20 Celestial Astrology Gifts for Friends, From Bridesmaids to Roommates

Even your Capricorn bestie will get a kick out of these.
Astrology Gifts for Friends for Every Sun Sign
Photos, clockwise: Uncommon Goods, ZY89US, Homesick, Amazon
Mia Maguire
by Mia Maguire
Updated Jul 25, 2023
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Whether you simply check your horoscope from time to time when you're bored or refuse to make any significant life decision without consulting your CoStar app first, tapping into ourselves, our futures and our personalities through astrology is so fun. And astrology gifts for friends are a cool and easy way to give your besties some personalized presents they'll totally appreciate (even if they aren't an ever-generous Cancer). Whether for a roommate's birthday, for your wedding party gifts or your numerology-addicted BFF, opting for zodiac sign gifts for friends is a consistently crowd-pleasing choice that should not be overlooked—it's practically written in the stars. Whether they're an indecisive Gemini with a taste for flagrant fashion finds or a Taurus who loves all things luxurious, we've scoured the web to find the best astrology gift ideas for friends, regardless of their sign.

1. Personalized Birthday Book

Customized birthday book from Birthdate Co.
Photo: Birthdate Co.

Whether they're super well-versed in all things astrology or just enjoy dipping their toes into their birth chart when the opportunity presents itself, this made-to-order birthday book is guaranteed to be a gift they'll never forget. The birthday book includes over 70 pages of detailed insights along with beautiful illustrations of their birth chart and horoscope tidbits to help them get to know themselves on a cosmic level.

2. Astrology Throw Blanket

Astrology constellation blanket from Uncommon Goods
Photo: Uncommon Goods

This gorgeous throw blanket features whimsical art aligned to the chosen astrological sign. The tapestry-inspired throw is divided into three parts: one with an illustration showcasing the unique symbology associated with the selected sign, the name and the constellation. It's a cozy gift for astrology lovers that also doubles as a piece of art. We can almost guarantee that the recipient will cherish this unique gift for decades to come.

3. Zodiac Neon LED Sign

Neon zodiac symbol light from Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Neon signs are one of the biggest home decor trends of 2023, so why not double the fun with this personalized astrology gift featuring the zodiac sign of choice? This affordable LED light piece is a great wedding gift for a new couple or a great housewarming piece for your cosmically inclined roomie.

4. Zodiac Pendant Necklace

Zodiac sign necklace from Mejuri
Photo: Mejuri

When it comes to premium jewelry that doesn't require spending your entire savings on one piece, Mejuri reigns supreme. The brand's universally appealing, zodiac pendant necklace is a luxe, cool astrology gift that your bridesmaids, bestie or new mother-in-law will treasure for a lifetime—and actually wear.

5. Astrological Sign Mini Garden

Astrological Sign Mini Garden from Lula's Garden
Photo: Lula's Garden

While flowers often get the spotlight, gifting plants is a unique alternative—especially with these astrological-themed succulent gifts. Each kit includes a succulent, a decorative wooden box, literature on the selected sign and the necessary tools to care for the plant.

6. Astrology Card Game

Astrology horoscope card game from Amazon
Photo: Amazon

A fun, mystic iteration of the best-selling What Do You Meme card game, this astrology version makes a fun addition to a gift bag for the members of the wedding party or for a bachelorette weekend as an interactive gift for everyone to enjoy while they're recovering from the previous night's adventures. Bonus: It'll also make for a unique zodiac-themed date night.

7. Zodiac Crystal-Infused Perfume

Zodiac crystal perfume for the horoscope-loving couple
Photo: Zodiac Perfumery

Gifting a fragrance is usually considered risky, but this zodiac-themed perfume is a notable exception. The perfume is available in distinctive scents based on the personality traits of each astrological sign. For example, Aries' signature scent features cinnamon to reflect the sign's fiery and spicy nature, while the Cancer scent is inspired by the water sign's tie to aquatic notes, like water lily.

8. Zodiac Sign Cupcakes

Horoscope-themed cupcakes from Baked by Melissa
Photo: Baked by Melissa

You can never go wrong with gifting a sweet treat—especially when the dessert doubles a one of the best astrology gifts. Baked by Melissa teamed up with renowned celebrity astrologer Aliza Kelly to whip up flavored cupcakes for each sign of the zodiac, including mint chip and cookie dough for Aries and chocolate fudge and red velvet for Scorpio.

