37 Sexy Gifts for Your Partner That'll Make Any Special Occasion Spicier

Set the mood with one of these sex-positive presents.
Four sexy gift ideas for couples in collage
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Updated Jan 24, 2024
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Fifty Shades of Grey made sex toys cool—or at least that's my generational perspective—and they should be! Prioritizing pleasure in the bedroom is important to a healthy relationship. So, whether you're exploring a new partner or you want to spice up your married life, a sexy gift will let the recipient know you want…well, them! Shamyra Howard, Lovehoney Sex and Relationship Expert and certified sex therapist, says: "Sex and intimacy-related gifts allow couples to have fun while prioritizing their sexual intimacy needs and desires." Basically, erotic gifts won't just—hopefully—bring big Os. The trust and vulnerability needed between the sheets can also deepen your emotional connection.

Ready to get lucky, but not sure where to find sexy gifts for him, her or them? Consider this: "Creative, sexy gifts are best when they're memorable and useful," says Howard. These can be sex toys—of which we have many ideas—but they can also be sex-related items like lingerie, intimacy-boosting journals and mood-setters like a candle or even perfume. If all those possibilities have your head (or clit) spinning, don't worry. "Deciding on what kind of sexy gift to get your partner doesn't have to be frustrating when you make it an adventure," says Howard. The sex and relationship expert suggests looking at sexual wellness sites—or this very list—together to get a feel for each other's fantasies and desires. After all, consent is the sexiest gift of all.

1. The Adventure Challenge…In Bed

A male and female cuddling kissing in bed with The Adventure Challenge...In Bed book
Photo: The Adventure Challenge

Have you heard of The Adventure Challenge? It's a journal for couples filled with 50 scratch-off date ideas that'll help them deepen their connection and create meaningful memories together. And now, they have one specifically for the bedroom. Created by a certified sex and relationship coach, each challenge will encourage intimacy through the mind, heart and body. It's equally spicy as it's romantic as it's economical, thanks to our exclusive code that'll score you 20% off the site: THEKNOT20.

2. Lovehoney Crotchless Deep Plunge Black Lace Teddy

lovehoney black lace crotchless lingerie bodysuit with deep v neckline for sex gifts for relationship
Photo: Lovehoney

Lingerie is a classic sexy gift for a reason. It's hard to not feel confident in a lil' lace (or leather) and forget about being able to take your eyes off your S.O. in such an ensemble. But buying lingerie online can be a challenge if you're unsure of the recipient's size. Luckily, Lovehoney's one-size-fits-most bodysuit can help you out. This black lace teddy is simple, yet sultry with a plunging neckline and open back. You can also snag it in fiery red perfect for Valentine's Day.

3. Uncommon Goods Kinky Truth or Dare

Kinky truth or dare sexy gift idea
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If you're in the mood to up the ante on date night, check out this kinky version of truth or dare. Each stick has a task or question designed to take you and your partner on an erotic adventure. With 100 prompts to choose from, you'll be busy for a while. Shopping for a special occasion like your anniversary? Upgrade to a romantic gift set which includes chocolate fondue and a couple's activity journal.

4. Lovehoney Wild Weekend Mega Couple's Sex Toy Kit

Lovehoney sex toys for couples sexy gift
Photo: Lovehoney

Whether it's your first time ever shopping for sex toys or you're looking to expand your bedside drawer collection, this 11-piece (!) kit is the best deal. It comes with three vibrators, a small butt plug and anal beads, a penis-stroker, two cock rings and jiggle balls. Talk about variety! Every night together will be a new adventure and help you both find out what you really like in the bedroom. (Note: If you decide on a sex toy gift for him, her or them, don't forget to pair it with a cleaner.)

5. Maude Drop 3-Speed All-Body External Massager

Maude palm-size vibrator sex gift
Photo: Maude

There are lots of great places to buy sex toys online like Latinx-owned business Maude. Their "Drop" is an egg-shaped massager that fits in the palm of a hand for allover external stimulation. It's discreet, effective and comes with a travel pouch for romantic getaways (*nudge, nudge* to all our honeymooners looking for a sexy gift for newlywed life).

6. Lounge Zalia Intimates Set

Sexy lingerie gift for her
Photo: Lounge

PSA: People like wearing lingerie as much as their partners like seeing them in lingerie. If you're looking for a sexy gift for her or them, we recommend shopping for the crème de la crème of intimates. They'll feel extra confident in this pretty three-piece set from Lounge including a bra, thong and matching suspender belt.

