Show Your Love With These 23 Romantic Anniversary Rings

Celebrate your marriage milestone with this bling.
Vintage style emerald cut emerald on gold band
Anna Hecht - The Knot Contributor.
Anna Hecht
Anna Hecht - The Knot Contributor.
Anna Hecht
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Jan 24, 2022
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Coming up on a wedding anniversary? You might be wondering how best to honor the occasion. According to experts, buying anniversary rings is a special way to celebrate when the time feels right. If you and your partner are ready to make this very romantic purchase, we're here to help. We spoke to jewelry experts to get the details on what an anniversary ring is, how to wear it, how to choose the perfect ones—and more. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know—plus shop editor-approved options you can buy right now.

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What Is an Anniversary Ring?

There's often a lot of jewelry involved in marriage. There are of course engagement rings and wedding bands—but what is an anniversary ring?

"An anniversary ring is a diamond or colored gemstone ring or eternity band that one partner gifts to another to celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary," says Claire Kalletta, Social Media Specialist & Senior Design Consultant at Lauren B Jewelry.

Marisa Perry, Founder and Principal of Marisa Perry, agrees. She says the term anniversary ring can be taken quite literally. "It's a gift given for a milestone anniversary."

Does an Anniversary Ring Replace a Wedding Band?

Should your anniversary ring replace your wedding band? According to experts, that's totally up to you.

"Unless you prefer, anniversary rings do not need to replace your original wedding band and engagement ring," Kalletta says. "A new anniversary ring can be worn in their own light on another finger or alongside your existing ring stack."

Olivia Landau, the CEO and Co-Founder of The Clear Cut, agrees. "Most commonly, it is worn on the right hand ring finger because the wedding band is on the left hand ring finger, but you can wear it wherever you want. There are no rules," she says.

When Do You Get an Anniversary Ring?

Is there a right time to get an anniversary ring? Often, they're bought on "monumental anniversaries, such as 10, 15, 20 or 25 years," explains Kalletta.

Landau supports this line of thinking."The earliest time that most people receive an anniversary ring is to celebrate five years. Many also get anniversary rings to commemorate other big dates like 10 or 20 years," she says.

That said, if you really want to surprise your partner and make them feel loved, you don't have to wait until these major moments," Kalletta says. "Anniversary rings are a thoughtful gift for any milestone you want to celebrate being with your partner. A popular occasion to gift your partner with an anniversary ring is during a vow renewal. A gorgeous diamond or gemstone ring or eternity band is a memorable way to highlight your reinforced commitment to one another."

How Do You Wear an Anniversary Ring?

As you may have guessed, there is no one way to wear your anniversary ring. It really depends on the type of ring you buy and your personal preference. Here's what experts have to say.

The Finger and Hand

While there's no right way to don your new ring, there are some common ways to do it.

"Sometimes it can be a right hand ring with a primary center stone like an engagement ring. But more often it is an 'Anniversary Band', which is traditionally a larger carat weight wedding band, which serves as more of a statement piece. And more recently, it also may be an addition to one's wedding stack," Perry says.

Kalletta agrees. "Typically, an anniversary ring is worn with an engagement ring and original wedding band if the rings are suited to stack with one another. Another common way to wear an anniversary ring is on your right ring finger," she says.

Should You Stack Your Rings?

We love a stackable ring, but should you stack your anniversary ring next to your wedding set? The answer lies in the design of the ring.

"If the settings are suited to stack with one another without impacting the ring's structure, one can stack their anniversary ring with their wedding rings," Kalletta says.

If the anniversary ring structure doesn't suit your wedding set, consider wearing it on the opposite hand. There are no rules here, so pick what you like best.

How to Choose an Anniversary Ring

Lots of questions can come into play when deciding how to choose your anniversary ring. For one, you might wonder whether this ring should replace your engagement ring and wedding band altogether.

According to Kalletta, you can choose to swap your wedding ring set for your anniversary ring. This especially makes sense "if your personal style has changed since you have received your engagement ring and wedding band," she says. In this case, it may be a good time to "choose a style that suits your shifted aesthetic today."

