9 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas Your Spouse (or Favorite Couple) Will Love

Looking for the perfect 9 year anniversary gift for your spouse or favorite couples? These are the best 9 year anniversary gift options (and what they represent).
by The Knot

Congrats! You’ve made it to 9 years with your spouse (or have a loved one who has), and now comes the hard part: picking out that perfect 9 year anniversary gift (and yes, this should be considered just as huge as next year’s 10 year milestone).  

When it comes to anniversary gifts, you might be familiar with the “anniversary materials.” Whether it’s paper for your first anniversary or aluminum for your tenth, every year signifies a new landmark and a new symbol of your love. As for 9 year anniversary gifts? The classic materials are pottery (aka ceramics) and willow (aka wicker) and a modern take includes leather items, but you also have free range to get whatever you see fit. Read more about 9 year anniversary gifts, what they symbolize and some serious gift-spiration, below.

What is the 9 Year Anniversary Gift?

Traditional: Pottery and Willow

Traditionally speaking, the materials that represent the 9 year anniversary are pottery and willow. Water is the underlying theme of these materials, because it’s known to be strong, enduring and giving of life, just like your marriage after 9 years together. Additionally, water flows and adapts with the circumstances. To be more specific, pottery represents home, hearth and family (as it’s historically been utilized as a vessel to carry water), while willow is strong, durable and intertwined, symbolic of a stable and loving marriage. 

Modern: Leather

A more modern take on 9 year anniversary gift ideas is leather, because it’s similarly strong, flexible, warm and durable, just like a beautiful marriage after 9 years together.

In this article:

  1. 9 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

    When it comes to picking out a 9 year anniversary gift for your wife, you’re certainly not relegated to pottery and willow objects if that’s not what she’s into. It’s totally okay to think outside the box (and stick to classic gifts you know she’ll love) when looking for the perfect 9 year anniversary gift for her.

  2. 1. Tell her she’s your “moon and stars” with a gorgeous piece of jewelry as her 9 year anniversary present. 

    Sasha Samuel moon and star locket necklace, $355, ShopBop.com

  3. 2. Need a 9 year anniversary gift for a fashion lover? Stunning, on-trend drop earrings are the perfect piece of statement jewelry. 

    Mignonne Gavigan Lana earrings, $275, MignonneGavigan.com

  4. 3. A luxe skincare package is the perfect 9 year anniversary gift for the beauty aficionado (this one includes cleanser, serum and moisturizer). 

    Whamisa by Glow Recipe green tea holiday set, $67, GlowRecipe.com

  5. 5. A snuggly bathrobe is the perfect 9 year anniversary gift she’s guaranteed to wear again and again and again. 

    Marimekko Unikko grey bathrobe, $195, Marimekko.com

  6. 9 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

    The same idea goes for picking out a 9 year anniversary gift for your husband—you certainly don’t need to stick to pottery and willow-themed gifts if you’re having trouble finding something he’ll like in those materials. Find the best 9 year anniversary gift ideas for him, below.

  7. 1. Your couples game night will get a whole lot more fun if you gift him this cool chess set for your 9 year anniversary. 

    Mark & Graham chess set, $85, MarkAndGraham.com

  8. 2. If your husband’s passionate about grilling (lucky you!), get him these stainless steel grill grids he’ll be excited to use every fourth of July and beyond. 

    Sur La Table stainless steel grill grids, $50 for three, SurLaTable.com

  9. 3. If the two of you have the travel bug, get him a cork globe for your 9 year anniversary to map out where you’ve been and where you plan to go together in the future. 

    Uncommon Goods world traveler’s cork globe, $140 for large, UncommonGoods.com

  10. 4. A bamboo football kickoff cheese board is the perfect 9 year anniversary gift for the guy who loves to entertain as much as he loves football (Superbowl party, anyone?). 

    World Market bamboo football kickoff cheese board, $45, WorldMarket.com

  11. 5. Everyone needs a good pair of headphones—and these Master & Dynamic ones are the best of the best. 

    Master & Dynamic MH40 over ear headphones with microphone, $399, Bloomindales.com

  12. 9 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Them

    Know a couple whose 9 year anniversary is approaching? We have the perfect 9 year anniversary gift ideas for them. Below, check out some options to get for a couple who’s celebrating soon.

  13. 1. Help them celebrate by giving them a cheeky corkscrew that they can pop open bottles with forever (not just for special occasions). 

    Kate Aspen cheers corkscrew, $32, Wayfair.com

  14. 2. A customizable vase is the perfect 9 year anniversary gift for any couple (but especially those who always always have flowers around the house).

    Mark & Graham handblown vase, $49, MarkAndGraham.com

  15. 3. Have a couple of friends who love to cook? Get them a slow cooker for their 9 year anniversary—they’re guaranteed to use it again and again. 

    Sur La Table all-clad slow cooker, $180, SurLaTable.com

  16. 4. If you know your friends are obsessed with capturing moments, a camera that instantly prints out pictures will be their new carry-everywhere item. 

    Fujifilm Instax mini 9 camera, $70, Target.com

  17. 5. You can’t go wrong with a fresh-smelling set from Williams Sonoma—this one comes with everything from hand soap to essential oils to candles. 

    Williams-Sonoma Meyer Lemon guest set, $70, Williams-Sonoma.com

  18. Pottery/Willow Anniversary Gifts for Her

    If you’re interested in sticking to the traditional materials—pottery and willow—for a 9 year anniversary gift for her, you have plenty of options (porcelain jewelry, anyone?). Below, check out the best pottery and willow 9 year anniversary gifts, below.

  19. 1. A ceramic ring is the perfect way to tell her that 9 years is just the beginning. 

