Here's How Your Job Can Help You Create the Perfect Registry

Wayfair shares awesome tips for creating a registry full essentials to suit your lifestyle and profession.
maggie seaver the knot wedding planning expert
Maggie Seaver
maggie seaver the knot wedding planning expert
Maggie Seaver
Wedding Planning Expert
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The point of creating a wedding registry is to fill your newlywed home with things you need and love—but where do you begin? The pros at Wayfair have your back: To maximize registry picks, let your profession inspire you. Your line of work factors heavily into your lifestyle, schedule, priorities and more, making it the perfect place to start thinking about beautiful wedding gifts that make your life easy. Here's how to create the perfect registry for you, based on your profession.

Profession: School Teacher

Since a teacher's work is pretty much nonstop (they have homework too), creating a quiet place at home to read papers, develop lesson plans and grade tests is so important—and surprisingly tricky.

Wayfair's Picks: "To create an at-home workstation that fosters productivity, teachers should consider registering for a new writing desk, trendy lamp for mood lighting and a desktop caddy to stay organized."

Profession: Science, Technology and/or Engineering Professional

To-be-weds in these fields not only need a good night's sleep, but also a state-of-the-art mattress to help them achieve a full eight hours.

Wayfair's Picks: "Backed by sleep science and keen attention to detail, the Nora mattress is a must-have item when registering. With its supportive, breathable layers and cooling technologies, this mattress will give data-centric minds a night of needed rest. (A new set of sheets isn't a bad idea either!)"

Profession: Stay-at-Home Mom or Dad

Whether you have kids already, on the way or in your mind's eye, you know life with little ones is straight-up busy—that's why you want to keep things simple. Your priorities? Maximizing time with your kids while minimizing time spent maintaining a clean, beautiful home.

Wayfair's Picks: "Having the right high-quality appliances will let you spend more time playing with your kids and less time washing dishes, doing laundry and vacuuming up cookie crumbs."

Profession: Health Care Worker

Health care professionals who work around the clock need registry items that'll get things done when they're on duty or sneaking in zzz's during daylight hours.

Wayfair's Picks: "Finding time for meal prep can be a challenge, so it's wise to register for time-saving kitchen appliances like a slow cooker or a Le Creuset Dutch oven to whip up hearty meals that can be enjoyed throughout the week. A state-of-the-art juicer is another smart choice for healthy drinks on the go."

Professional: Retail Associate

In a world of evolving trends and inventory updates, anyone in retail will appreciate a good personal style refresh every once in a while. You'll want to be able to transform your home quickly and easily to keep things fresh and current.

Wayfair's Picks: "With this in mind, opt for semipermanent fixtures that can be quickly swapped. Think: wall decals, sofa slipcovers or plush duvets. This way you'll never get bored with your décor."

Profession: Hospitality Professional

Hospitality professionals know their stuff when it comes to sophisticated kitchen gadgets and top-notch dinnerware. If this sounds like you, you're probably looking for both beautiful and functional registry items that create an environment defined by elegance and comfort. Why not be the host with the most at work and at home?

Wayfair's Picks: "For the trendiest tabletop out there, add dinner plates with personality and a timeless set of flatware. An abundance of impressive serveware is must-have when entertaining a big group in style."

Profession: Marketer

Marketers have their fingers on the pulse. They know what's trending in fashion, tech, décor and more, and shouldn't be shy about registering for the hottest brands and best gadgets.

Wayfair's Picks: "To create a space that's as hip as it is functional, add brands such as Lauren by Ralph Lauren, and don't forget to include an iconic KitchenAid mixer. This timeless kitchen staple comes in all colors of the rainbow to complete any countertop."

Profession: Customer Service Representative

Let's be honest, for every kind customer out there, a customer service rep has to deal with about 10 difficult ones. Talk about trying your patience. Downtime away from phone calls and emails should be about relaxation and restoration.

Wayfair's Picks: "To unwind after a day of smoothing out wrinkles, choose soothing products, like an aromatherapy diffuser, and bedroom basics, like pillows and cozy comforters."

Profession: Construction Professional

Pros who are as handy at home as they are at work should check out home improvement registry options. In the age of DIY, newlyweds willing to roll up their sleeves can find so many creative ways to customize their home.

Wayfair's Picks: "For those not ready to tackle a full renovation, consider small updates with big impact, like swapping an old faucet or adding new tile to spruce things up. Even simply replacing a worn-out lighting fixture is an easy way to update a room."

Profession: Law Enforcement Official

Being on your A game for a night shift is no easy feat—and likely requires a serious pick-me-up to keep you going.

Wayfair's Picks: "A Keurig and travel mug will help you stay alert on the job. For off-duty evenings, an on-brand bottle opener makes kicking back with a drink a breeze."

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