Ways to Use Photos in Your Celebration

Create new mementos along the way by using these photo ideas in your nuptials.
by The Knot
photo by Jamie & Sarah

Prewedding Parties

Shower Yourself with Pictures

Start making memories before the wedding begins with a photo-themed shower. Have the shower hostess ask everyone to bring a photo-related gift. The presents might be a memory-making object like a camera or mini cam; a memory-keeping object such as a picture frame; or a ready-made memory, such as a collage of photos of you and your friends from high school or a framed picture of you and your partner. If most of your guests have been friends for years, you could show a slideshow of your shared past during the party. Have a friend or relative on hand to take pictures of the event.

Go For Glam

Take your bachelorette party to a photo studio, for a chic set of prints you'll keep long after the wedding. Make this last night out with the girls a full-scale glam session. If you still want to do the more traditional night out at the bars afterward, you'll be made-up and ready.

Dinner and a Movie

Put together a slideshow on your laptop for the rehearsal dinner. Look through your old photo albums for great shots of you before you met your partner, during your early days of dating each other and now. Ask your partner for childhood photos, and look on social media for others.

The Wedding Day

The Write Invite

Rather than ordering standard save-the-dates, why not incorporate some of your own great art? Uncover that fabulous drawing of a bride and groom you did when you were five, and do your save-the-dates on copies of it. Or unearth that letter you wrote when you were 8-years-old, vowing to never kiss a boy, and reprint that along with a picture of the two of you. Or, head to an old-school black-and-white photo booth and create a fun photo strip for your save-the-dates.

Parental Pride

Display your parents' and grandparents' wedding photos on the entry table or the cake table, creating a sense of history at your wedding and honoring them at the same time.

Share the Shooting

Since waiting to get your professional wedding photos back can feel like an eternity, invite your guests to download Veri, the private photo-sharing app that automatically aggregates everyone's iPhone and Android snaps in real time—it's kind of like a hashtag, only 10 times better (think: no uploading, tagging and no separate camera apps). Even if you've never considered yourselves a high-tech couple, this one's super easy and so worth it (would we recommend it otherwise?). Just imagine how hilarious it'll be scrolling through hundreds of wedding photos and videos over brunch the next day.

Gift Giving

Favor Them with Frames

Give picture frames as favors. Find unique old frames at antique stores, or buy matching, elegant silver ones. In the frames? If you can dig them up, (and are having a small celebration) put a photo of you or your partner with each guest in them, so every guest's favor includes a picture of them and you.

On Being Married ...

Start an Anniversary Album

Decide now to take a photo on every anniversary, and keep them all together in one anniversary album. Start with pictures of your wedding. Each year, add a shot of the two of you that depicts the changes in your lives—your new house, your new car, your new kids. 

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