    Joy Jewelers white ceramic 8mm faceted ring, $60, JoyJewelers.com

  20. 2. Get her a sleek wicker bucket bag for your 9 year anniversary—she’ll love wearing it everywhere. 

    J.Crew Dragon Diffusion bucket bag, $228, JCrew.com

  21. 3. If your wife is in the market for a new piece of furniture (specifically a vanity), this gorgeous wicker one will be the perfect 9 year anniversary gift. 

    Marco Island 2-piece vanity and mirror set, $412, Houzz.com

  22. 4. She’ll love a sweet pair of wicker sandals she can wear during the summer and on vacations.

    Workout Shirts wicker sandals, $14, Etsy.com

  23. 5. A chic pair of porcelain earrings are the perfect 9 year anniversary gift for the woman who’s passionate about collecting jewelry. 

    1928 Jewelry classic porcelain rose button earrings, $16, PreciousAccents.com

  24. Pottery/Willow Anniversary Gifts for Him

    Luckily, there are lots of pottery and willow anniversary gift ideas for him. Below, check out the best pottery and willow 9 year anniversary gift ideas for him.

  25. 1. Proof that pottery can indeed be manly—this 9 year anniversary gift is sure to make him smile. 

    Amazon Man of Strength pottery mug, $24, Amazon.com

  26. 2. A custom engraved beer growler is the perfect 9 year anniversary gift for the guy who loves to drink brews. 

    My Custom Growler custom engraved beer growler, $49, Etsy.com

  27. 3. Have an indoor patio? This wicker chair is perfect for those days he wants to sit back and relax with a book. 

    Tiger Bay Rattan Furniture rattan chair, $815, WickerParadise.com

  28. 4. Now this is a gift he’ll carry with him everywhere—a handmade pen rendered in willow and chrome. 

    Elder Pens willow pen, $20, Etsy.com

  29. 5. Give him a mug congratulating him for the accomplishment (he’ll giggle at it every morning too) for your 9 year anniversary. 

    Mainstreet Shirt Gifts and T-Shirts 9th anniversary coffee mug, $18, Zazzle.com

  30. Pottery/Willow Anniversary Gifts for Them

    If you have a close friend or family members whose 9 year anniversary is coming up, give them a classic, on-theme pottery or willow gift to commemorate their love. Below, find our favorite pottery or willow 9 year anniversary gifts for them, below.

  31. 1. A sweet, personalized family willow tree plaque will be the perfect, on-trend 9 year anniversary gift for your favorite couple. 

    Lucky Tusk personalized family willow tree, $20, Etsy.com

  32. 2. Send them off on lots of romantic picnics together with a vintage woven willow picnic basket.

    Home Lab vintage woven willow picnic basket hamper, $200, Chairish.com

  33. 3. These chic white vases would be the perfect addition to anyone’s home, no matter the couple. 

    Sara Paloma Pottery trio of pure white ceramic vases, $160, Etsy.com

  34. 4. Have some tea drinkers on your hands? Offer them the gift of endless tea parties with a 9-piece set for their 9 year anniversary. 

    Royal Albert old country roses le petite 9-piece mini tea set, $90, BedBathAndBeyond.com

  35. 5. A modern iteration of the pottery tradition can literally just be a gift card to Pottery Barn, so they can pick out what suits them. 

    Pottery Barn gift card, PotteryBarn.com

  36. Leather Anniversary Gifts

    Like we previously mentioned, a modern take on the 9 year anniversary gifts includes leather, as it symbolizes a secure, stable, warm and reliable marriage. Below, find our favorite leather items to either gift to your loved one or your favorite couple for a 9 year anniversary.

  37. 1. If your partner loves to travel, gift them a personalizable leather passport case that’ll make their travels that much chicer. 

    Madewell leather passport case, $30, Madewell.com

  38. 2. A latitude and longitude bracelet (you can personalize it to read the coordinates of where you met or got married) is just about the sweetest 9 year anniversary gift we’ve ever seen. 

    Orange Bridge Supply latitude longitude bracelet, $11, Etsy.com

  39. 3. A cool leather catchall for your front foyer is a 9 year anniversary gift that’ll make both your lives easier. 

    Pottery Barn saddle leather catchall, $29, PotteryBarn.com

  40. 4. Put a picture of yourselves onto a leather wallet insert (bonus points if it’s of your wedding day) as the sweetest 9 year anniversary gift. 

    Le Mos Craft leather anniversary wallet insert, $55, Etsy.com

  41. 5. Anyone who travels for work will appreciate a stylish, compact leather carry-on suitcase for their 9 year anniversary. 

    Maxwell-Scott Bags The Piazzale wheeled leather suitcase, $850, MaxwellScottBags.com

  42. 6. A leather roll up case for your chargers, headphones and USB is a cool and convenient 9 year anniversary gift for a partner who can’t live without their iPhone. 

    Mark & Graham leather charger roll up, $49, MarkAndGraham.com

  43. 7. You can’t go wrong with a wear-everywhere, durable leather jacket—it’s the perfect 9 year anniversary gift that’ll last forever. 

    Territory Ahead Falcon Bluff leather jacket, $499, TerritoryAhead.com

  44. 8. Every woman needs a reliable carryall tote (especially for the office)—and she’ll love carrying a black leather one that goes with everything. 

    Everlane The Day market tote, $165, Everlane.com

  45. 9. If your partner’s in need of a good work briefcase, look no further than this hand-stained leather one for a 9 year anniversary gift. 

    Jack Georges Voyager professional briefcase, $428, JackGeorges.com

  46. 10. Everyone needs a good watch in their repertoire, and this minimalist leather one will get tons of use. 

    Fossil The Minimalist three-hand brown leather watch, $115, Fossil.com

    For more of the best anniversary gift ideas for all the major milestones, check out our comprehensive guide to anniversary gifts by year. 

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