36 Awesome "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" Cards

Pop the question to your besties with a card that speaks to your friendship. Shop our favorites now.
by Jane Asher
Bridesmaids cards

Your partner isn't the only one who gets to do the asking—now that you've got the ring, it's time to assemble your bridal party. Asking your close friends to be bridesmaids shows them how much they mean to you, and having a squad of helpers makes all the planning (and celebrating!) so much more fun. Bridesmaid proposal cards are a fun way to set the tone for your wedding party and get them excited for what's to come. You can send them by mail and pair them with a split of champagne or small gift if you have a little extra budget. Whether it's with a tongue-in-cheek quip or a bridezilla callout, we've rounded up some of our favorite “Will you be my bridesmaid?” cards to inspire your own proposal.

  1. Fig2 bridesmaid proposal card

    Cheeky Bridesmaid Card

    Calling all the single ladies! This card is perfect for your friends who appreciate a good joke—although you may or may not be kidding—and after all, finding a good wedding date can be tough.

    Fig2 Designs Bridesmaid single groomsmen card, $5, Fig2Design.com

  2. Floral bridesmaids card

    Chalkboard Bridesmaid Proposal Card

    These pretty chalkboard-inspired flat cards have a hand-painted look. The back has plenty of room for you to write your own message or to address them and send as postcards.

    Hadley Designs “Will you be my bridesmaid?” card, $15 for 15, Amazon.com

  3. Party Hearty Bridesmaid Proposal Card

    Show your friend she’s the life of the bridal party with this chic bridesmaid proposal card. You can also add photos and a personalized message to the inside if you like.

    Minted Best Day Just Got Better bridesmaid cards, $6, Minted.com

  4. Ladyfingers Letterpress bridesmaid proposal card

    Bridezilla Bridesmaid Card

    This is the card for the friend that has seen you at your best, and maybe also at your worst, but loves you anyway. If you do end up having your own bridezilla moment (or two), remember to try to keep your cool—you promised.

    Ladyfingers Letterpress Will You Be My Bridesmaid card, $5, LadyfingersLetterpress.com

  5. Tacos with you bridesmaids card

    Taco Bridesmaid Proposal Card

    Your friend is sure to be excited to help you plan your wedding when she hears you’ll be doing it over tacos.

    FadedGardenias funny taco bridesmaid card, $4, Etsy.co

  6. Sisters in law bridesmaid card

    Sister-in-Law Bridesmaid Card

    For your soon-to-be sister-in-law, this touching rose-adorned invite is apropos.

    Petal Paper Co. “Soon You Will Be My Sister” card, $4, Amazon.com

  7. Monogram bridesmaid card

    Monogram Bridesmaid Card

    Show each bridesmaid how much of a VIP she is to you with her very own monogrammed proposal card.

    Susan Moyal Monogrammed bridesmaid card, $6, Minted.com

  8. Gold “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Card

    A pretty gold border makes this card feel extra luxe. And your friends will be flattered to hear you feel you can’t do it without them.

    Mixbook Photo Co. Will You Be My Bridesmaid card, $13 for 5, Mixbook.co

  9. Pale pink bridesmaid card

    Pop the Question Bridesmaid Card

    Give your future bridesmaids a preview to all the fun you’ll have together at the wedding. Pop the question to your favorite ladies with this balloon-motif card.

    Invitation Republic Pop the Question bridesmaid card, $3, Zazzle.com

  10. Heart bridesmaid card

    Scratch-Off Bridesmaid Card

    Tell them to get their coins ready, because they’ll need to scratch this card to reveal the bridesmaid proposal.

    XOXOKristen bridesmaid scratch-off card, $25 for set of 8, Amazon.com

  11. Pink bridesmaid card

    Obvious Bridesmaid Proposal Card

    Isn’t it obvious? Give this cute and funny card to the pals who are already assuming they’ll stand by your side at the ceremony.

    Pink House  Press So Obvious bridesmaid card, $20 for 5, Minted.com

  12. Kate Spade bridesmaid proposal card

    Sentimental Bridesmaid Card

    We all have that emotional friend who will probably be crying more than you on your wedding day—it's one of the things you love most about her. Speak to her sensitive side with some sentimental words. Extra points for including a note from the heart.

    Kate Spade Hocus to My Pocus bridesmaid card, $20 for set of 10, KateSpade.com

  13. Champagne design bridesmaid card

     Champagne Bridesmaid Card

    The scratch-off message on this card is one you’ll write yourself, so it’s ultra-personal. Cheers to that!

    Inklings Paperie Be My Bridesmaid scratch-off cards, $18 for set of 6, Target.com

  14. Bride tribe bridesmaid card

    Bride Tribe Proposal Card

    This simple card stylishly invites your pals to be part of your official tribe. Feel free to add photos and a message on the back.

    Hudson Meets Rose Bride Tribe card, $20 for 5, Minted.com

  15. Creative bridesmaid card

    Show Up Bridesmaid Card

    Becoming a bridesmaid can seem intimidating—after all, there’s a lot of responsibility. Remind her that all she has to do is show up (and a few other smallish things).

    Simply Said Paper Co. bridal party proposal card, $5, Amazon.com

  16. Sweet bridesmaid card

    Sweet Bridesmaid Proposal Card

    Here’s another sweet, sentimental proposal card that might just make your friend well up a little. After all, it’s true!

    LailaMeDesigns bridesmaid proposal card, $4, Etsy.co

  17. Watercolor bridesmaid card

    Watercolor Bridesmaid Card

    Pretty watercolor brushstrokes and a gold letterpress message combine to create a high-style “Will you be my bridesmaid?” card for the friend with impeccable taste.

