The Best 22nd Anniversary Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Spouse

Make this a milestone to remember.
22nd anniversary gift ideas: personalized framed art, weighted blanket, bracelet, temperature control mug
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Updated Jun 17, 2024
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Feeling 22…years of marriage? Congrats! After over two decades together, your love continues to sing in perfect harmony. Celebrate with a 22nd anniversary gift that'll surprise and woo your spouse.

There are several ways to approach finding the perfect anniversary gift for him, her or them. One way is to draw inspiration from the 22nd anniversary theme, which includes not just a traditional material but also a designated stone, flower and color that can guide your search. The most important factor, though, is choosing something the recipient truly wants and will cherish, regardless of whether it aligns with traditional symbols. You can trust we have curated the best 22nd wedding anniversary gift ideas to suit all interests, making it a milestone celebration to remember.

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Traditional 22nd Anniversary Gift Themes

After over two decades doing this whole marriage thing, you're likely aware that each wedding anniversary is marked by traditional and modern gifting themes. This year's theme happens to be copper, a semi-precious metal symbolizing prosperity, good luck, warmth and beauty. Its malleability also makes it a fitting tribute to the flexibility required to sustain a relationship for this long. If you think copper anniversary gifts are hard to find, think again. Our list includes everything from applicable jewelry and kitchenware to home decor, ensuring you'll discover the perfect 22-year anniversary gift for your other half.

Most years of marriages are also associated with an anniversary flower, gemstone and color. While the 22nd doesn't have an official flower, the 22nd anniversary stone and color is spinel and green, respectively. Spinel signifies renewed devotion and passion, as well as feelings of positivity. Spinel gems come in various colors, each with additional layers of meaning that can inspire a thoughtful gift. Green, the official color, represents harmony and balance—qualities likely found in your life partnership.

Symbolic 22nd Anniversary Gifts

If you're seeking help creatively incorporating the 22nd wedding anniversary materials into your gift, you've come to the right place. We've curated a variety of unique options, from meaningful wall art to serveware to garden ornaments—all featuring copper, spinel gems or the color green to make your celebration memorable.

Personalized Penny Art

Personalized penny art 22-year anniversary traditional gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Incorporate the copper penny into your gift with this unique plaque that displays three special dates from your relationship. Think: when you met, when you got married and your 22nd anniversary—each beside the year's corresponding penny. It's a lovely gift to celebrate how lucky you are to have found each other.

Personalized Photo and Map Print

Copper photo map gift idea for 22nd anniversary
Photo: Etsy

Your wedding venue probably holds a special place in both your hearts. With this personalized copper map, you can commemorate the spot where your marriage got its start. Featuring a snapshot of you and your spouse from that very day, it's a sentimental keepsake that fits the traditional 22-year wedding anniversary gift. You could also opt for your honeymoon location, home address or any other place that feels meaningful to you.

Prosecco by Lamborghini

Prosecco by Lamborghini 22-year anniversary gift
Photo: Wine by Lamborghini

Did you know Lamborghini doesn't just make sports cars but also has an impressive line of wines? This particular sparkling wine has a crisp and refreshing taste, accented by fruity notes and a hint of sweetness, perfect for toasting 22 years of love and companionship. It's presented in a striking copper-colored bottle that pays homage to the traditional 22nd anniversary gift, so this bubbly not only delights the palate but also serves as a beautiful symbol of your enduring bond.

Textured Wine Chiller

Textured wine chiller 22nd anniversary gift
Photo: Williams Sonoma

Where there's champagne, there should be an ice bucket to keep it chilled. Crafted from copper-plated stainless steel, this elegant piece aligns beautifully with the traditional 22nd wedding anniversary gift. Its hand-hammered exterior boasts a polished finish, adding a touch of sophistication to any celebration. Most importantly, it features a double-walled design capable of accommodating a full standard bottle, so it'll keep your wine refreshingly cold throughout your evening of love and celebration.

Energy Protection Bracelet

Energy protection bracelet 22nd anniversary gift
Photo: Wolf & Badger

Copper, known for its conductivity and grounding properties, plays a significant role in meditation practices. This pure copper beaded string bracelet integrates the meaningful element into a wearable piece designed for both style and spiritual alignment. Plus, its durable, waterproof construction ensures longevity; symbolizing the endurance of a long marriage. It's a thoughtful 22nd wedding anniversary gift for him, her or them because it embodies a desire to enhance positive energy and ward off negativity in your loved one's life.

