The Best 14-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas, From Symbolic to Sentimental

Your marriage has officially hit its teen years.
14 year anniversary gift for husband, wife or couple
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Updated Jun 25, 2024
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Happy 14th wedding anniversary! If you and your spouse are marking this romantic milestone, you're probably searching for a fabulous 14-year anniversary gift to get the celebrations started. Whether you want to honor the traditional and modern anniversary themes for 14 years of marriage or pick something that's completely different, we'll help you find the perfect present for your other half.

Our round-up of thoughtfully selected gifts includes something for everyone, from gorgeous jewelry and sentimental keepsakes to stylish homewares and more. Read on for tips on how to choose a meaningful 14-year anniversary gift for him, her or them.

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Traditional 14-Year Anniversary Gifts

While the traditional 14-year anniversary is ivory, we've chosen elephant-inspired and off-white gifts instead to honor the theme more ethically. Not only is the ivory trade illegal and unethical but it's also known to have severe ecological and economic consequences. Ivory gifts originated from Hindu mythology and symbolize luck and protection, while elephants are known to develop strong, intimate bonds with each other (much like a couple celebrating 14 happy years together.) Choosing an ivory-inspired present allows you to honor the sentiment without infringing on animal rights, plus it's the perfect opportunity to get creative. Shop our favorite ivory anniversary gifts for your wife, husband or partner below.

Ivory Canvas Song Art

Ivory Canvas Song Art from Canvas Vows for your 14th wedding anniversary
Photo: Canvas Vows

No matter how many years go by, you'll never forget your first dance as newlyweds. Relive that special moment all over again with this beautiful music-inspired gift from Canvas Vows. It features sheet music from your wedding song printed on a large ivory canvas for a sentimental piece of art you'll treasure forever. With this meaningful 14th anniversary gift hanging on your wall, you may even be inspired to take to the kitchen (dance) floor to bust some moves.

White Body Pillow

Full-body sleep pillow in white 14th anniversary traditional gift
Photo: Yana Sleep

Give your partner the gift of a good night's sleep with a full-body pillow from Yana. It's filled with your choice of natural latex or cooling gel and comes with a removable cover for easy laundering. The best part? It can form to your partner's needs to help with muscle aches and pains while sleeping, watching TV or snuggling on the sofa. With a 14-year anniversary gift as thoughtful as this, don't be surprised if your spouse wants to cuddle it (and you) all day long.

Personalized Elephant Vase

Personalized elephant vase for anniversary
Photo: DaraDeco

Looking for cute elephant anniversary gifts? This personalized vase gets our vote for being utterly adorable. It's beautifully handmade from porcelain and features a line drawing of two elephants with their trunks linked in an affectionate gesture. Add your initials and the year you got married for a symbolic (and useful) 14th anniversary gift your spouse will love.

White Travel Bag

Cream weekender bag for travel
Photo: BÉIS

Whether your partner likes to travel for work, play or a combination of both, they'll appreciate this stylish tote. Aside from looking seriously cool, this roomy bag from BÉIS is cleverly designed to make packing much more efficient. It has three interior pockets, a padded tech sleeve and a separate compartment for a pair of shoes. Choose the off-white shade for an on-theme 14th anniversary gift they can take on any trip.

Elephant Night Light

Elephant plug in night light
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Here's another creative 14th wedding anniversary present your spouse will love. This gorgeous night light features a colorful depiction of two elephants and is made of recycled bottle glass that emits a soft ambient glow when lit. It's a lovely way to decorate your home while nodding to the traditional theme.

Ivory Weighted Blanket

Large white knitted blanket
Photo: Bearaby

If you and your spouse love cozy nights on the sofa, this chunky knit throw will help you unwind as you cuddle. It's made from 100% cotton and is gently weighted to reduce cortisol levels in the body for a more relaxed state. Best of all, the ivory colorway is right on theme for the 14-year anniversary and easily matches any decor scheme.

Elephant Succulent Planter

Ceramic elephant plant pot

Shopping for the ivory anniversary is a great opportunity to have fun with your gifting. This mini elephant-inspired planter is a playful way to incorporate the traditional 14-year theme while adding some greenery to your living space. Not only is the succulent inside nice to look at, but it's also pretty low maintenance so your spouse won't have to spend ages watering it.

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Elephant Garden Sculptures

Elephant garden sculptures
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Married to someone who enjoys spending time in the garden? Then they'll love decorating their outdoor space with this pair of elephant sculptures. Handcrafted from rolled steel, these magnificent "creatures" face each other with their trunks connecting to form a heart shape. There's even an option to laser engrave your names and anniversary date onto the surface for an extra touch of personalization. Cute, right?