    Thimblepress Will You Be My Bridesmaid? card, $5, Thimblepress.com

  18. White and pink bridesmaid proposal card

    Definitive Bridesmaid Proposal Card

    Show your friend she fits the definition of a bridesmaid to a tee with this sentimental message. Add your wedding date—and a photo or message if you like—to make it a true keepsake she’ll treasure.

    Minted Definition of a Bridesmaid card, $20 for 5, Minted.com

  19. Paperless Post bridesmaid proposal card

    Girly Girl Bridesmaid Card

    This feminine card is perfect for your friend who is actually excited to wear a bridesmaid dress (or at least pick out a new pair of shoes to go with it). Send the sentiments via email at no cost to you, or if you want to pop a paper card in the mail, Paperless Post provides that option as well.

    Paperless Post Out on the Town card, online free; paper card, $2, PaperlessPost.com

  20. Gliterry Bridesmaid card

    Funny Bridesmaid Proposal Card

    Let’s face it: Most brides aren’t able to pee alone on their wedding day. A close friend will appreciate your honesty.

    NB Paper Co Glitter Hold My Dress While I Pee card, $2, Zazzle.com

  21. Simple bridesmaid card

    Simple Bridesmaid Card

    This lovely “Will you be my bridesmaid?” card is a true classic, and the interior is completely customizable.

    Angela Thompson Simple Chic bridesmaid card, $20 for 5, Minted.com

  22. Rifle Paper Co bridesmaid proposal card

    Whimsical Bridesmaid Card

    A pretty floral design makes this the perfect proposal card for any kind of girl. We love this option if you're a busy bride who wants to mass-mail your besties—the cards come in a set of eight.

    Rifle Paper Co. Bridesmaid Greeting card, $5 each or $16 for set of 8, RiflePaperCo.com

  23. White and gold bridesmaid card

    Cursive “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Card

    Gorgeous, straightforward and a bit playful (thanks to the dalmatian spots on the envelope liner). What more could you want?

    Sugar Paper Playful Will You Be My Bridesmaid card, $6, SugarPaper.co

  24. Bridesmaid Bouquet Card

    Bestow your BFFs with their very own bouquet when you propose to them. The card itself is charming enough, but you could always pair it with some fresh flowers as well.

    Haley Warner Bridesmaid Bouquet card, $20 for 5, Minted.com

  25. Rose gold bridesmaid card

    Rose Gold Bridesmaid Proposal Card

    The gold dot design on this elegant “Will you be my bridesmaid?” makes us think of celebratory champagne bubbles. Here’s to your friendship!

    Digibuddha Rose gold foil bridesmaid proposal card, $20 for 5, Amazon.com

  26. Classy bridesmaid card

    Gender Neutral Card

    This beautifully lettered proposal card works for just about anyone you want to be part of your wedding day.

    Orange Umbrella Co I Can’t Tie the Knot Without You card, $18 for set of 8, Amazon.com

  27. Floral bridesmaid proposal card

    Bold Bridesmaid Proposal Card

    What friend could resist bold red flowers against a stark black background?

    Minted Bridal Floral bridesmaid card, $20 for 5, Minted.com

  28. Maid of honor card

    To-the-Point Maid of Honor Card

    The perfect pick for your best friend or sister who always knew she’d be your maid of honor and is ready to take on the responsibility. Why beat around the bush?

    Fig2 Designs Maid of Honor BFF card, $5, Fig2Design.com

  29. Maid of honor multipack

    Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid Multi-Pack

    This pack of five contains four bridesmaid proposal cards, and one for the MOH. Perfection!

    Side Street Designs maid of honor and bridesmaid proposal cards, $20 for set of 5, Amazon.com

  30. Two Trick Pony maid of honor proposal card

    Charitable Maid of Honor Card

    She's extra special, so make sure she feels honored with a cheery card just for her. We also love that this stationer donates a portion of their proceeds to causes like greyhound rescue and a farm animal sanctuary.

    Two Trick Pony Maid of Honor card, $5 , Shop.TwoTrickPony.com

  31. Julie Ann Art bridesmaid proposal card

    Funny Bridesmaid Card

    Send this card to your best friend or sister who has been with you through all of life's ups and downs, and is here for you now because, let's face it, getting married means sh*t is getting very real. Also available in bridesmaid.

    Julie Ann Art Shit Got Real card, $5, JulieAnnArt.com

  32. Sister maide of honor card

    Sister Maid of Honor Card

    For the sister who’s going to stand by your side, a special card is in order.

    SarahBurnsPrints Found My Mister maid of honor proposal card, $4, Etsy.com

  33. Do this maide of honor card

    Do this maide of honor card

    We’re not sure why profanity is so popular in bridesmaid and maid of honor proposal cards, but we’re here for it.

    Top Hat and Monocle Greeting Cards “Will you be my maid of honor?” card, $5, Amazon.com

  34. Pink Maid of Honor Card

    The feminine vibe of this calligraphed card is just so lovely and makes for a more formal proposal to your maid of honor.

    Side Street Designs pink maid of honor card, $4, Amazon.com

  35. Pink bridesmaid card

    Matron of Honor Card

    A matron of honor is simply a lead attendant who’s married. If yours has a sassy sense of humor, this is the card for her.

    SimplyWedding Co Funny Matron of Honor card, $4, Etsy.com

  36. Bridesmaid card with necklace

    “Will You Be My Maid of Honor?” Card with Necklace

    She’s your person. Doesn’t she deserve something a little extra? We recommend a “Will you be my maid of honor?” card that comes with its own bling.

    Amazon Collection double circles necklace on sentiment card, $26, Amazon.com

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