30 Cute Couple Poses to Use For Your Next Instagram Post

Ditch the classic *hand on hip* pics for these fresh ideas.
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Sarah Hanlon
sarah hanlon entertainment and celebrity editor the knot
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Updated Mar 02, 2023

Let us set the scene: You and your S.O. are all dressed up in a gorgeous setting when someone whips out a camera. You panic, because you don't know what couple pose to use. In a split second, you throw your hand on your hip and smile at the lens, resulting in a snap that looks like every other photo you have together. There's nothing wrong with knowing your angles and recycling the couple poses that make you feel most confident—but when you're in the mood to shake it up, we've got you covered.

If you feel like you and your partner take the same pictures over and over again, these creative couple pose references are fun, fresh, and oh-so-easy to recreate. Whether you need couple photo ideas for your engagement shoot, your wedding day, or your next Instagram post, study this list to be prepared the next time a camera comes out. (Then, be sure to use our roundup of couple photo captions to complete your photo dump.)

The Skyline Stare

Coming up with a creative couple photo idea really can be as simple as shifting your gaze. Instead of staring directly at the camera, turn both of your heads to glance off into the distance. This one is especially good to keep in mind if you get camera shy—because the less you have to look straight into a lens, the more confident you'll feel.

The Toast

Bottoms up! Need a funny couple pose to show off your personalities? Stop with the fake candids and give your photographer real candid moments to work with. Grab some glasses and raise a toast to each other. It'll create the most opportune photo op that feels cheeky and natural.

The Pool Splash

Remember back in the day when pool hair flip photos were all the rage? Consider this the adult version. The next time you and your partner are standing in water, whether it's in the pool or at the beach, start splashing around. Who knew taking pictures could be so fun?

The Romantic Hand Hold

There's hand-holding, and then there's romantic hand-holding. We love how this couple pressed their foreheads together and raised their interlocked hands up. While it may seem simple, it's a creative take on a classic couple pose that's not hard to accomplish.

The Hug from Behind

The "hug from behind" couple pose is always a framer. Don't just take our word for it—consider this example as proof. When someone takes out their phone to start snapping, wrap up your S.O. from behind. We guarantee it'll become your new favorite picture of the two of you.

The Sweet Tooth

Stuck on coming up with casual couple poses for a photoshoot? If you're prepping for your engagement session, it won't hurt to bring in some food for a few shots. We're obsessed with this gorgeous snap of a couple eating donuts together. Could there be anything sweeter?

The Confetti Toss

Mark our words: You'll never regret adding a confetti toss to your engagement or wedding shot list. Throwing a handful of something sparkly or shimmery will make you feel like a kid again, resulting in the best photos. Plus, it's fun. Who can resist smiling under a cloud of confetti?

The Look Back

When in doubt, look back at it. Often used for engagement photoshoots, this cute couple pose reference is a good one to start out with at the beginning of your session to start loosening up and building your confidence. You'll feel like a pro in no time.

The Hand Kiss

Bridgerton, but make it modern. The hand kiss may seem like an old-timey photo pose for couples, but there's no denying this pic is cute, romantic and downright adorable. Be sure to keep this one in mind for the next photo op that arises.

The Pup Cuddle

There's no photoshoot prop quite as adorable as your dog. When you aren't sure how to pose for the camera, grab your furry friend to make a cameo. We guarantee it'll be an instant crowd-pleaser, especially on the 'gram.

The Staircase Seat

Tired of standing in all of your photos together? Find the nearest staircase and pop a squat. While it may be simple, this couple photo idea is always a winner in our eyes. (Especially if your shoes are less-than-comfy.)

The Champagne Pop

Need some help getting comfortable in front of the lens? A few sips of bubbly may do the trick. Plus, there's no denying a gorgeous bottle of champagne makes for a fabulous prop too. When you need a funny couple pose, pop the cork and tip your bottle allll the way back for some memorable snaps.

