25 Gifts for a Vow Renewal That Celebrate Lasting Love

Check out our etiquette advice, then shop our favorite gift ideas.
Naoimh O'Hare - The Knot Associate Commerce Editor
Naoimh O'Hare
Naoimh O'Hare - The Knot Associate Commerce Editor
Naoimh O'Hare
Associate Commerce Editor
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Updated Mar 22, 2024
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Vow renewals are a touching way for couples to honor their commitment to each other and are a beautiful opportunity to toast to many more happy years together. While giving gifts for a vow renewal isn't a requirement, there are lots of reasons why you may want to treat the happy couple to something special.

Not sure whether to splash the cash? We'll be sharing our top gift etiquette and favorite gifts for couples who are renewing their vows. Read on for advice on how to pick a wedding vow renewal present, then shop our round-up of gift ideas below.

Do You Bring a Gift to a Vow Renewal?

Do you need to give gifts for a vow renewal? The answer is really up to you. Truthfully, you don't have to bring anything, especially if you were invited to the couple's wedding and already got them a gift then. However, if you're still undecided, you may want to consider why the couple is renewing their vows. Is it to mark a milestone anniversary like 10 or 20 years of marriage? If so, feel free to give them a sentimental or symbolic gift to congratulate them for reaching such a major moment in their relationship. Alternatively, you can always opt for a greeting card inscribed with a meaningful anniversary quote to honor the occasion.

Another thing to keep in mind before the event is how to present the gift you've chosen. Do you bring a gift with you to the wedding vow renewal? Or is it better to have it sent to their address in advance? We'd go with the latter, especially if your present is large or bulky—remember, someone has to carry it home!

What Is an Appropriate Vow Renewal Gift?

Vow renewal gift etiquette is pretty flexible, especially when it comes to choosing the right gift. The first thing to consider is that your present is for the couple, not just one person (i.e. you should pick something they'll both appreciate). So, what exactly is a good gift for a vow renewal? Let your relationship with the couple guide you toward an appropriate gift and how much you want to spend on it.

If you're close friends or family, you can go for something personalized, like a custom photo puzzle or a piece of wall art. On the other hand, if your relationship with them is less familiar, go for a present that's always appreciated, such as a bottle of wine or a fancy gift basket. Either way, rest assured that you're not expected to splurge on anything expensive.

Finally, if you decide to buy a present for a couple renewing their vows, remember that it's not the same as shopping for wedding gifts. While homeware and kitchen utensils are great for newlyweds starting their lives together, a couple celebrating their 10-year anniversary probably has plenty of pots and pans already.

Our Favorite Vow Renewal Gift Ideas

Now that you've got the gift etiquette down, shopping for vow renewal gifts should be pretty straightforward. If you're still unsure, check out our vow renewal gift ideas for inspo. From sentimental keepsakes to practical picks, we've found gifts that'll work for friends, parents and even couples who have everything.

1. Embroidered Throw Blanket

Embroidered throw blanket couple's initials and wedding date vow renewal gift idea
Photo: Personalization Mall

How about a personalized throw blanket that's also a sweet throwback to their wedding day? This woven blanket is embroidered with the couple's initials and the year they tied the knot. Aside from being a sentimental keepsake, it's also a practical present they can snuggle under for midweek movie nights at home. Consider your vow renewal gift sorted.

2. Etched Wine Bottle

Engraved wine bottle vow renewal gift idea
Photo: Mano's Wine

Take the classic bottle-of-wine gift up a notch by gifting the renewal-y-weds (get it?) a bottle engraved with their names, the date and a heartfelt congratulations. Inside, they'll be pleased to discover a full-bodied California cabernet sauvignon. If you're looking for a thoughtful token to bring to the celebration, this gift for a vow renewal covers all bases.

3. Sentimental Art Print

Romantic photo print vow renewal gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

What better way to celebrate the couple's commitment than with an art print inspired by the moment their paths crossed for the first time? This one-of-a-kind piece features two signposts with the couple's names and two important dates in their relationship (like when they met, got married or renewed their vows). It's a great wedding renewal gift idea no matter how long they've been married, but there are also framing options specifically for fifth, 10th, 20th, 25th and 50th anniversary themes.

4. Wooden Ring Dish

personalized wooden ring dish for the best vow renewal present
Photo: Eggutama

While the lovebirds may or may not exchange new vow renewal rings, they certainly still treasure their wedding bands. That's why this rustic ring dish will make a great gift for any couple renewing their marriage vows. It's made from walnut wood and can be personalized with their initials and wedding date in a simple, minimalist font. It's an especially fitting choice for a five-year anniversary vow renewal, but its versatility means it can work for any other anniversary, too.

