermostat is not their friend. This affordable cashmere scarf is the perfect versatile size that allows for wear in a variety of ways. Plus, they can drape it over their office chair to add a dash of luxury to their work space.

22. Electric Coffee Mug

warming mug work wife gift
Photo: Amazon

For hot coffee lovers who like to sip at their leisure, this coffee mug and warmer set will prove to be life-changing. Forget having to run down to the kitchen to microwave stale, lukewarm coffee—this electric mug will keep it at the optimal temperature all day. It's something they might not buy for themselves, but they'll wonder how they ever lived without it after just one use.

23. Sanitizing Phone Charger

phone soap work wife gift
Photo: Amazon

If your work wifey is always worried about germs and getting sick, this innovative LED-powered phone sanitizer makes a great birthday, holiday or Christmas gift for your work wife. This two-in-one phone accessory is powered by germicidal UV-C light that'll get rid of germs and bacteria, while also keeping their device powered throughout the day. You probably know what phone your work bestie has already, but even if you don't this model is compatible with any phone and comes in six colorways.

24. Insulated Lunch Bag

insulated lunch bag

Skip the brown bag, expensive salads or fussy tupperware and give your stylish work wife a cute lunch bag they'll be proud to tote around. This one features a hassle-free drawstring design perfect for those mornings when time is not on their side and comes in a huge assortment of fun colors and prints to dazzle them regardless of their tastes. It's also water resistant and easily wipes clean for ease of use, so it's equal parts cute and practical.

25. Electric Hand Massager

hand massager
Photo: Amazon

While a full-sized neck or shoulder massager is a solid choice, it's also not exactly discreet. Consider gifting them with a slimmer electric hand massager to help prevent arthritis and carpal tunnel. Even if they're not feverishly abusing their hands at the keyboard at work, they'll enjoy the soothing and warming compression and heat therapy that this cordless massager provides. Plus, they may even let you borrow it!

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