The Car Kiss

If you're lucky enough to have access to a vintage car, take advantage by using it as a photoshoot prop. This cool couple pose is a great one to include in your engagement or wedding session, particularly because it effortlessly creates depth and dimension you don't have when standing.

The Beach Walk

We've got a serious soft spot for beachy couple poses. Can you blame us? Next time you find yourself on sandy shores, ask your friends to snap a photo of you and your love holding hands on a relaxing beach stroll.

The Adventurous Kiss

Kissing photos are always an easy couple pose idea to whip out when you need something to do, but try upping the ante by giving your partner a smooch in the middle of an adventurous activity. We love how this couple paused to share a kiss amid their scenic hike. Wouldn't you just love to recreate this snap for yourself?

The Sailboat Sit

If you find yourselves perched on the back of a sailboat, enlist a friend to shoot some nautical pictures of you and your S.O. After all, what's more picturesque than a couple pose with high seas in the background?

The Dance Party

When it comes to fun poses for couples, you simply can't top a dance party. All your nerves will melt away when you and your partner just start dancing. There's no rhyme or reason to this couple pose, and you don't even need music to start busting out your best moves. All you need to know is that your photographer will capture some real gems with this pose idea.

The Outdoor Snuggle

Aren't the great outdoors just so…cozy? Next time you find yourself near a bench surrounded by lush greenery, get comfortable in the outdoor snuggle pose. This casual couple pose for photoshoots is easy to nail, so make sure it's on your engagement shot list.

The Dramatic Stare

Channel your inner runway model and strike a pose while smizing off into the distance. This couple photo idea is best done when accompanied by a fire outfit, as seen here. We know Tyra will be proud.

The "Just Married" Carry

You might be familiar with the age-old wedding folklore tale that said the groom had to carry the bride over the threshold of their new home for good luck—but we say you don't have to be married to whip out this cute couple pose. The best part? It works whether you're at home or in the middle of the street. (Just be sure to check for cars.)

The Mural

Sometimes, you just can't think of another couple pose to use. When that happens, let your background do all the talking. This fun couple pose idea is best executed in front of a colorful mural, so get out in your neighborhood and start scoping out good backdrops.

The Twirl

We'll never not swoon over this romantic couple pose idea. Grab your love's hand and give them a twirl. You don't have to be professional dancers to nail this timeless snapshot.

The Lady and the Tramp

We'd be remiss not to include a Lady and the Tramp recreation in this list of couple pose references. Grab your favorite meal—whether it's In-N-Out or spaghetti and meatballs—and pose for a few photos that document you two feeding each other or sharing a bite.

The Sun Flare

Whether you're posing for a professional photographer or a friend who knows their way around a camera, ask them to capture a sun flare as you and your partner cozy up nice and close together. This ultra-cool effect is an easy way to level up a classic couple pose.

The Piggy Back

You're never too old for a piggyback ride. When you're in the mood for a funny couple pose, hop on your partner's back as the camera clicks away. We have a feeling you'll both be left in a fit of giggles.

The Fountain

Be on the lookout for fountains in your hometown or at your wedding venue, because they make for iconic photo backdrops. When you find one, hold your partner's hand as you walk around the perimeter. This couple pose idea will get all the likes on social media.

The Breakfast Date

Waffles or pancakes? Regardless of your go-to breakfast dish, this couple pose idea is downright adorable, and perfect for foodies. Don't forget to add a dash of syrup for extra sweetness.

The Dramatic Distance

Not all couple poses require physical touch. In fact, we'd dare to say this dramatic idea is one you and your S.O. should definitely try out next time you're taking IG photos or formal portraits.

The Cutoff Kiss

A simple angle change can make even the most classic couple pose ideas feel fresh and new. Ask your photographer to bring the lens down so it cuts off the very top of your heads for a unique take on the classic kiss photo.

The Classic Kiss

The classics are classic for a reason. Of all the couple poses to reference, this is always a fool-proof option. Grab your partner and give them a smooch for the camera—it will never go out of style.

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