What to Do if Your Bridesmaids Aren't Close With One Another

Odds are, some of your besties aren't besties with each other.
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
Bridal Fashion and Beauty Expert
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Updated Aug 29, 2018

Your bridal party will likely consist of a smorgasbord of special people from your life—perhaps your childhood BFF, a camp friend, some sorority sisters, some real sisters and your first cousin, for example. And that's beautiful! So many people from different circles are coming together just to celebrate you.

But the fact remains that as close as they are with you, they probably aren't close with one another. (In fact, some likely won't even know each other at all.) But if you're worried that this will affect anything, don't be.

First, acknowledge some of your friends might be strangers to one another. But they've likely already heard of each other through you, for one, and any tension or awkwardness will melt away instantly if you lead with anecdotes about each person in your bridal party.


Not only will the text and email threads between you and your bridesmaids serve as an effective way for them to start bonding, it'll also serve as an easy way to get each other's phone numbers and contact information for planning purposes. Considering there'll be tons of opportunities before your wedding for your favorite people to bond with each other—like organizing a bridal shower or surprise bachelorette party game together, for instance—they'll be doing plenty of communicating without you (sorry).

Speaking of bachelorette parties—this is one major reason to have one (in case you were on the fence). There's no bonding activity quite like spending a weekend together in close quarters, getting into shenanigans and sharing lots and lots of inside jokes. By the time your bash is over, you'll find your bridal party is closer than ever before right in time for your nuptials. We're calling it now—you'll love it. (Even if they never let you live down the hilarious thing you drunkenly did during your bachelorette party. That's what friends are for, right?)

So, yes, getting ready to spend forever with the love of your life will be nice, but watching your best friends become best friends because of it will be pretty cool too.

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