5. Custom Star Map

Custom map of the night sky vow renewal gift idea
Photo: Canvas Vows

Taking a thoughtful and unique approach is one of the best ways to find gifts for couples renewing their vows. This custom star map is a sweet and creative replication of the night sky from their wedding day. You can also add their original vows or the lyrics to one of their wedding songs for an extra-special touch. Now, that's some home decor they won't ever want to take down.

6. Fun Virtual Experience

Date night painting kit vow renewal gift idea
Photo: Uncommon Goods

There are some seriously cool virtual vow renewal gifts out there that you can sign the couple up for as a surprise. Uncommon Experiences has options that include a romantic mapmaking class that charts their love story, chocolate tasting for two and a date night painting class. It's easily one of the best vow renewal gifts for a couple who already has everything. Bonus: The site has a note you can download, print off and slip into their card.

7. Celebratory Gift Basket

Romantic foodie gift basket for the best vow renewal gift
Photo: GourmetGiftBaskets.com

A gift basket is a simple yet thoughtful gift for a vow renewal ceremony (and the perfect choice for a couple you're not overly close to). GourmetGiftBaskets.com offers a host of options that are perfect for any occasion. This champagne-themed set is bursting with goodies, like a bottle of Prosecco, delicious cheese, garlic sausage and water crackers presented in a wooden box. Send it to their home before they renew their vows so they can get in a celebratory mood.

8. Dinner Date Ideas

Fun dinner date ideas from The Adventure Challenge
Photo: The Adventure Challenge

Whether they've been together for five years or 50, every couple could use a little date night inspo once in a while. Give them the gift of quality time together (and a good home cooked meal) with The Adventure Challenge's Dinner Dates book. The book is chock-full of scratch-off recipes and fun activities for in between prepping and eating. It's a thoughtful vow renewal present for a couple who loves trying new things together.

9. Personalized Anniversary Candle

customized anniversary candle gift
Photo: Birthdate Candles

If they're the type of couple who reads their horoscopes daily, this marriage renewal gift is sure to impress. Not only does this personalized anniversary candle feature their names and wedding date, but it also has tons of fun tarot, astrology and numerology details on the label. It's made from natural coconut and soy wax and is scented with frankincense, sage and oatmoss, so it smells divine too.

10. Personalized Cutting Board

Engraved cutting board vow renewal gift idea
Photo: CircleCityDesignCo

While kitchenware might normally be out of the question (especially if the couple has been married for quite some time), personalized gifts are a much-loved exception. Have this gorgeous wooden cutting board engraved with their names and wedding or vow renewal date—it's up to you! Choose from three types of wood (maple, cherry and walnut) and two different sizes to suit their tastes.

11. Family Story Book

personalized family story book vow renewal gift
Photo: Storyworth

If you came here looking for vow renewal gifts for your parents, we've got you covered. This unique service sends a question to gift recipients each week for a year and transforms their answers into an amazing memory book. Storyworth offers lots of interesting prompts to help get you started, but if you have your own burning questions about your parents' past, feel free to use those too. They'll get to enjoy a whole year of reflecting on their journey with a cute keepsake to cherish at the end.

12. Monogrammed Wine Chiller

personalized initials wine cooler for your vow renewal gift
Photo: Mark & Graham

Do they enjoy kicking back with a glass of wine at the end of the day? If the happy couple likes their vino, this monogrammed wine chiller is an excellent gift for their vow renewal. It's handcrafted from polished marble on an acacia wood base and can be laser-engraved with their initials for a personal touch. Pair it with their favorite bottle of wine or bubbly so they can use it right away.

13. Custom Four-Across Game

personalized four across game
Photo: Uncommon Goods

This wooden four-across set takes personalized gifts to the next level. Instead of regular slots, each one is shaped like a heart and the letters of the couple's names. Have you ever seen a cuter gift for a couple renewing their wedding vows? You can also add the date of their wedding (or vow renewal ceremony) for a final personal touch. It'll be a real conversation starter on their coffee table.

14. Sound Wave Art

personalized soundwave art for your vow renewal gift
Photo: ArtsyVoiceprint

On the hunt for 10-year anniversary vow renewal gifts? We suggest sticking to the traditional materials—tin or aluminum. Take one of their wedding songs (the first dance, maybe?) and turn it into a stunning work of art with the sound waves. Printed on brushed aluminum, it's a wonderful way to honor 10 years together. Bonus: There's even an option to add a QR code they can scan to play the tune on their phones.

