The 28 Best Bridesmaid Proposal Cards, From Funny to Sentimental

Pop the question to your crew with cute stationery.
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Updated Dec 18, 2023
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It's time to assemble your bridal party, which means you've got a different kind of proposal coming your way. Asking your loved ones to be bridesmaids (even if they already knew it was coming) shows them how much they mean to you, and having a squad of helpers makes all the planning (and celebrating!) even more fun. Whether a standalone gesture or the finishing touch to a bridesmaid proposal box, a "Will you be my bridesmaid" card sets the tone for your wedding party and gets them excited for all that's in store. (Plus, they're easily mailable for all your long-distance BFFs.) From tongue-in-cheek phrasing to sweet and sentimental designs, we've rounded up our favorite bridesmaid and maid-of-honor proposal cards for you to shop. We're even breaking down bridesmaid proposal card etiquette, like what to include (and what not to include) in your card and when to send them out.

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The Best Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

These "Will you be my bridesmaid?" or "Will you be my maid of honor?" cards are sure to get a resounding "Yes!" from your besties. From sentimental to funny to custom, they'll be a fun surprise in the mail or the finishing touch to the perfect proposal gift.

1. Custom Photo Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Custom photo Will You Be My Bridesmaid card
Photo: Zazzle

Ask your nearest and dearest to join you on your special day with this custom bridesmaid proposal card. The cover resembles a Polaroid and can be personalized with a nostalgic picture of the two of you (aww!) along with their name and "Will you be my bridesmaid" underneath. And, like any true love letter, the "i"s are topped with a heart.

2. Whimsical "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" Card

Pink and floral Will You Be My Bridesmaid? proposal card
Photo: Rifle Paper Co.

Ask your loved ones if they'll be part of your wedding party with this whimsical bridesmaid proposal card. The light pink cover is decorated in pretty florals with rose gold foil reading, "Will you be my bridesmaid?" Meanwhile, the interior is blank so you can handwrite a personal note that they'll treasure forever.

3. "Now Act Surprised" Bridesmaid Card

Now Act Surprised Like You Had No Idea This Was Coming bridesmaid proposal card
Photo: lucky notes

If you've known who'd be in your wedding party long before you knew who you were even going to marry, this is the perfect card. The front says, "Now act surprised like you had no idea this was coming," while the inside pops the question to bridesmaids, bridesmen or your maid of honor. You can also select the envelope color, with choices ranging from classic white to silver, gold, blush, black or brown.

4. Bridesmaid Proposal and Thank-You Cards

Will You Be My Bridesmaid and Thank You For Being My Bridesmaid card set
Photo: Amazon

Get the most bang for your buck with this set of bridal party cards. The 48-piece set comes with 10 proposal cards and 10 thank-you cards for bridesmaids, plus two proposal and two thank-you cards for maids of honor. It also includes 24 pink envelopes and gold heart stickers to seal each note. You'll be set for before and after the wedding.

5. Silk Ribbon Maid of Honor Proposal Card

Silk Ribbon Maid of Honor Proposal Cards
Photo: Cain and Co Stationery

Tied together with a bow and a smile! This elegant "Will you be my maid of honor?" folded card leaves plenty of room inside for a handwritten card. It's finished with a silk ribbon in pink, sage, dusty blue, white or black—bonus points if it matches your wedding colors!

6. "Pop the Question" Bridesmaid Card

"Pop the Question" Bridesmaid Card
Photo: Zazzle

There are a few more proposals before the big "I do." Ask your bridesmaids to be part of your special day with these playful cards. They're personalized with each of your loved ones' names and the wording, "It's my time to pop the question." The party balloon-inspired design is sure to grab their attention.

7. Bridal Party Proposal Card

Hot pink Without You It Wouldn't Be A Bridal Party bridesmaid proposal card
Photo: Minted

Shopping for your friend who's the life of the party? Tell them as much with this fun proposal message: "Without you, it wouldn't be a bridal party." We personally love the hot pink color theme, but you can personalize the design to your liking, including adding a photo or custom message to the inside.

8. Friends Bridesmaid Card

Friends Inspired 'the one where you're my bridesmaid' Bridesmaid Card
Photo: Amazon

Raise your hand if you remember this iconic scene from Friends! This bridesmaid proposal card takes inspiration from the show's signature font to spell out "The one where you're my bridesmaid" with an illustration of Monica, Rachel and Phoebe in wedding dresses underneath. Shopping for your co-maid-of-honors? They have a design for that too!

9. Scratch-Off Bridesmaid Card

Heart-shaped scratch-off Will You Be My Bridesmaid card
Photo: Estrella CS

Send this bridesmaid asking card with a lucky penny—they'll need it in order to scratch off the heart and reveal the card's message. It's not just a fun proposal, it's also personalized with their name at the top.