Versatile Frying Pan

Versatile frying pan set
Photo: Our Place

If your partner likes getting creative in the kitchen, they'll appreciate some snazzy new cookware as a 14-year anniversary gift. This ceramic-coated pan is designed to replace 10 pieces of traditional cookware, saving you precious storage space and cutting down on washing up. It's perfect for frying, baking, boiling, steaming and braising and comes in various colors, including an ivory-esque shade.

Elephant Anniversary Stone

Elephant anniversary stone and box
Photo: LiluFunnyPebbles

They say an elephant never forgets, so why not surprise your spouse with a sentimental keepsake they'll always remember? This hand-painted pebble is decorated with a sweet elephant illustration and comes packaged in a small gift box for a thoughtful presentation. For a more personalized finish, you can add your spouse's name or a romantic anniversary quote to the back of the stone.

Modern 14-Year Anniversary Gifts

If choosing ivory gifts for your anniversary doesn't feel quite right, take inspiration from the modern 14-year theme of gold jewelry instead. This gilded gift represents unification, eternity and perfection, making it a fitting tribute to the loving bond you share with your spouse. Fortunately, gold jewelry is pretty easy to shop for and comes in many forms—from fashionable accessories to fine gems—and there's always the option of a personalized jewelry anniversary gift for an extra meaningful take on the theme. Here are our favorite modern 14th anniversary gifts.

Teak and Gold Bangle

Teak and Gold Bangle from SOKO for your 14th wedding anniversary
Photo: SOKO

SOKO's teak and gold bangles are a popular gift for many reasons: They're handcrafted by artisans, made from responsibly sourced materials and seriously chic to wear. This one features two interlocking bracelets made from 24K gold-plated brass and natural wood for a stunning combination that's both trendy and timeless. It's a unique interpretation of the modern 14th anniversary theme that any jewelry lover will be impressed with.

Personalized Gold Necklace

Gold custom initial necklace
Photo: Made By Mary

Remember when you and your spouse first started dating, and you'd spend hours writing their initials down next to yours? With this gorgeous gold pendant, you can relive those heady moments all over again. Have it engraved with your initials joined with a heart for a 14th anniversary gift that'll give your S.O. all the feels.

Beaded Leather Bracelet

Black and gold bracelet
Photo: MYKA

This braided leather bracelet is a subtle way to embrace the modern 14th anniversary theme, thanks to the addition of delicate gold-plated beads. To make it more personal for your spouse, you can have each bead engraved with your names, children's names or a secret message that only you two understand. It's a sweet and meaningful anniversary gift they'll want to wear daily to keep you close to them.

Heart and Key Earrings

Gold heart and key earrings
Photo: Blue Nile

If your partner has an eye for unusual jewelry and offbeat accessories, they'll love these dainty mismatched earrings. One is shaped like a gold heart, while the other looks like a key, creating a striking pair that's perfect for the love of your life. They're made from 14K yellow gold and are guaranteed to add a touch of glamor (and intrigue) to any outfit.

Crystal Tennis Bracelet

Gold and diamond bracelet
Photo: Swarovski

Searching for a classic piece of gold jewelry your spouse can wear for years to come? Enter Swarovski's crystal tennis bracelet. The perfect mix of elegance and glamor, this sparkly accessory is made of gold-plated hardware and embellished with white crystal stones all around. Have it gift-wrapped for an extra special 14th anniversary gift that'll dazzle your partner.

Gold Herringbone Bracelet

Gold Herringbone Bracelet from Brilliant Earth for your 14th wedding anniversary
Photo: Brilliant Earth

If your spouse likes their jewelry sleek and minimalist, keeping things simple is the best approach. This stunning 14K gold bracelet is made from tiny flat herringbone links that sit smoothly on the wrist and can be worn on its own or stacked with other accessories. We bet your partner will be thrilled when you hand this over on your 14th wedding anniversary.

Golf-Themed Necklace

God bird engraved necklace
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Clever gifts always grab our attention and this multi-purpose necklace is no exception. While at first glance it looks like a gold-plated pendant, it actually doubles as a ball marker that golfers can take out on the green. It comes with two magnetic discs—one engraved with a sparrow and the other embellished with a single rhinestone—that the wearer can detach (and reattach) when required. It's definitely one of the more creative 14-year anniversary gifts for a husband or wife who loves playing golf!

Minimalist Gold Ring

Thin gold rings
Photo: Catbird

Even if your partner isn't that into jewelry, this simple gold ring will quickly become a staple for them. It's made of recycled 14K yellow gold and looks equally great worn alone or stacked alongside a wedding band or engagement ring. It's a stylish (and symbolic) modern anniversary gift that nods to the commitment you've made to each other 14 years ago.