7. Jeremy Brown Custom Love Is Art Kit

Body paint and canvas sexy gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Shopping for something fun and sexy? This gift for couples will make a fun date night in, any day of the week. It includes a blank canvas and body paint, so that your canoodling becomes a one-of-a-kind painting. Just be prepared with a cover story when friends ask where your new wall art is from.

8. Lovehoney Bed Ringer Rechargeable Double Cock Ring

lovehoney purple rechargeable double cock ring for sex gifts for relationship
Photo: Lovehoney

Don't underestimate simple sex toys' ability to spice up your relationship. This stretchy double cock ring does a great job of stimulating both the clitoris and the perineum. Made of silicone and fully rechargeable, it's sure to become a frequently reached-for favorite.

9. Mickie Woods Sex Talk Conversation Deck

Sex talk conversation deck for sex gifts for relationship
Photo: Uncommon Goods

When it comes to having a great sex life, open communication is key. This adult card game features a series of questions that'll inspire open communication with your significant other—think: "Do you like when your partner takes control in bed, or do you prefer to be in control?" and "How would being blindfolded make you feel?" Intimate and romantic, it would make for some very honest dirty talk that'll definitely lead to less chatting.

10. Babeland Sex Position Coloring Book

babeland sex position coloring book for sex gifts for relationship
Photo: Babeland

This dirty gift idea puts the "adult" in adult coloring book. It'll take your partner through 100 sex positions with at least one they haven't seen before. We wouldn't be surprised if they used it as a manual instead of a craft. It's not just an erotic gift for your flexible significant other, though, it could also be a good naughty bridal shower gift idea.

11. Lovehoney Silky Black Blindfold

Lovehoney silky black blindfold sexy gift
Photo: Lovehoney

It's said that when you remove one sense, the others are heightened. This should mean adding a blindfold to foreplay will make every touch that much more electrifying. This silky eyepiece has long ribbon straps to make it easy to tie in a bow and a faux leather edge with a hidden wire frame to hold it in place and offer total blackout. If you're looking for ideas on how to hand it over, it's never too early to start thinking about the holidays. Slip this sensual gift in their stocking for a sexy surprise on Christmas day—just tell your family it's for sleeping *wink.*

12. Sealed With a Kiss Personalized Boxer Briefs

Property Of Black boxer briefs sexy gift for relationships
Photo: Personalization Mall

Sexy gifts can simultaneously be funny. Like this pair of personalized boxer briefs that joke: "Property of [insert name]." Consider it a silly gift for your partner or even a bachelor party gag gift for the groom-to-be.

13. We-Vibe X Womanizer Golden Moments Collection 2

We-Vibe X Womanizer sex toy collection including clitoral stimulator and couples vibrator with remote gift idea for couples
Photo: We-Vibe

Just like you and your partner, these vibrators go better together. This luxe gift set includes the bestselling Womanizer Premium 2, a rechargeable clitoral vibrator, and the We-Vibe Chorus, a hands-free couples toy made to be worn during sex. And they're both waterproof, if you're ever in the mood for a joint shower or bath. (Psst, this one is editor endorsed.)

14. Red Hot Rechargeable Silicone Flickering Tongue Vibrator

lovehoney red silicone rechargeable flickering tongue vibrator for sex gifts for relationship
Photo: Lovehoney

If you haven't heard, oral sex is kind of the best part for people with vaginas. So, if you're shopping for a long-distance sex toy, this innovative lil' vibrator with a flickering, tongue-like tip will tie your partner over until you can be in person again. Sleek and discreet, this power-packed vibrator stimulates the clitoris, adding unbelievable sensations to phone sex or foreplay.

15. Dame The Night In Bundle

Dame date night sex toy gift set
Photo: Dame

This sexy gift set will take you from back massages to, err, other massages. It comes with sensual massage oil as well as a clitoral suction toy, a couples vibrator and lube (very important!). Now that's a gift for your partner to get excited about.

16. Moncioni Fragrance Lab "Light Me When You Want Me Naked!" Candle

Light Me When You Want Me Naked candle sexy gift for relationships
Photo: Moncioni Fragrance Lab

We can't imagine this candle lasting very long. If you're looking for a sexual gift for your partner, choose a scented candle that'll create a romantic ambiance. This one doesn't just smell divine (with 18 rich scents to pick from), it also tells your partner exactly what you're hoping for, thanks to the label's message: "Light when you want me naked!"

17. Uncommon Goods Strip Poker for Couples

Couple's strip poker board game sexy gift idea
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Joey Tribbiani would approve of this sexy gift for couples. This strip poker game challenges players to ​​erotic dares as they move their pawns around the board, scoring points by having the best hand. By the end of the game, you'll both be winners.