10. Cute Unicorn Maid of Honor Card

Funny Unicorn Maid of Honor Card
Photo: Zazzle

You've probably seen this meme before and it couldn't be more applicable than to your maid of honor. It compares other maids of honor to a horse, whereas she's a unicorn. It's the perfect way to show her how amazing you think she is. Best of all, the design can come printed or as an instant download.

11. Elegant "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" Card Set

Photo: Amazon

This bridal party card set is all about the envelope. The minimalist stationery says "Will you be my bridesmaid (or maid of honor)?" in black calligraphy, while the envelope is embellished with a gold foil liner. The set of eight comes with six bridesmaid invites, one maid of honor invite and one matron of honor invite.

12. "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" Hanger Card

Watercolor bridesmaid hanger proposal card
Photo: Minted

Get your friends excited for the big day and their designated bridesmaid dresses with this artsy card. It features a watercolor painting of a clothing hanger to pop the question and it's signed by you. You can personalize the back of the card with a picture, custom message or a fun pattern. Bonus points if you actually pair it with a custom bridesmaid hanger.

13. Pop Culture Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Pop Culture Bridesmaid Proposal Card
Photo: Pop Cult Paper

Announce your engagement and invite your friends to be in your wedding party with this funny bridesmaid proposal card. It draws inspiration from the movie Bridesmaids, illustrating Maya Rudolph's iconic wedding dress shopping scene and quote, "It's happening." The inside is blank so you can write your own note to pop the question.

14. Bridesmaids Maid of Honor Proposal Card

Bridesmaids movie inspired Maid of Honor Proposal Card
Photo: Pop Cult Paper

Bridesmaids is literally the perfect movie to quote for all your wedding party proposals. Ask your best friend if she'll do you the honor of being your maid of honor with this hilarious card. It quotes Kristen Wiig on the plane saying "Help me I'm poor" with the addition " wedding planning" so they know their first responsibility as your MOH.

15. Obvious Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Obvious Bridesmaid Proposal Card
Photo: Minted

Isn't it obvious? Give this super-cute card to the pals who already know they'll stand by your side at the ceremony. And while they'll probably know exactly who it's from, the front can be personalized with your signature.

16. Bridesmaid Proposal Card for Sister

Sisters Forever bridesmaid proposal card
Photo: Firefly Paper Studio

If you want to make your sister well up with happy tears, use this thoughtful card to ask, "Will you be my bridesmaid (or maid of honor)?" The front is printed with a sweet poem: "Side by side or miles apart, we will always be connected at heart." Once open, the inside pops the question. You'll definitely want to pair it with a box of tissues.

17. Humorous Bridal Party Proposal Card

I Know Of A Great Party With An Open Bar bridesmaid proposal card
Photo: Amazon

If sentimental isn't really your style—or your bridesmaids'—then you'll all love this funny card. On the front, there's a joke ("I know of a great party with an open bar") and your wedding date, then "Will you be my bridesmaid?" is printed on the inside. You can add a thoughtful, handwritten note, but we're pretty sure they'll say "yes" regardless.

18. Gothic Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Gothic Bridesmaid Proposal Card
Photo: Designed by Idka

This "Can you be my bridesmaid" card is for your ride or dies. The gothic-inspired design is complete with spider webs, skeleton hands and a black envelope to pop the question. It's even customized with your wedding date so they know when they're being summoned. You can order a single card or a whole batch so everyone in your crew gets a special note.

19. Postcard Bridesmaid Proposal

Postcard Bridesmaid Proposal Card
Photo: Minted

This cute bridesmaid proposal card is designed to resemble a postcard, making it perfect for long-distance besties or a destination wedding. It's adorably addressed to your "future bridesmaid" on the front and the inside can be customized with photos and a heartfelt message. You can even pick between six different design colors.

20. Informative "Will You Be My Maid of Honor?" Card

Bridesmaid proposal card with responsibilities on back
Photo: The Sunshine Garden

This maid of honor (or bridesmaid) proposal card is for the bride who's already thinking ahead. The front is personalized with your bestie's name, a picture of you two and the ever-important question. Meanwhile, the back outlines the wedding details, along with their responsibilities as a member of your bridal party, dress expectations and the names of the other bridesmaids. How convenient is that?! As a digital download, you'll be able to customize it to your liking before printing it or emailing it to your wedding party MVP.

21. Something Borrowed, Something Blue Bridesmaid Proposal Card Set

Something old, soemthing new, something borrowed bridesmaid proposal card
Photo: Walmart

We love anything that rhymes! This bridal party card set comes with 16 cards to give to your bridesmaids, maids of honor, matrons of honor and even flower girls. The blue cover reads "Something old, something new, something borrowed and definitely you!" while the inside asks if they'll be part of your wedding party.

