7 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas Your Spouse (or Favorite Couple) Will Love

Looking for the perfect 7 year anniversary gift for your spouse or favorite couples? These are the best 7 year anniversary gift options (and what they represent).
by The Knot

Congrats! You’ve made it to 7 years with your spouse (or have a loved one who has), and now comes the hard part: picking out that perfect 7 year anniversary gift. When it comes to anniversary gifts, you might be familiar with the “anniversary materials.” Whether it’s paper for your first anniversary or aluminum for your tenth, every year signifies a new milestone and a new symbol of your love. As for 7 year anniversary gifts? The classic materials are copper and wool and a modern take includes desk sets (yes, really!), but you also have free range to get whatever you see fit. Read more about 7 year anniversary gifts, what they symbolize and some serious gift-spiration, below.

What Is the 7 Year Anniversary Gift?

Traditional: Copper and Wool

Traditionally speaking, the materials that represent a 7 year anniversary are copper and wool. Copper because it’s durable and, according to mythology, attracts love and protects against evil (Venus, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, was known to accessorize with the metal), and wool because it symbolizes warmth and comfort. While shopping for 7 year anniversary gifts, keeping these materials in mind can help guide the way.

Modern: Desk Sets

Interestingly enough, desk sets have become a more modern take on 7 year anniversary gift ideas. They represent the love and pride couples have for each other’s work.

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  1. 7 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

    When it comes to picking out a 7 year anniversary gift for your wife, you’re certainly not relegated to copper and wool objects if that’s not what she’s into. It’s totally okay to think outside the box (and stick to classic gifts you know she’ll love) when looking for the perfect 7 year anniversary gift for her.

  2. 1. A beautiful infinity ring is a symbolic gift in its own right—and she’s sure to wear this one every day as a constant reminder of her 7-year-strong love.

    Tiffany & Co. narrow band ring, $200, Tiffany.com

  3. 2. If you know your wife needs a new bathroom vanity stool (or just a good statement piece of furniture for a room), a new luxe stool is the perfect, unexpected 7 year anniversary gift.

    West Elm Mongolian lamb stool, $399, WestElm.com

  4. 3. A “love-themed” piece of jewelry you know she’ll wear every day or on special occasions—like a pavé heart necklace—is the perfect 7 year anniversary gift.

    Adina Reyter pavé folded heart necklace, $348,  Shopbop.com

  5. 4. For a fashion-forward 7 year anniversary gift, get her a statement accessory that she’s been eyeing for awhile, like a pair of designer sunglasses.

    Céline cat-eye sunglasses in acetate and metal, $440, Celine.com

  6. 5. If your wife’s a budding photographer (or just an Instagram enthusiast who loves snapping pictures), a portable smartphone photo printer is the perfect 7 year anniversary gift.

    Hammacher Schlemmer portable smartphone photo printer, $130, Hammacher.com

  7. 7 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

    The same idea goes for picking out a 7 year anniversary gift for your husband—you certainly don’t need to stick to copper and wool-themed gifts if you’re having trouble finding something he’ll like in those materials. Find the best 7 year anniversary gift ideas for him, below.

  8. 1. A fun whiskey decanter that still manages to be romantic is the perfect 7 year anniversary gift for him.

    Uncommon Goods Yours, Mine and Ours engraved decanter set, $65, UncommonGoods.com

  9. 3. Feeling left out of the Echo craze? Use your 7 year anniversary as an opportunity to get a gift you’ll both love (we guarantee you’ll end up using it too).

    Amazon Echo plus, $150, Amazon.com

  10. 4. If you want to get him a 7 year anniversary gift you know he’ll use all the time, a classic silver watch is an accessory he’ll love to wear everyday.

    MVMT 40 Series watch in silver, $125, MVMTWatches.com

  11. 5. You really can’t go wrong with an upscale grooming kit (it comes with a razor, blades and shaving cream).

    Harry’s engraved Winston set, $40, Harrys.com

  12. 7 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Them

    Know a couple whose 7 year anniversary is approaching? We have the perfect 7 year anniversary gift ideas for them. Below, check out some options to get for a couple who’s celebrating soon.

  13. 1. Take one of their wedding photos and turn it into a sign they’ll hang in their home. It’s a perfect 7 year anniversary gift we guarantee they’ll keep up forever.

    My Wood Photo pallet sign, $8, Etsy.com

  14. 2. 7 years later, it’s likely they’re in need of a new ring dish. Get them a whimsical “Mr. and Mrs.” one.

    Crate & Barrel Mr. and Mrs. ring dish, $10, CrateAndBarrel.com

  15. 3. A sleek, chic and modern kitchen appliance is the perfect 7 year anniversary gift you know they’ll both love (especially if you know they’re fans of avocado toast).

    SMEG toaster, $200, WestElm.com

  16. 4. An infinity love pillow will be a sweet addition to any room in their home.

    Surya infinite love throw pillow, $26, Target.com

  17. 5. Give them a 7 year anniversary gift they’ll wake up with every day—a Mr. and Mrs. mug set will be their new favorite coffee cups.

    Kate Spade Mr. & Mrs. mug set, $40, KateSpade.com

  18. Copper/Wool Anniversary Gifts for Her

    If you’re interested in sticking to the traditional materials—copper and wool—for a 7 year anniversary gift for her, you have plenty of options (designer bag, anyone?). Below, check out the best copper and wool 7 year anniversary gifts, below

  19. 1. If your wife’s an amateur bartender or cocktail enthusiast, a cool copper cocktail shaker is the perfect 7 year anniversary gift for her.