If you don't want to replace your wedding ring set and would prefer to wear your new ring on the opposite hand, it's popular to "choose a statement ring, such as a ring with a brightly colored gemstone like ruby, emerald or sapphire," Kalletta says.

If you decide to go with a ring for the opposite hand, it's a good idea to "make sure that your rings are similar styles, look good together, and that they fit in well with your other jewelry," Landau adds.

When it comes to price, the amount you spend should fall within your budget. And there are a variety of rings with price points to choose from, so do what feels right for you.

"Anything from a plain gold band to an upgraded diamond engagement ring can be considered an anniversary ring—and there is no right or wrong amount to spend," Kalletta says. "More important than money spent, it's important to be sure whatever ring you choose fits your partner's personal style and symbolizes your eternal love for one another."

Impressive Wedding Anniversary Rings

Reaching a wedding anniversary is something to celebrate. Below, shop from editor-approved picks you can add to your cart right now.

Annoushka Marguerite 18ct Yellow Gold Diamond Eternity Ring

Diamond eternity ring with yellow gold band

For a super chic, stylish diamond anniversary ring that you'll want to wear every day, go for this yellow gold diamond eternity ring from Annoushka. With 18-karat gold and shimmering diamonds, this ring dazzles on its own—or depending on your budget, you can buy several and stack them.

Blue Nile Scalloped Pavé Diamond Ring

Pave diamonds with scalloped details on yellow gold band

For an anniversary ring that really shines, consider this pavé-set diamond ring from Blue Nile. Stack it with your wedding ring set or wear it on your opposite hand for a diamond ring that can easily stand on its own.

Catbird Janie Ring

5 small diamonds on gold band

Catbird is well known for its stunning designs that are often understated but still stylish. This particular ring—with five dainty diamonds—is available in 14-karat rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. It's completely stackable, but also holds its own when worn solo.

Dana Rebecca Designs Sophia Ryan Infinity Ring

Infinity ring with pave diamonds

Available in 14-karat yellow gold, rose gold or white gold, this diamond ring by Dana Rebecca Designs is one of the jeweler's most popular styles. The infinity symbol represents eternal love, which makes this infinity ring an extra-romantic anniversary gift.

Brilliant Earth Calypso Diamond Ring

Double silver band with pave diamonds

The Calypso Diamond Ring from Brilliant Earth features two bands with glistening scalloped pavé diamonds. With such a classic, elegant design, this ring is one you'll want to wear on the daily.

Dana Rebecca Designs Ava Bea Double Row Ring

Double band with a row of prong set diamonds and pave diamonds

Not sure what color of gold you (or your S.O.) like? Consider the Ava Bea Double Row Ring, which is available in 14-karat yellow, white and rose gold. Although it is in fact one ring, the double row design gives the illusion of two diamond bands for an extra-luxurious effect.

Catbird Fairy Light Eternity Band, White Diamonds

Dainty gold band with pave diamonds

Rings with ultra-thin bands are a top wedding jewelry trend. For a stunning, sophisticated diamond eternity band—that would pair beautifully with most any wedding ring set—consider this beautiful piece from Catbird.

Annoushka Crown 18ct White Gold Diamond Ring

White gold diamond ring in crown design

For a truly special piece of anniversary jewelry, consider this white gold diamond ring. As you can see, this ring style is designed in the shape of a crown to provide a unique take on your usual stackable ring.

Blue Nile Lightbox Lab-Grown Diamond Round & Princess Bypass Ring

Wrap band with round diamond and blue princess cut diamond

Want to buy a diamond that's ethically sourced? Go for this lab-created diamond ring from Blue Nile. Featuring a contemporary design that includes colored diamonds, your partner will love this anniversary gift.

Brilliant Earth 5mm Ember Wedding Ring

Thick silver band with rose gold interior

For a two-tone ring that makes a strong statement, we recommend this mixed-metal band from Brilliant Earth. Depending on your preference, you can choose between 14-karat rose or 18-karat yellow gold for the interior.

