Which Gifts Are Most Likely to Get Fulfilled From Your Honeymoon Registry?

Hoping for a hotel room upgrade and a wine tasting? Honeymoon registry Traveler's Joy tells us what gifts your guests will gravitate more toward.
by The Knot

When you're creating your wedding registry and decide to add a honeymoon registry too, you may need some direction as to what you'd like to choose, based on your personal preferences and the destination. Honeymoon registry Traveler's Joy told us the most popular gifts guests have recently purchased, and you'll definitely want to see the results—especially if you have your heart set on a hotel room upgrade. 

(Traveler's Joy also offers extensive honeymoon stories and honeymoon destination guides that are super helpful when looking for the perfect honeymoon destination and experiences to register for.)

Below is the ranking of the most popular gifts that guests have purchased from Traveler's Joy from May 2016 to June 2017: 

1. Private sunset sail or boat ride

2. Snorkeling adventure

3. Couple's spa treatment

4. Zipline adventure

5. Kayaking adventure

6. Visit to a vineyard and wine tasting

7. Private cooking classes

8. Bike tour

9. Surfing lessons

10. Romantic dinner

11. Hotel room upgrade

Which honeymoon experience are you most likely to register for? Take our poll below.

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