9 Unexpected Ideas for Your Registry

Ask for something you really want (and will definitely use). Let some of these nontraditional ideas inspire your wish list.
  1. A Barbecue Grill

    Barbecue grill as a wedding gift
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    Let the newlywed fun continue by spending your first summer -- and every summer thereafter -- enjoying freshly grilled burgers and dogs. Your new Weber will become the hub of warm-weather get-togethers and the envy of your city-dwelling friends.

  2. A Nice Camera

    Nice camera on wedding registry
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    You're probably due for an upgrade anyway -- and what better time to splurge on a moment-capturing device than now? It'll come in handy on your honeymoon and on countless adventures you'll share in the years to come.

  3. Wall Art

    Black and white wall art
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    Think about your favorite paintings, the photos you've been meaning to print and the ones you'll have from your wedding day too. Now is the perfect time to choose a smattering of prints, mirrors, photographs and frames that will fill your rooms with personality.

  4. Outdoor and Indoor Games

    Bocci balls as unexpected wedding gift
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    Register for a bocce set, horseshoes, a Ping-Pong table or a volleyball net for impromptu yard fun. Or take things inside and ask for that deluxe version of Scrabble with the swivel board that's sure to guarantee a fun-filled winter evening.

  5. A Membership to Someplace You Love

    Memberships to places you love for wedding gift
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    Maybe you want an annual pass to the yoga studio down the street, or perhaps you and your soon-to-be spouse love visiting your local museum or zoo. Whatever you two like to do as a couple -- ask for it! A membership will give you a full year of enjoyment, and an (unneeded) excuse to go on "dates."

  6. A Cooking Class

    Cooking class for a wedding gift
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    Let your friends or family buy you dinner while you two hone your knife skills. Many restaurants and culinary institutions offer classes for couples that feel like a proper date night (grown-up beverages included).

  7. A Wine Fridge

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    You need a place to store all those bottles you've been gifted over the course of your engagement, right? Register for a wine fridge that will preserve those reds until they're ready for consumption. If you already have the fridge (lucky you), ask for another oenophile must, like a standing wine opener or a cool decanter.

  8. A Subscription Service

    Subscription registry ideas
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    Let your guests take over your Netflix subscription, or enroll you in the "Cheese of The Month" club. The possibilities are endless, from your favorite travel magazine to fresh flowers or seasonal vegetables, courtesy of a CSA.

  9. High-Quality Speakers

    High quality speakers
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    Ask any music buff and they'll tell you the right speakers will transform your living room. We're not talking about oversize cubes that'll take over your space either. Some nice speakers for your iPod can deliver a huge sound in a tiny (and cute!) package and others are even wireless, giving you the freedom to take your jam session to the kitchen or your back patio.

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