9. Zodiac Glass Cup

Rustic zodiac constellation cups from ZY89US on Etsy
Photo: ZY89US

These unique, zodiac-inspired glass cups will make them say goodbye to that Stanley cup once and for all. These customized glass cups are the perfect gift for people who like astrology as much as they like iced coffee. And they'd make adorable bachelorette party favors.

10. Astrology-Themed Cocktail Book

Zodiac-Themed Cocktail Book
Photo: Amazon

You can never go wrong with a carefully selected coffee table book as a gift—especially one that they'll actually reference, like this astrology-inspired cocktail recipe book. It festively combines the art of mixology with astrological insights. Pair it with a smaller gift referencing the recipient's specific zodiac sign (like the glass cup above).

11. Astrology Chart Class

Astrology Chart Class for the horoscope-loving couple
Photo: Uncommon Goods

When in doubt, never underestimate the underrated appeal of gifting an experience. This virtual Astrology Chart Class will allow the giftee to explore their birth chart and chart their forecast with an expert astrologer. And at $35 for 75 minutes, it's a great deal.

12. Glow-in-the-Dark Zodiac Puzzle

Glow-in-the-Dark Zodiac Puzzle from Amazon
Photo: Amazon

This novelty, glow-in-the-dark puzzle features a dazzling illustration displaying the zodiac sign of your choice and its corresponding symbology. It's a great gift for all ages and astrological signs, but giftees with a penchant for the arts will be especially impressed by this unique find. The graphics are just stunning.

13. Astrology Wellness Journal

Astrology Wellness Journal from Papier
Photo: Papier

Journaling and astrology feel like a match written in the stars. Why not gift your zodiac-loving friend this wellness journal that infuses cosmic insights into their daily routine? No app or screen required with this cute astrology-themed gift!

14. Personalized Zodiac Poster

Customized Zodiac Poster from Cartaastral on Etsy
Photo: Cartaastral

This personalized poster is a beautiful keepsake that can also be framed or mounted as a piece of wall art. Each one of these custom astrology gifts is made according to the recipient's birthday and features an illustrated astral map. It's a beautiful astrology-related gift for anyone, but we especially love this idea for celebrating the birth of a child.

15. Astrology Scented Candle

Zodiac-themed scented candle from Homesick
Photo: Homesick

It may feel like a cliche at this point, but the truth is that you really can't go wrong with gifting a lovely scented candle—it really is a solid choice for a laundry list of occasions. Homesick's zodiac candle collection includes premium candles with unique fragrances profiles for each sign in the zodiac. Plus, they'll be left with a reusable glass jar after the candle burns, so you can file it as a unique astrology gift that keeps on giving.

16. Zodiac Crystal Set

Horoscope Crystal Set from Amazon
Photo: Amazon

We all have a friend who's mad about the alleged healing superpowers of crystals and this collectible gift set gets a cosmic boost from the zodiac. Each personalized set is curated according to the needs of the zodiac sign selected and includes a variety of high-quality stones, like carnelian, rose quartz and more.

17. Astrology Tote Bag

Horoscope tote bag for the best wedding gifts
Photo: Amazon

This tote bag style went viral on social media this year, but this zodiac-inspired version gets a cosmic spin, making it an extra-giftable pick. These totes make a great bag for bachelorette or wedding party gifts or as a stand-alone gifts for the TikTok-obsessed giftee you're shopping for. Stuff it with smaller goodies for a themed gift bag.

18. Zodiac Relationship Guide

Zodiac Relationship Guide from Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Whether it's for a just-engaged couple or your bestie who's always looking up their latest Hinge match's zodiac sign, this comprehensive guide will be just the ticket. It's full of helpful insights, tips and compatibility stats. Just maybe make sure the couple is astrologically compatible before gifting it to an already-serious pair.

19. Zodiac Evil Eye Gift Set

Zodiac Evil Eye Gift Set from Bloomingdale's
Photo: Bloomingdale's

This luxe evil eye gift set is available in all 12 signs of the zodiac and includes an evil eye forever rose. Each preserved rose lasts around three years and is colored with pretty shades of blue. And the matching necklace spells out the recipient's sign.

20. Zodiac Baseball Cap

Horoscope baseball cap for the best wedding gift
Photo: Anthropologie

We love these astrology-themed baseball caps as favors for a summer bachelorette party. Each is embroidered with the symbol of the wearer's zodiac sign and has a worn-in canvas look. The air signs have a cream hat, earth signs have a green one, fire red and water navy—so your squad will coordinate without being too matchy matchy.

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