18. Moon Juice Sex Dust

Moon Juice sex dust sexy gift idea
Photo: Sephora

If there is such a thing as a magical love potion, this could be it. The herbal supplement is packed with adaptogens to boost sex drive when ingested. (FYI, it's non-GMO and gluten-, soy-, corn- and sugar-free.) It has a smoky cacao flavor that pairs well with tea, coffee, chocolate or milk—sounds like the makings of an espresso martini to us—to sip and enjoy before date night.

19. Pure Instinct Pheromone Infused Essential Oil Perfume

Pure Instinct pheromone infuse perfume oil sexy gift idea
Photo: Amazon

This sexy gift is for men, women and nonbinary individuals. Wondering how it can be so versatile? The roll-on perfume oil enhances the body's natural pheromones to create a one-of-a-kind scent for everyone who wears it. Since pheromones trigger a behavioral response—like sexual attraction—you won't be able to resist them.

20. Uncommon Goods Vesper Vibrator Necklace

Stainless steel vibrator necklace sexy gift idea for her
Photo: Uncommon Goods

We bet you didn't think jewelry could be a sexy gift for your wife, fiancée or girlfriend. Surprise your S.O. with this stunning necklace that's also a powerful, but quiet bullet vibrator. Made of stainless steel and plated in your choice of silver or gold, this sleek accessory is surprisingly powerful for its size. You can choose between four speeds and two modes, and it can run for up to 40 minutes once fully charged.

21. PinkCherry From a Distance Remote Panty Vibe

Pink panty vibrator sexy gift idea
Photo: PinkCherry

If you've seen "The Ugly Truth" with Katherine Heigl and, thus, watched the scene where she wears vibrating panties and thought: "Oh, I think I'm into that," then here's that sex toy. This sexy gift for her (or them if they like feeling in charge) will take foreplay out of the bedroom and even out of the house. The two sturdy magnetic wings securely clip into underwear while the curved shape fits snuggly against the body. Hand your partner the remote and see how long you last out on the town.

22. LELO Male Masturbator F1S V2

Male masturbator sexual gift for husband or boyfriend
Photo: LELO

We haven't forgotten about the guys. The F1S V2 is a male stroker with four pleasurable programs designed to take him all the way. It's a pretty sexy gift to give your boyfriend or husband whether you're long-distance or want to help him out this Valentine's Day or for your anniversary.

23. Lovehoney Position of the Week 52 Sex Positions Book

Position of the Week for Men Who Love Men book sexy gift idea
Photo: Lovehoney

Feel free to take the coloring out of the picture. Position of the Week: Men Who Love Men is exactly what it sounds like. This fun illustrated book is chock-full of 52 positions to try out as a couple. That's one for every week of the year! There are also options for Women Who Love Women and couples who identify as heterosexual. Talk about a sexy gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse!

24. MeUndies Matching Pairs

Matching couples underwear sexy gift idea
Photo: MeUndies

Lingerie is hawt, but simple cotton undergarments are too! Match with your partner for a sexy anniversary gift that's just your little secret. I always smile when I realize my boyfriend and I accidentally matched our undergarments—and it definitely always inspires a heavy makeout session. Just pick each of your underwear preferences from thongs to boxer briefs.

25. Mini Edibles Massage Gels

Edible massage oils sexy gift idea
Photo: Honey Birdette

You already think your partner is a snack, so why not lean into the compliment with this sexy gift idea? This assortment of edible—yes, edible—massage gels will make exploring a partner's body even more exciting. The trio includes Creme Brûle, Cotton Candy and Salted Caramel. They can be worn as lip gloss, massaged on the body or applied to intimate areas to really sweeten up oral sex.

26. We-Vibe Nova 2 Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrator sex toy gift
Photo: We-Vibe

The luxe rabbit vibrator delivers simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation with its unique flexible design. Sculpted from ultra-soft seamless silicone with a head that can be posed to ensure G-spot pleasure each and every time, it's a powerhouse vibrator. Oh, and did we mention it's rechargeable and waterproof?

27. We-Vibe Verge App Controlled Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring

We-Vibe app-controlled cock ring sex toy gift for him
Photo: Lovehoney

Designed for couples or solo play, this vibrating cock ring stimulates the perineum and beyond. It also adds a daring dynamic to long-distance relationships. The versatile sex toy can be controlled remotely with the We-Vibe We-Connect app, allowing partners to play together from afar.