22. Letterpressed Bridesman Proposal Card

Letterpressed minimalist Bridesman? proposal card
Photo: Abbey Ratcliff

Including a bridesman? You can find tons of great proposal cards for him, too. This minimalist card has "Bridesman?" letterpressed into the cardstock for a simple but effective ask. The seller also has design options for all other members of your wedding party if you're looking for a consistent theme.

23. Sister-in-Law Bridesmaid Card

Rose gold sister-in-law bridesmaid proposal card
Photo: Bride O

This rose gold bridesmaid invite is just for your soon-to-be sister-in-law. It reads "Soon you will be my sister but until then will you be my bridesmaid?" Add a handwritten note inside expressing how excited you are to (officially) become family.

24. Wax Seal Bridesmaid Card Set

Wax Seal Bridesmaid Card
Photo: Amazon

Everything feels fancier with a wax seal. Let your friends and family know how special they are to you with this elegant stationery set. The greenery-decorated cards ask either "Will you be my bridesmaid?," "Maid of honor?" or "Matron of honor?" They're housed in a deep green envelope and finished with a gold wax seal.

25. Tongue-in-Cheek Bridesmaid Card

Funny 'i promise i own't make you wear an ugly dress' bridesmaid proposal card
Photo: Spade Stationery

It's a long-standing stereotype that bridesmaid dresses are—well—ugly (Remember 27 Dresses?). Play off that tradition with this funny bridesmaid card which promises your squad beautiful and flattering ensembles. The inside is blank, so you can write a unique message to each of your friends. May we suggest leading with the movie quote, "The best thing is you can shorten it and wear it again?"

26. Custom Illustration Bridesmaid Card

Custom Illustration Bridesmaid Card
Photo: Sierra Designs Studio

Here's an extra-personalized way to propose to your besties. The cover of this bridesmaid invite features a custom illustration of the two of you in classic getting-ready robes and holding champagne or a bouquet. You get to select from dozens of hairstyles and skin colors so they can see the resemblance instantly.

27. Sex and the City Bridesmaid Proposal

Sex and the City Bridesmaid Proposal
Photo: Smar Art

Why not take inspiration from your favorite TV show for your bridesmaid or maid of honor proposal? This greeting card references the one and only Sex in the City and reads "Men, babies, it doesn't matter. We're soulmates." You can handwrite a sweet note inside letting them know their presence is requested at your wedding.

28. Beautiful Bridesmaid Card

Beautiful Bridesmaid Card
Photo: Shmuncki Poem Gifts

Not sure what to write in a bridesmaid proposal card? This stationery option has you covered. Simply add your bridesmaid or maid of honor's name to the end of this beautiful poem and you've got a complete proposal message without too much forethought.

Bridesmaid Proposal Card FAQ

Naturally, you want your wedding party proposal to go off without a hitch—and with our advice, it will. Here's a little more about bridesmaid proposal cards so you know what information to include and when to send it out.

What is a bridesmaid proposal card?

A bridesmaid proposal card, sometimes called a bridesmaid invitation, is when you officially ask your loved ones to be part of your wedding party and they, in turn, say "YES!" (or "Sorry, no"). When it comes to what to write in a bridesmaid proposal card, the first thing to include is "Will you be my bridesmaid?" You'll also want to talk a bit about why you want that individual to be part of your big day. Perhaps you're childhood friends or siblings or they're your go-to for advice. That said, your bridesmaid proposal isn't the only chance you'll have to be sappy. You should hand out bridesmaid thank-you cards at the wedding (or shortly after) so you can reiterate your gratitude for all their relationship support and wedding help.

Is it the same thing as a bridesmaid information card?

Bridesmaid proposal cards and bridesmaid information cards are different—however, pairing the two together has been growing in popularity. As aforementioned, a bridesmaid proposal card invites an individual to be part of your wedding party, while a bridesmaid information card provides them with the responsibilities of being a bridesmaid or maid of honor. A bridesmaid information card should let your future wedding party know the when and where of your wedding, as well as any pre-wedding events you already have planned, like your shower. It should also include who else is in the wedding party, what they'll be expected to wear and any other important planning details they'll need to prepare for. The reason some couples pair these two cards together is so that their loved ones know all of their expectations before they accept the role.

When should your bridesmaid proposals happen?

Whether you're planning to hand out a card or a bridesmaid proposal gift, you should ask your friends and family "Will you be my bridesmaid" as soon as you know who you want to be part of your big day. According to The Knot's recent wedding party gifts survey, the majority of couples asked their wedding party within two months of getting engaged. With an average engagement of 15 months, this gives your crew plenty of time to prepare.

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