Aurate Open Link Diamond Ring

Gold link band with pave diamonds

Aurate aims to offer fine jewelry at a fair price. How? The brand explains that all of their pieces are "born, raised and designed in New York City." That means no hefty markups due to import taxes or otherwise. When we browsed Aurate's selections, we immediately locked eyes with the oh-so-stunning Open Link Diamond Ring, featuring sustainable gold and conflict-free diamonds.

Catbird Paeonia Diamond Ring

Gold flower design with rose cut diamond

Is your love in full bloom? Then, give your partner this absolutely stunning gold flower blooming ring with a rose-cut diamond. It's the most romantic gift they'll never forget (or want to take off).

Stephanie Gottlieb Multicolored Gemstone Eternity Band

Thin gold band with colorful gemstones

Add a pop of color to your ring set with this mutlicolored gemstone eternity band from Stephanie Gottlieb. The perfect anniversary present, this stunning 14k gold piece—which has rubies, sapphires, amethysts, tsavorites and aquamarines—will put a smile on your face.

Auvere Multifacet Ring Satin

Minimalist gold ring

You don't have to go the "traditional" route when buying an anniversary ring. We love the design of this handcrafted 22-karat gold piece form Auvere—and we have a feeling your partner will as well.

Aurate Bold Diamond Baguette Ring

Gold band with baguette diamonds

For a more modern, trending design, consider the Aurate Bold Diamond Baguette Ring. This stylish piece features ethically sourced diamonds and recycled, 100% sustainable gold. So, you can feel good about donning this stunner—and it also makes a great anniversary ring.

Brilliant Earth Amador Diamond Ring

Thick gold band with two small square cutouts with diamonds

We love the simplicity of this golden wedding band with two princess-cut diamonds delicately placed in the center. Not a fan of the yellow gold? It's also available in platinum and white or rose gold.

Annoushka 18ct Gold Blue Sapphire Baguette Ring

Gold band with baguette sapphire stones

Take your wedding jewelry to the next level with the addition of this sapphire baguette ring from Annoushka. Made with 18-karat yellow gold and 26 hand-set sapphires, this classy ring provides a fun pop of color.

Dana Rebecca Designs Alexa Jordyn Marquise and Round Alternating Ring

Silver band with marquise and round diamonds

Another stunning, simple diamond anniversary band, this ring by Dana Rebecca Designs features a mix of marquise and round stones. Wear it on its own—or stack it alongside your engagement ring and wedding band.

Gemist Hello Gorgeous Solitaire Ring

Silver band with oval solitaire diamond

Wear it on your right hand—or if you're that fond of it, you can also swap out your engagement ring for this stunning solitaire ring. Available in five different stone colors, this ring will be your new favorite piece of jewelry.

Brilliant Earth Alvadora Diamond Engagement Ring

Oval diamond with pave diamond and gold halo on gold band

For a ring that truly makes a statement, choose this vintage-inspired diamond ring with ornate latticework and a bezel-set center gem. Not a fan of the yellow gold? This ring also comes in platinum and white and rose gold.

Aurate Vintage Emerald Cut Ring

Vintage style emerald cut emerald on gold band

Give the gift of romance with this vintage-inspired emerald-cut ring by Aurate. With precious stones available in four beautiful colors that's lined with white topaz, this ring makes the perfect anniversary gift.

David Yurman Crossover Band Ring in 18K Yellow Gold with Diamonds

Cross gold band with round diamonds

Surprise your partner on your wedding anniversary by gifting them this extravagant ring by David Yurman. In total, this ring carries 1.55 carats and is made out of 18-karat yellow gold. If you're looking for a ring that's sure to turn heads, this is the one.

Mejuri Lapis Square Signet Ring

Thick silver band with square blue lapis gemstone

This brilliant design by Mejuri is made from sterling silver and set with a captivating blue lapis gemstone. In addition to being a gorgeous piece, it's also handcrafted. So, you'll know you or your partner will get a one-of-a-kind ring as your anniversary gift.

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