Real Couples Are Choosing to Marry Away (But Not Where You’d Expect!)

Destination wedding trends are taking a slight turn, according to our 2015 Real Weddings study. See where real couples are choosing to host their out-of-town nuptials.
by Maggie Seaver
photo by Joseph Lin Photography

Considering a destination wedding? You're not alone (seriously). Although it's probably no surprising that destination weddings are on the rise—who can resist a faraway fete?—the definition of a destination wedding is undergoing an interesting shift.

Here's the most recent destination wedding breakdown, based on our 2015 Real Weddings study:

  • There are over 350,000 destination weddings each year
  • 77 percent of them take place in the continental US
  • 23 percent of them take place in international locations (like the Caribbean and Mexico)

Forty-nine percent of couples chose to say “I do" 200 miles or more from where they lived at the time they were married. That's a lot of traveling fiancés! (It's an even crazier jump in numbers compared with 21 percent in 2014).

As for the 21 percent of couples who actually consider their wedding a “destination wedding," about one in five of them throw another bash when they get home. How else would they get to celebrate with anyone who couldn't make it to the ceremony? So now we know: The destination wedding and second party back home trend is on the up-and-up!

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