Q&A: RSVPs: Are Response Cards Required?


My mother is very much against response cards. Since she is paying for the invitations, she didn't order response cards -- she thinks they are tacky. What should I do if people don't reply? Should I call them?


Chances are not everyone will know they are supposed to write a formal note in response to your invite. Did you talk to your mom about this practical reason? This is pretty much why response cards were invented. It's definitely true that it may be harder to get your head count when you need it without response cards -- and yes, it's fine to call guests who haven't RSVP'd to ask if they're coming. (Make sure Mom pitches in with phone calls, too!) As far as hotel reservations, you might want to send a separate mailing to guests who will need reservations, so you can start preparing without waiting until the response date to call them. This mailing can be as simple as a sheet of paper composed on your computer and printed out.

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