Red Spinel Earrings

Red spinel and white sapphire sterling silver hoop earrings 22nd wedding anniversary stone gift
Photo: Macy's

Treat your spouse to some new jewelry to celebrate your latest marriage milestone. These dazzling earrings are made from spinel, the 22nd wedding anniversary gemstone, paired with lab-created white sapphires for an elegant finish. While spinel comes in a variety of shades, the red variation is the most popular thanks to its rich, vibrant color that can be mistaken for a ruby. The hue also symbolizes love, passion and commitment, making these pretty baubles a fitting tribute to a successful marriage.

Heart-Shaped Hummingbird Perch

Heart-shaped hummingbird perch 22nd anniversary gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Spending time in nature boosts mood and mental well-being, even if it's just a few minutes out in the garden. A hummingbird perch will make any backyard more inviting to your spouse or favorite couple and feathered friends alike, especially during those long summer months. This heart-shaped creation is designed to be placed near the hummingbirds' food source so the tiny birds can take a break every now and then from beating their little wings.

Rustic Bell Chime

Copper bell chime 22nd anniversary modern gift
Photo: Anthropologie

It's been 22 years since you and your spouse heard the sound of wedding bells, so why not add a musical touch to your home with this rustic copper chime? Hang it outside to hear the gentle jingle of a light breeze or indoors to add a boho touch to your living room. This beautiful piece is crafted by village artisans in partnership with Connected Goods, which provides fair wages and ethical working conditions to rural communities, so you can rest assured this 22-year anniversary gift for your wife, husband, partner or favorite couple is made with care.

Sauté Pan with Uniform Heat Distribution

Copper sauté pan with lid copper gift for 22-year anniversary
Photo: Ty Mecham & Julia Gartland

If you're lucky enough to live with a talented home chef, this 22nd anniversary gift will inspire them to cook up a storm in the kitchen. Aside from looking seriously chic, this copper bond sauté pan distributes heat quickly and evenly, which is particularly important when cooking temperature-sensitive foods like meat. It also has a stainless-steel base, making it compatible with any type of stovetop for a durable piece of cookware that'll last for years. Gift this to your spouse, and don't be surprised if they want to cook you a special dinner to say thanks.

Personalized Moscow Mule Mugs

Personalized copper Moscow mule mugs 22nd anniversary gift
Photo: SoCiStore

Moscow mule mugs are another popular choice when considering copper 22nd anniversary gifts, whether you're shopping for a cocktail-loving spouse or a barback duo. These mugs are especially ideal because they can be personalized with initials and a special date, such as your wedding date. (Just remember to purchase two for a coordinated toast!)

Shimmering Song Art

Custom framed sheet music on copper-foil cardstock traditional 22-year anniversary gift
Photo: BrooklynBurlapArt

Add some serious shine to your wall with this custom song art. The first page of your chosen track is printed on copper foil cardstock and then displayed in a black, gray or white frame. If you're looking for inspiration, you could pick the tune that was playing when you walked down the aisle or the music from your first dance as newlyweds. Have your names and wedding date added to make this 22-year anniversary present even more meaningful.

Green Pebbled Leather Bag

Green pebbled leather bag 22nd anniversary gift
Photo: Mark & Graham

For a 22nd wedding anniversary gift for her, him or them that incorporates the year's color, check out this practical bag in forest green from Mark & Graham. The spacious handbag will easily hold all your spouse's essentials, including a wallet, keys, laptop and water bottle. It comes with a matching hand strap, but you can replace it with the brand's other straps—like a colorful twill crossbody or a metallic chain. For a personal touch, have it foil debossed with their monogram.

Custom Cuff Bracelet

Copper cuff bracelet with custom message traditional 22nd anniversary gift
Photo: janetpowers1

If you're one for sweet, romantic gestures, you can't get much more sentimental than this custom copper cuff bracelet. The shiny, adjustable bangle is hammered on the outside and hand-stamped with a personal message on the inside. Keep it short and simple with a meaningful message like "Happy 22nd Anniversary" or "Love You, Always." Just be prepared for a few happy tears when your spouse unwraps this.

