Colorful Engagement Rings You'll Love

Who says you have to go with a white diamond? Put your own spin on your engagement ring with a gorgeous colorful center stone.
by Shelley Brown
  1. engagement rings with colorful center stones

    Besides the obvious fact that they're swoon worthy, engagement rings with colorful center stones are appealing for a few reasons: They stand out from the crowd, they can be less pricey than a white diamond and each precious gemstone has its own unique personality and history. If you're looking for a vintage-inspired engagement ring with an heirloom quality, consider rubies, emeralds and sapphires. If you're looking for bold color that's more budget conscious, gemstones like tourmaline and alexandrite come in vivid shades that won't break the bank. No matter the center stone you choose, a colorful engagement ring will instantly set you apart.

    Check out some of our favorite colorful engagement rings, below.

  2. Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

    pink diamond engagement ring

    Romance and rosy tones go hand in hand, so it's no mystery why pretty pink diamond engagement rings are on the rise. If you're going with a platinum setting, rose gold prongs will almost disappear against a pink center stone, creating a more seamless look.

    Diamond Ideals pink diamond ring, $2,725 (not including center stone),

  3. Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring

    pink tourmaline engagement ring

    If you're looking for a more budget-friendly alternative to a pink diamond, try a pink tourmaline or morganite ring. Its warmer pink tones perfectly complement a rose gold setting, and are universally flattering on all skin tones.

    Barkev's pink tourmaline ring, $7,125,

  4. Canary Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

    yellow diamond engagement ring

    Take a cue from the Hollywood elite and opt for a canary yellow diamond engagement ring. Canary diamonds are unique without straying too far from the norm—perfect for the bride who wants to to be unconventional without going too over the top.

    Henri Daussi yellow diamond ring, $2,400 (not including center stone),

  5. Citrine Engagement Ring

    orange citrine engagement ring

    If you're a fashion-forward bride, consider a citrine or yellow sapphire engagement ring with an east-west setting (or a setting that rests horizontally across your finger). This trendy style feels totally fresh and even makes your center stone appear larger.

    Suzanne Kalan citrine ring, $1,500,

  6. Emerald Engagement Ring

    emerald engagement ring

    Emeralds come with their own legendary status (think: Jackie Kennedy's engagement ring) thanks to their eye-catching saturated green hue. Pro tip: If you're considering this dazzling stone, keep in mind emeralds are softer than diamonds, and finding a flawless one is extremely rare. As long as there aren't any visible cracks or black inclusions, you're good to go.

    Christopher Designs emerald engagement ring, $79,065,

  7. Aquamarine Engagement Ring

    aquamarine engagement ring

    An unusual cut (like pear or marquise) plays up the nontraditional vibe of an aquamarine engagement ring. Another plus: If your fingers on the shorter side, a tear-drop shape can elongate your hands, making for more flattering ring selfies.

    Tiffany & Co. aquamarine ring, $8,400,

  8. Sapphire Engagement Ring

    sapphire engagement ring

    Channel your inner Kate Middleton and opt for a sapphire engagement ring with a diamond halo. Why are these blue precious stones so popular? They're almost as durable as diamonds, give off a regal vintage vibe and make for a luxe "something blue."

    Blue Nile sapphire ring, $7,900,

  9. Kunzite Engagement Ring

    kunzite engagement ring

    You may not have heard of kunzite before, but this stunning pink-to-violet gemstone is worth remembering. And, since it's usually moderately priced, you can splurge on a larger stone for a fraction of the cost of a diamond engagement ring.

    Simon G. kunzite ring, $9,130 (not including center stone),

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