22 "Gorgeous" Taylor Swift Gifts for the Swifties in Your Wedding Party

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Four wedding party gifts for Swifties: candle, glass mug, paper plane necklace, friendship bracelet
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Updated Feb 14, 2024
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In the world of Swifties, the celebration of fandom extends beyond concerts and album releases—it can be part of some of their most cherished moments, like weddings. Picture Taylor Swift-themed bach parties, first dance songs and Taylor Swift gifts for the wedding party. After all, how better to say "It's Nice to Have a Friend" than with Swiftie gifts that celebrate the industry powerhouse? (Besides armfuls of friendship bracelets, OFC.)

So if you're searching for the perfect gift for a bridesmaid or groomsman who might skip your wedding for the Era's Tour, scroll on. These curated Taylor Swift gifts promise to strike a chord.

1. Beaded Friendship Bracelet

Taylor Swift beaded friendship bracelet
Photo: Little Words Project

When Swift sang, "So make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it," fans took the lyrics literally. Infuse the concert tradition of trading beaded bracelets into your wedding party gifts by presenting each member with a personalized piece of jewelry. While the "In My Era" bracelet, adorned with pastel beads, is reminiscent of Swift's Lover album aesthetic, you can also design your own bracelet and customize the color of the beads and your desired text.

2. Heart Hands Trinket Dish

Heart hands trinket dish gift for Swiftie
Photo: KennyClayCo

While Swift didn't invent the heart-hands symbol, it's an undeniable emblem within her fandom. In 2011, the singer herself shared with The New York Times that it conveys a sentiment somewhere between 'I love you' and 'thank you'—making it a fitting and heartfelt token of appreciation for your wedding crew. This ceramic ring dish beautifully showcases the hand gesture and makes for a charming keepsake.

3. "In My Party Era" T-Shirt

"In my party era" bridesmaid t-shirt gift for Swifties
Photo: PictureThisParties

Consider treating your wedding party to this black "In my party era" tee ahead of your bach. The unisex jersey tee ensures a comfortable fit for bridesmaids and groomsmen, allowing everyone to revel in the celebration. Meanwhile, brides can rock the complimentary "In my bridal era" design, which can be personalized with their new last name.

4. Red Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

Red heart-shaped sunglasses gift for Swifties
Photo: Amazon

For all the bachelorette weekend photo ops, snag these oversized, red sunglasses for the crew. Not only are these shades a stylish accessory for a poolside celebration, but they also bring a touch of Swift's iconic fashion sense to your festivities. (Doesn't it feel like it'll be one of those nights when you'll be dancing instead of sleeping?)

5. Love Story Candle

"Love story" Homesick candle gift for Swifties
Photo: Homesick

Baby, just say yes…to being part of the wedding party! Aptly named "Love Story," this candle is a clever Taylor Swift-inspired gift idea, perfectly suited for a wedding. Crafted with natural wax, it features a lovely scent of blackcurrant and cardamom notes.

6. Caramel Latte Set

Caramel latte set gift for Swifties
Photo: Kitty Town Coffee

There are so many reasons why a Taylor Swift fan would love this coffee gift set. For one, it's from Kitty Town Coffee—which donates part of each sale to animal shelters. And two, it provides all the necessary ingredients to make one of the superstar's favorite Starbucks drinks: a caramel latte. With two bags of espresso, three syrups (vanilla, butterbeer and caramel) and cappuccino mugs, your coffee-loving Swiftie will be energized for wedding errands.

7. "It's 7 AM" Glass Coffee Mug

"It's 7 AM" glass coffee mug gift for Swiftie
Photo: RosieandCoByAnna

Are you searching for a good wedding party gift for a Swif-tea? Consider this glass mug adorned with the lyrics "I'm just like damn, it's 7 a.m." A nod to the song "You Need To Calm Down," the lyric encaptures the emotions of having an early call time on the wedding day. (What a great way to say "Sorry everyone!" about the early hair and makeup appointments.) Enhance the gift by pairing the mug with the recipient's favorite (caffeinated) tea or a refreshing bottle of iced coffee.

8. "Meet Me At Midnight" Slippers

"Meet me at midnight" slippers gift for Swiftie
Photo: Amazon

Step up the comfort game for your wedding party with these cozy slippers. This pair is a particularly perfect gift for Taylor Swift lovers since they reference the leading lyrics of Swift's track "Lavender Haze" from the album Midnights. After a night of dancing (to Swift's tunes, of course) at your wedding, they'll appreciate having the plush shoes to kick up their feet.

9. Bejeweled Inspired Makeup Bag

Bejeweled makeup bag gift for Swifties
Photo: CestLaVibe

This small canvas travel bag is practical and stylish, featuring lyrics from the song "Bejeweled." Nice! It's a clever and charming gift that combines utility with a touch of Swift-inspired glam.

10. Matte Red Lipstick

Pat McGrath matte red liquid lipstick gift for Swifties
Photo: Sephora

Whether dining in New York City, cheering at a football game or walking the red carpet, Swift's go-to beauty routine usually includes her signature red lip. A bit of online sleuthing revealed that she recently favors Pat McGrath's LiquiLUST Legendary Wear Lipstick in the shade Elson 4. Known for its matte formula, it provides a 12-hour, smudge-proof stain. Embrace the "Style" the superstar is renowned for, and gift your friends and family the hue for your wedding gatherings and beyond.