Blood Moon Coin

Blood moon coins 22nd anniversary gift
Photo: Bespoke Post

Don't judge a gift by its size! This small, solid copper coin is hand-pressed with an accurate depiction of the moon's surface as a literal token of appreciation for your spouse. Symbolizing your love "to the moon and back," it can be carried in a wallet as a daily good luck charm and constant reminder of your enduring affection.

Double-Insulated Camping Flask

Double-insulated camping flask 22nd anniversary gift
Photo: High Camp Flasks

If you're married to an outdoorsy type, here's a 22 years of marriage gift they'll be thrilled to take on their next camping trip. This double-walled flask keeps drinks at an optimum temperature and even comes with a detachable shot glass so they can enjoy their favorite sip while they're out and about. Bonus: The glass is attached using a magnetic lock system, so they don't need to worry about the two being separated on their next adventure.

Personal Concrete Fireplace

Personal concrete fireplace 22nd anniversary gift
Photo: Bespoke Post

A campfire is just the thing you need for an aesthetic date night at home—and with this personal fireplace, there's no need for wood or a chimney. Just fill it with isopropyl alcohol and set it aflame to create a warm, flickering light without smoke. Perfect as a 22nd anniversary gift for your husband, wife, partner or a couple, this compact fire pit is made of sleek concrete and features copper accents, making it both stylish and symbolic. Imagine cuddling up together, basking in the cozy glow and toasting your enduring love with s'mores.

Green Weighted Blanket

Green weighted blanket 22nd anniversary gift
Photo: Bearaby

Here's another thoughtful gift for the 22nd anniversary that features the milestone's color, green. Made from natural eucalyptus fibers, this silky-soft weighted blanket isn't just sustainable, it's also cooling. The weight helps your partner sleep, unwind or relax, whether they're meditating, watching a movie or snuggling next to you in bed.

Stovetop Popcorn Maker Set

Copper popcorn set gift idea for 22nd anniversary.
Photo: Neiman Marcus

An edible anniversary gift is always a great idea, especially if it goes hand in hand with an at-home movie night. This copper-plated popcorn popper comes with everything you need to make the delicious snack, including salt and pepper seasoning, coconut oil and small white corn kernels. It's a sleek and stylish kitchen accessory that'll add a touch of fun to your countertops and your next date night. Now, all you have to do is agree on a movie to watch (easier said than done, right?).

Temperature Control Smart Mug

Temperature control mug 22nd anniversary gift
Photo: Amazon

If your partner enjoys trying out new gadgets and drinking tons of coffee, here's a cool 22nd anniversary gift they'll love (and actually use). This copper smart mug from Ember comes with an app-controlled charging coaster, which keeps the contents of the cup at their preferred temperature for up to 80 minutes. Translation: They'll no longer have to worry about their brew going cold when their meeting runs over. For a coffee lover, that's the best gift of all.

Black Spinel Beaded Necklace

Black spinel beaded necklace 22nd anniversary gift
Photo: Macy's

Anyone will look sharp with this statement necklace as a finishing touch to their outfit. Made of a string of black spinel beads, it's a meaningful gift for your 22nd anniversary. Not only is spinel the official gemstone of the year, but black spinel symbolizes protection, grounding and rejuvenation. It's a stylish gift that says you love and deeply care for your S.O.

Alternative 22nd Anniversary Gifts

The key to a great 22-year anniversary gift for your wife, husband, partner or a couple is to pick something you know they'll like. And if that means it's not made from copper, spinel or in the 22nd anniversary color of green, that's okay! With this in mind, we've pulled together a list of unique presents that combine practicality with romance for a memorable 22nd anniversary celebration.

Custom Watercolor-Style Landscape Print

Custom watercolor landscape print 22nd anniversary gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

After over two decades together, you're likely reminiscing about all the wonderful moments that have led to this milestone. This custom artwork is a perfect way to commemorate the beginning of your journey. The watercolor style print features a personalized landscape portrait of the location of your first date or wedding venue, encased in a stylish frame. It's a sweet addition to your home decor, symbolizing your unique love story.

Dinner and a Date Cookbook

Dinner and a date cookbook 22nd anniversary gift
Photo: The Adventure Challenge

Shake up your evening routine with The Adventure Challenge's Dinner Dates book. It combines delicious recipes with exciting activities to fill the downtime when the food is cooking. It turns every night into a date, helping couples reconnect and make the most of every single moment together—even while doing things you previously thought of as a chore.

