Biggest Wedding Budget Splurges

15 Knotties tell us where they spent a little (or a lot) of their budget.

"I had to have this wedding dress for the rehearsal dinner. It's by Siri, teal and celadon silk shantung. It was about $500. I love the dress and will for sure wear it again." -- emilyandbrady

"I'm planning on my biggest splurge being a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. I love them. I can't wait to order them."
-- artchic

"Our budget was limited, so purchasing my $7,000 Monique Lhuillier gown was completely crazy! That's a little over half the price of the wedding reception."
-- Bellabride2B

"My biggest splurge was on my silver Manolo Blahnik shoes -- they cost almost as much as my wedding dress (they cost $645, and I bought my dress at a Kleinfeld's sample sale for $700). I loved wearing them, and I plan on wearing them every year when we celebrate our wedding anniversary." -- PGY4

"Our biggest splurge was our photographer. She does runway shoes and editorial pics for bridal magazines. The cost was approximately $5,500, and that's before the actual album!" -- aliciaandbrian

"The dress…Vera Wang was certainly a splurge, but getting it for a sample price made it oh so nice!" -- sacorner

"A big splurge that wasn't necessary was the Tiffany Novo wedding band that my fiance purchased. I'll match it with a Tiffany platinum band for him as well -- again, completely not necessary." -- anneliesek

"This splurge could've easily been a disaster. My cousin, who's a licensed esthetician, gave me an eyelash perm. That's right -- a perm, complete with the littlest roller to curl my eyelashes." -- gina1173

"I spent $500 on bras, panties, and a chemise and peignoir set." -- robynlesley

"I'd have to say the biggest wedding-related splurge is the $5,000 I invested in getting Invisalign." -- bharnett

"My veil. It cost half of what my dress cost, but it has pearl beading and a blusher, and the scrollwork matches my dress perfectly." -- SeptembersGirl

"Professional teeth whitening, false lashes, facials, and a million tanning minutes…I've never spent so much money on vanity in my life!" -- jens_a_ten

"Chemical peels, hair extensions, and lots of new makeup." -- christa62908

"A back cleansing. Just like a facial, but for your back." -- di4hiking

"My biggest splurge was having my dress custom-made. After I gave the deposit, I realized how much I was spending (triple my budget), but then again, I have something I love, that I helped create; it's made to fit me, and no one else will have this dress -- how can you beat that!" -- soon2beMrsSully

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