11. Large Gold Claw Clip

Large gold claw clip gift for Swiftie
Photo: Emi Jay

For a clever bridesmaid gift, pair a hair accessory with a card that says "to have and to hold." Then, make it a Taylor Swift-inspired gift by choosing a claw clip hue that matches the recipient's favorite Swift album. This gold one is giving Fearless vibes, but you can shop dozens of other glittery hair clips at Emi Jay to match her Red, 1989, Reputation eras and more.

12. Custom-Engraved Rosé Bottle

Custom-engraved rosé bottle gift for Swiftie
Photo: Williams Sonoma

This isn't exactly your roommate's cheap-ass screw-top rosé—but your Swiftie-loving wedding party member will get the idea. Choose from 12 designs that allow for personalization, including the recipient's initials or a short message. It makes for a thoughtful thank-you gift you can use to toast to your union immediately. You could also customize a bottle of sparkling wine if they prefer "Champagne Problems" over "Maroon."

13. Personalized Mirrorball Tumblers

Personalized mirrorball tumblers gifts for Swifties
Photo: Caaseydesign

Elevate your proposal boxes, bachelorette party favors or getting-ready suite goodies with these Taylor Swift-themed gifts that ensure your friends and family's drinkware shines as brightly as they do. The "Mirrorball"-shaped cups, personalized with each crew member's name, will steal the spotlight in all party pictures.

14. Edible Gold Drink Glitter

Edible gold drink glitter gift for Swifties
Photo: Fancy Sprinkles

Lend a subtle node to Swift's "Gold Rush" and make your wedding party's desserts or cocktails ~shimmer~. There's a glitter hue that perfectly matches each era of Swift's incredible discography, so you can even personalize goodies to each of your besties.

15. On-The-Go Old Fashioned Set

On-the-go old-fashioned set gift for Swifties
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Miss Swift herself would undoubtedly approve of this "Gorgeous" Old Fashioned kit idea. Your crew will receive five single-serve bottles of a concentrated mix, featuring a bourbon barrel-aged blend of golden cane sugar, molasses, bitters and dried orange peel. They can effortlessly enjoy their favorite drink and raise a toast to your special day with a simple pour into whiskey or bourbon over ice.

16. "You Can Make Me A Drink" Kitchen Towels

"You can make me a drink" kitchen towels
Photo: alltoohouston

These charming tea towels are a great Taylor Swift gift idea. With lyrics like "You can make me a drink," and "I knew it from the first Old Fashioned we were cursed," this gift for Swifites would pair exceptionally well with a cocktail mix (see above!) and some cute glassware for a thoughtful DIY gift set.

17. Guitar Pick Case

Guitar pick case gift for Swiftie
Photo: Amazon

If Swift inspired your friend to play guitar, enhance their hobby with this guitar pick case. The teal guitar-shaped holder exudes vibes from Swift's debut album, paying homage to the singer's early days. Complete with two stylish guitar picks, this gift might even inspire your BFF to strum a song at your wedding reception in lieu of delivering a traditional speech.

18. "A Lot Going On At The Moment" Hat

"A lot going on at the moment" baseball cap gift for Swiftie
Photo: LyricAndQuoteHats

With a packed calendar of pre-wedding events, party planning and running errands alongside you, your wedding party members certainly have a busy schedule. That's why this hat is the best gift for Taylor Swift fans turned wedding superstars. Embroidered with the iconic phrase, "A lot going on at the moment," it adds a touch of humor to the whirlwind of wedding responsibilities.

19. "End Game" Dress Socks

"End game" dress socks for groomsmen gift for Swifties
Photo: BlissfulSocks

Dress socks are a classic gift for groomsmen, and these cotton crew socks add a touch of Taylor Swift charm. Embroidered with the song title and romantic phrase, "End Game," these convey a sentiment perfectly suited for a wedding and are available in both black and white.

20. Cobra Cuff Links

Cobra cuff links gift for Swifties
Photo: OTAA

For the Swiftie standing tall in your wedding party lineup, gift them these distinctive cobra cuff links. They'll instantly recognize their resemblance to Karyn, the giant inflatable snake that made a striking appearance during the Reputation Stadium Tour's "Look What You Made Me Do" performance. These edgy cuff links are a stylish and clever nod to Taylor Swift's iconic stage moments, making them a unique Taylor Swift gift idea.

21. Paper Plane Necklace

Paper plane necklace gift for Swifties
Photo: Wolf & Badger

Inspired by Swift's use of the paper plane motif in her music, this charming necklace symbolizes love, adventure and the challenges of long-distance relationships. A particularly heartfelt choice for a bridesmaid gift, it conveys the powerful notion that genuine friendships endure any distance. Consider this elegant bauble as a meaningful and stylish token of appreciation for that cherished member of your bridal party who would go to great lengths—like taking a plane, train or boat—just to be part of your special day.

22. Personalized Message in a Bottle

Personalized message in a bottle gift for Swifties
Photo: 1-800-Flowers

Red Alert: Traditional stationery is out, and messages in a bottle (Taylor's Version) are in! Choose between colored rose petals or sand to fill the glass, then write up to four lines of text to be printed on the scroll inside the corked bottle. Think: "Thank you for being a part of our 'Love Story'" or "Our day was truly 'Enchanted,' thanks to you."

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