28. LELO Tiani Duo Dual-Action Couples Massager

LELO couples vibrator sex gift
Photo: LELO

LELO is a pro when it comes to couples' vibrators, making this sensual toy an excellent sex-positive gift for couples. Instead of one motor, the TIANI DUO is fitted with two powerful motors that work in tandem. The result? Indescribable pleasure for both parties. The remote control is designed with Sensemotion technology so you can increase vibrations without interrupting the good times.

29. Foria The Quickie Kit

foria CBD infused quickie kit with arousal and sex oils and intimacy suppositories for sex gifts for relationship
Photo: Foria

CBD promotes increased blood flow when used topically, which in turn, can lead to greater sexual arousal. It can also help with pain during intercourse. Designed to take your sex life to the next level, this CBD-infused sex gift includes Foria's bestselling Awaken Arousal Oil, Sex Oil and Intimacy Suppositories.

30. Cosabella Never Say Never Trunks

Black lace trunks sexy gift for him
Photo: Cosabella

There's lots of sexy underwear for men out there, too. Buy these daring trunks as a sexy gift for your S.O. in a sultry black lace. He'll look and feel great knowing just how much these bad boys turn you on.

31. Foria Intimacy Bath Salt with CBD & Cacao

Bath salts with CBD & Cacao sexy gift idea
Photo: Ulta

Remember, anything can be a turn-on for your partner. If you know they feel their sexiest after a long, soothing soak in the tub, then a sexy birthday gift for them would be setting up some R&R in the bathroom. Add sensual bath salts to the water, a glass of red wine (an aphrodisiac) to the ledge and hang a plush robe on the door. Once they step out, you can be waiting on the bed with a sprinkling of rose petals. I'm definitely going to ensure my boyfriend knows about this sexy gift idea.

32. Creative Conceptions Sexy 6 Dice Foreplay Edition

Foreplay dice sexy gift idea
Photo: PinkCherry

If you've been together for a while, you might've settled into a routine when it comes to physical intimacy—especially foreplay. That's where these clever dice come in. By rolling each die, you'll determine which of you is giving and receiving the action, which body parts are involved and more exciting details. There are over 700 possible outcomes, so you probably won't run out of "firsts" for a while.

33. Inya Rose Vibrating Air Pulsator

Rose clitoral suction toy sex gift
Photo: Lovers

Roses are a great gift for any occasion, even if you're shopping for a sexy gift for her. The vibrating air pulsator has seven titillating settings and a 45-minute run time on high for clitoral and nipple stimulation. It's also waterproof, so you don't have to leave the fun behind if you want to do some intimate exploring in the shower.

34. Lovense Edge 2 App Controlled Rechargeable Prostate Massager

Prostate massager sexy gift idea for him
Photo: Lovehoney

This sex toy gift for your boyfriend, fiancé or husband will stimulate his "P-spot." (Psst, that stands for prostate—and pleasure.) It has a curved, bulbous tip for maximum stimulation and has hands-free, distance-control technology so it can be enjoyed solo or as a couple.

35. Unbound Cuffies

Unbound cuffies silicone handcuffs sexy gift for couples
Photo: Unbound

While we certainly encourage it, you don't have to splurge on expensive toys to kick things up a notch. A pair of handcuffs goes a long way in the bedroom. We love Unbound's flexible silicone cuffs for their comfort and convenience. And with something so small and simple, there's no need to wait for a special occasion. Give your partner this sexy gift any time.

36. Maude Four-Ounce Massage Oil Candle

Massage oil candle sexy relationship gift
Photo: Maude

Sex gifts don't just include sex toys (though those can definitely be a lot of fun). If your partner's love language is physical touch, they definitely won't turn down a sensual massage with the oil from this relaxing scented candle. Don't worry, it won't burn them. Massage candles are designed to be skin-friendly. Once the candle has melted and the flame is put out, simply pour the jojoba and soybean oil blend onto their skin and let the intimacy begin. It's a great way to switch up your usual routine, especially if you want to work on more effective foreplay. Or just get the knots out of your back before bed.

37. HIGHONLOVE Dark Chocolate Body Paint

Edible chocolate body paint
Photo: Amazon

Whether you're shopping for a partner with a sweet tooth or you're the self-prescribed chocoholic in the relationship, we've found a sexy aphrodisiac gift that won't disappoint. This edible chocolate body paint comes with a small paintbrush for easy application, wherever your heart desires. Let your creativity (and your appetites) lead the way!

Naoimh O'Hare contributed to the reporting of this article.

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