Wedding Registry: Multiple Wedding Registries?


My future mother-in-law is pushing for us to register at a high-end department store where my family (and most of our friends) can barely afford to purchase a butter knife. Is it okay to have more than one wedding registry, or is there something else I can do to make wedding gift giving easier on our more budget-conscious wedding guests?


Your guests are lucky -- they're definitely dealing with one considerate bride! And you're right -- the purpose of a registry is to make the gift selection process easier on your guests, not to intimidate them or force them to spending more money than they bargained for. A well-rounded registry should contain items in many price ranges, with most in the $30-$100 range. If this high-end store sells some items that fall on the lower end of the scale, by all means, add them to your registry to give guests a wider selection. If the retailer sells only high-priced items that you think will be a stretch for many of your guests, family, and friends, you could risk insulting them -- but if your MIL's insisting on it, she must have friends or family willing to shell out the bucks.

The solution? Register at more than one store. Single-store registries are no longer the norm, particularly because so many couples are now interested in registering for nontraditional wedding gifts (and there are so many places out there catering to that need!). Go ahead and register at the super-expensive retailer, but also create a second registry at an affordable retailer, or, and you know we have to say it, online at our registry, Make sure that those closest to you know all about both lists so that if guests have any questions, your wedding party and family will be well prepared to answer.

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