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Infused Olive Oils and Vinegars

Infused olive oils and vinegar set 22nd anniversary gift
Photo: Brightland

If you're shopping for a passionate foodie (or two), this set of infused olive oils and vinegar will surely make their mouths water. The pack includes four bottles: two smooth, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oils and balsamic and champagne vinegar, all of which are so good you could almost drink them straight. Each bottle also features a unique label designed by talented artists, adding a beautiful touch to any pantry or countertop.

Trusted Drinks Cooler

YETI drink cooler gift idea for 22nd anniversary
Photo: YETI

If you and your partner have a penchant for camping vacations, long road trips and picnics in the park, a quality cooler is worth investing in. This one from YETI is practical, trendy and seriously cool—literally, since it's designed to keep drinks chilled for hours or even days depending on environmental conditions. The tall and roomy design can fit up to 33 cans and is also compatible with wine bottles, so you can take your favorite red or white with you on your next outing.

Wearable Back Massager

A relaxing massage to soothe stiff and sore muscles is the ultimate treat, especially after a long day at the office or an intense session in the gym. If your partner suffers from aches and pains, this wearable back massager from Therabody is a gift they'll be grateful for. This all-in-one device provides targeted heat and expertly placed vibration to massage muscles and reduce back discomfort. Best of all, it's hands-free so your spouse can put it to use while they watch a movie with you. (We bet you'll be tempted to give it a go yourself!)

Murder Mystery Puzzle

Murder mystery puzzle game gift idea for 22nd anniversary.
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Calling all true crime fans! We've found the perfect 22nd anniversary gift to satisfy your inner detective: a murder mystery jigsaw puzzle. This engaging game challenges you to solve a fictional crime by piecing together clues embedded in the jigsaw puzzle itself. Once you complete the puzzle, you can unveil the culprit behind the mystery. We recommend pairing this with a bottle of wine and some snacks for a late-night puzzle-solving session with your partner.

Stylish Laptop Backpack

CALPAK faux leather laptop backpack gift for 22-year anniversary

If your spouse's work bag is in need of an upgrade, look no further than this stylish faux leather backpack by CALPAK. It features a 15-inch laptop sleeve and a roomy main compartment with interior pockets on the front. In addition to everyday commutes, it's also suitable for business trips and weekends away, thanks to the addition of a luggage trolley sleeve and comfortable, adjustable shoulder straps. Want to be extra thoughtful? Add a portable charger tag to their luggage so they don't run out of cell phone battery on their next outing, whether it's a day of work at the office or a long-haul flight.

Personalized Flower Pot

Personalized flower pot gift idea for 22nd anniversary.
Photo: Personalization Mall

You don't always have to spend a fortune to find something really special for your significant other. A personalized anniversary gift is a great way to show your spouse how much you love and appreciate them. This pretty flower pot is a thoughtful choice for anyone who enjoys gardening or cultivating plants. It's available in red or purple and comes printed with a sweet message, "Love Grows Here." You can even have your names (and any additional family members) displayed on the rim for a personal touch.

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Monthly Embroidery Subscription

Monthly craft subscription gift idea for 22nd anniversary.
Photo: Crate Joy

If your spouse has a creative streak, this monthly craft subscription will help them get started on their next project. Every 30 days, they'll receive an embroidery kit filled with everything they need to sew by hand, including colored threads, scissors, fabric, a needle and threader, an embroidery hoop and a design transfer. They'll also get access to a step-by-step video tutorial to show them exactly how to embroider their own work of art. It's a fun, alternative 22nd anniversary gift they'll get hours of enjoyment out of. It's suitable for beginners, making it ideal for anyone who wants to learn something new.

Vibrant Bouquet of Roses

Vibrant orange bouquet 22nd anniversary gift
Photo: BloomsyBox

Even though the 22nd anniversary doesn't have an official flower, a blooming bouquet is still a wonderful gift idea. Consider grabbing an arrangement from BloomsyBox, a reliable flower delivery company that guarantees a romantic bouquet, even if you're shopping at the last minute. We personally love these bicolor roses, which are sure to brighten up any home.

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