15. Movie-Inspired Print

film inspired customized print for your vow renewal gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Taking inspiration from the couple's interests is a great way to choose a gift for a vow renewal. If they're into all things movie-related, this cute print is sure to strike a chord with them. The marquee-themed design features their names, the date they said "I do" and a title of your choice for a fun and personal keepsake. You can even have it framed so it's ready to display right away.

16. Monthly Coffee Subscription

Monthly Coffee Subscription for the best vow renewal gift
Photo: Bean Box

A gift for a couple renewing their vows doesn't always have to be sentimental to be appreciated. If they're more of a practical pair (or already have all the essentials), you can't go wrong with a monthly subscription gift. This one from Bean Box delivers fresh coffee to their door every month, so they'll never have to worry about running out of their favorite pick-me-up. It includes freshly ground or whole-bean coffee, along with brewing tips and tasting notes to enhance the overall experience.

17. Leather-bound Recipe Book

Leather-bound Recipe Book for the best vow renewal gift ideas
Photo: JoshuaHouseCrafts

Perhaps the secret ingredient to their successful marriage is making time to cook together. Commemorate their commitment (and years of cooperation in the kitchen) with a personalized recipe book that has pages waiting to be filled. This leather-bound wooden journal is ideal for jotting down their favorite creations, with space for ingredients, cooking instructions, prep time and more. Have the cover engraved with their names or a short message for a thoughtful touch.

18. Nostalgic Greeting Card

personalized anniversary greeting card
Photo: Personalization Mall

Still wondering whether or not to get a gift for the couple's wedding vow renewal? If you're on the fence, greeting cards are the way to go. This oversized version stands out from the rest, as it's actually a personalized chronicle from the day they got married. The finished design looks like the front page of a newspaper and features specific details and events from that particular date, like famous birthdays, sports, films and more. Add a personalized message inside to congratulate them on renewing their wedding vows.

19. Pet-Inspired Pillow

personalized pet pillow from Purr & Mutt
Photo: Purr & Mutt

The best vow renewal gifts for your friends reflect their personalities and interests. If you're shopping for a couple with pets, why not celebrate one (or up to four) of their fur babies with a custom pillow? This one features an illustration of their pet (and the pet's name) against your chosen background color. It's a fun and creative present that's sure to bring a smile to their faces.

20. Custom Photo Puzzle

personalized anniversary photo puzzle gift
Photo: Zazzle

Searching for a meaningful vow renewal gift for friends? We've found something that's equal parts fun and heartfelt: A jigsaw puzzle featuring a photo of the happy couple. You can choose the number of pieces and add their names to a heart-shaped motif for a thoughtful finish. Encourage them to frame it afterward as a unique piece of decor for their home.

21. Heart-Shaped Bamboo With Orchid

Heart shaped bamboo plant for your vow renewal
Photo: Photos.com

If you're trying to decide between getting them flowers or a plant, we've come up with the perfect solution—get them both! This heart-shaped bamboo is paired with a pink orchid and comes in a white ceramic pot for a stylish presentation. And, as bamboo is considered a good luck symbol, it's a more than fitting gift for a couple renewing their vows and looking forward to the future.

22. Relationship Card Game

relationship card game from BestSelf
Photo: BestSelf

Now that they're renewing their vows, they've proved their bond is pretty darn strong. But that's not to say there isn't room for them to grow even more as a couple. This clever deck of cards is full of intimate questions and prompts for them to work through together. It's a great relationship-building game that'll help the lovebirds strengthen their connection in a fun and exciting way.

23. Colorful Glassware Set

speckled drinks glasses for the best vow renewal gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Wine glasses are practical gifts that are always appreciated, but how do you make them feel a little more special? Choose ones that look just like confetti! These colorful glasses are handcrafted by artisans using recycled glass and come in a set of four that's perfect for celebrating. They're one of our favorite vow renewal gift ideas as they're both playful and practical.

24. Miniature Fire Pit

miniature fire pit for the best vow renewal gift
Photo: The Knot

If the couple renewing their vows lives in the city or somewhere with limited outdoor space, here's a practical (and fun) present they'll actually use. This tabletop fire pit will help them create a cozy ambiance in their small backyard or tiny balcony. Add some marshmallows and graham crackers so they can make s'mores while they cuddle by the flame.

25. Romantic Getaway Gift Card

Cozy cabin getaway vow renewal gift card idea
Photo: Getaway via Facebook

They probably had an amazing honeymoon planned after their wedding, but what about a post-vow-renewal trip? Getaway offers relaxing cabins in states throughout the US—just check their map of locations to ensure there's one nearby. The couple can unplug in nature and make the most of this unique time in their relationship. The icing on the cake? You can email the gift card right to them, making it a great last-minute vow renewal gift.

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