    Mark & Graham copper cocktail shaker, $79, MarkAndGraham.com

  20. 2. You can still go the fashion-forward route if you’re sticking to the traditional materials. A designer handbag rendered in wool is a 7 year anniversary gift she’ll love. 

    Stella McCartney check print falabella mini tote, $960, StellaMcCartney.com

  21. 3. Copper perfectly lends itself to everyday jewelry—and she’ll definitely wear this copper bracelet all of the time.

    Copper Mill Designs copper bracelet, $30, Etsy.com

  22. 4. A chic, structured wool coat is the perfect wool-themed 7 year anniversary gift idea that she’ll never want to take off in the winter.

    J. Crew cocoon coat in Italian stadium-cloth wool, $350,  JCrew.com

  23. 5. Don’t think your 7 year anniversary gift has to actually incorporate the material to still be on-theme. A metallic, copper-colored monogrammable phone case is a nod to the tradition, while still having a modern touch.

    Mark & Graham metallic functional iPhone case in copper, $49, MarkAndGraham.com

  24. Copper/Wool Anniversary Gifts for Him

    Luckily, there are lots of wool and copper anniversary gift ideas for him (that’ll especially get tons of use in the winter). Below, check out the best copper and wool 7 year anniversary gift ideas for him.

  25. 1. A classic wool scarf is a no-brainer—he’ll love topping off his outfits with this muted olive one.

    Barneys New York wool scarf, $225, BarneysWarehouse.com

  26. 2. Another perfect wool 7 year anniversary gift idea? A nice beanie and glove set that he’ll wear every day throughout winter.

    The North Face Salty Dog beanie + gloves box set, $55, UrbanOutfitters.com

  27. 3. If your husband’s a history buff, he’s sure to appreciate a wool military-themed sweater that’s extra-durable, cozy and comfortable.

    National Geographic wool WWII military sweater, $139, Shop.NationalGeographic.com

  28. 4. A customizable money clip rendered in copper is the perfect way to keep him organized. Add his initials as a sweet touch.

    Woobie Beans custom copper money clip, $28, Etsy.com

  29. 5. Kick back, relax and serve each other drinks in hammered copper Moscow Mule mugs.

    Bulk Apothecary hammered copper Moscow Mule mug, $8, BulkApothecary.com

  30. Copper/Wool Anniversary Gifts for Them

    If you have a close friend or family members whose 7 year anniversary is coming up, give them a classic, on-theme copper or wool gift to commemorate their love. Below, find our favorite copper or wool 7 year anniversary gifts for them, below.

  31. 2. If you know they love to jet set, get them a copper scratch map they can use to document their travels.

    Uncommon Goods large scratch map deluxe, $48, UncommonGoods.com

  32. 3. Add to their kitchen accessory repertoire by gifting them a chic copper pitcher for their 7 year anniversary.

    Mark & Graham copper pitcher, $120, MarkAndGraham.com

  33. 4. Everyone loves a good throw blanket for their living room, and this synthetic wool one is on-theme and cozy (for them) and affordable (for you).

    Pottery Barn monogrammable throw, $59, PotteryBarn.com

  34. 5. Give them the gift of an organized spice rack for their 7 year anniversary by giving them a two-tier copper one.

    World Market copper wire 2 tier spice rack, $13, WorldMarket.com

  35. Desk Set Anniversary Gifts

    Like we previously mentioned, a modern take on the 7 year anniversary gifts include desk sets, as it symbolizes your love, pride and respect for each other’s work (sweet, right?). Below, find our favorite desk sets to either gift to your loved one or your favorite couple for a 7 year anniversary.

  36. 1. A chic, metallic pencil holder set will be the perfect addition to either your wife’s home office or work desk. 

    Anthropologie Codify pencil holder, $48, Anthropologie.com

  37. 2. This mint-hued desktop organizer will be the perfect 7 year anniversary gift for anyone trying to keep their desk corralled.

    The Container Store Bigso mint Stockholm desktop organizer, $15, ContainerStore.com

  38. 3. This oversized birch plywood desk organizer is an attractive and practical option for a 7 year anniversary gift.

    Overstock high desk organizer, $75, Overstock.com

  39. 4. A chic, golden divider tray is the perfect 7 year anniversary gift for a stylish, organized wife.

    PBteen golden glam divided tray, $25, PBteen.com

  40. 5. A cool metal desk set (with lots and lots of compartments) is sure to be a hit.

    Mindspace office desk organizer, $18, Amazon.com

  41. 6. Kate Spade’s “tackle box”—aka, a refreshing, acrylic desk organizer—is a 7 year anniversary gift fit perfect for a creative type.

    Kate Spade tackle box, $38, KateSpade.com

  42. 7. A caddy will guarantee a clean desk (it has room for tons of different desk accessories), making it the perfect 7 year anniversary gift for a spouse who wants to stay organized.

    Pottery Barn Bedford photo caddy, $59, PotteryBarn.com

  43. 8. This one’s cool and rustic, rendered in cedar wood—it’s the ideal desk set for a stylish, special someone.

    Great North Woodworks rustic cedar desk set, $39, Etsy.com

  44. 9. Complete with a pencil holder and book organizer, this gold-trimmed desk set looks elegant—making it a polished 7 year anniversary gift for her.

    PBteen printed paper desk accessories set, $40, PBteen.com

  45. 10. Made of real oak wood, this desk organizer has it all (the small compartments are key), so anyone you gift this to will stay ultra-organized.

    PromiDesign complete desk organizer, $44, Etsy.com

    For more of the best anniversary gift ideas for all the major milestones, check out our comprehensive guide to anniversary gifts by year. 

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