Solar-Powered Gold Watch

Solar-powered gold watch gold jewelry anniversary gift
Photo: Citizen Watch

We couldn't write an anniversary gift guide without including a watch. Timepieces are a classic way to honor all the hours you've shared with your partner and all the wonderful years still left to come. This gold-toned stainless steel watch may look simple, but it has a very unique feature: it's solar-powered. The eco-technology ensures it never needs a battery and can be charged by any light source, whether on their windowsill or nightstand.

Love Letter Necklace

Love Letter Necklace from Capsul Jewelry for your 14th wedding anniversary
Photo: Capsul Jewelry

What could be sweeter than a handwritten love letter? One that's preserved in gold, of course! This romantic locket comes with a pull-out letter (written by you) placed inside a gold envelope. The letter can be customized with a thoughtful message and even includes an option for your actual handwriting. With a gift this whimsical and charming, prepare to be greeted with a few happy tears.

Unique 14-Year Anniversary Gifts

While ivory gifts and gold jewelry are the milestone's official themes, there are other 14-year anniversary symbols to turn to for inspo. The 14th anniversary flower is the dahlia, a vibrant bloom representing beauty, love and commitment, and the designated color is ivory, echoing the traditional anniversary material. Finally, opals are the official gemstones of the 14-year anniversary. These iridescent stones are believed to promote passion and romance (and who doesn't want that in a loving relationship?) If you feel like swapping tradition for something else, we've also included some cool alternatives that break the mold.

Diamond and Opal Necklace

Gold diamond and opal necklace 14-year wedding gemstone gift
Photo: Gorjana

We love gifts that incorporate more than one anniversary theme, which is why this opal necklace tops our list. It combines the 14th anniversary gemstone and the modern theme for a pretty pendant your spouse will want to show off. A small diamond and teardrop-shaped opal hangs from a 14K gold chain for an understated look they can wear any day of the week.

Personalized Anniversary Pushpin Map

USA pushpin map 14-year anniversary present
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If you and your spouse are travel enthusiasts, this pushpin map of the US is a practical anniversary gift you'll both enjoy. You can use it to track the places you've visited as a couple and plot new locations on your travel bucket list. Have it personalized with your names and wedding date for a meaningful 14th anniversary gift that'll definitely inspire your next vacation. (Psst: A map of the world is also available if that's more suitable for your traveling style.)

Custom Engraved Wine Bottle

Custom black wine bottle
Photo: Mano's Wine

Want to raise a toast to 14 years of marital bliss? Make it a stylish event with this custom-engraved wine bottle. Part keepsake, part celebratory beverage, it features your names and anniversary details on the outside and holds a full-bodied cabernet sauvignon inside. Even when all the wine is gone, you can keep it as a souvenir or repurpose it as a candle holder.

Soft Cotton Pajamas

Comfy cotton pajamas for anniversary
Photo: LAKE

For the spouse who loves to spend their weekends relaxing, a set of stylish sleepwear is a gift they're sure to appreciate. This striped scoop neck top and elasticated pants are made from 100% cotton for supreme comfort while sleeping and lounging. They come in a variety of designs, colors and lengths, so you're sure to find a combo your partner will love. We suggest going a size up as these pajamas will shrink a little after the first wash.

Notebook of Date Ideas

Adventure Challenge Notebook for an adventurous 14th wedding anniversary celebration
Photo: The Adventure Challenge

After 14 years of marriage, you and your partner have probably had your fair share of adventures. If you've run out of ideas to keep yourselves amused, turn to The Adventure Challenge to feel inspired. This notebook includes 50 fun scratch-off activities you can enjoy together (think: baking blindfolded or a romantic picnic by the ocean.) It's a 14th anniversary gift that'll help you make precious memories you can cherish for years to come.

Opal Forever Rose

Beautiful Opal rose sculpture
Photo: The Forever Rose

Jewelry isn't the only way to incorporate the 14-year anniversary stone into your gift. If you're seeking an opal-themed present that's just as (if not more) romantic than a shiny new bauble, look no further. The Forever Rose is actually a real flower that's picked at full bloom and coated in shimmering opalescent lacquer to ensure it lasts a lifetime. Personalize the 24K gold stem with your anniversary date for the perfect finishing touch.

Monthly History Subscription

Monthly history subscription
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Subscription gifts are ideal for anniversaries, as they keep the good vibes flowing for months after the main event. If your other half is a history buff, this monthly offering from Uncommon Goods will help them learn more about their favorite subject. Each month, they'll receive replicas of documents and sketches from historical events, like Einstein's letters to FDR and Rosa Parks' police report. Choose from a six-month or 12-month subscription duration for a unique 14-year anniversary gift.

Silk Pillowcase

Silk Pillowcase from Brooklinen for a cozy 14th wedding anniversary
Photo: Brooklinen

Upgrade your spouse's sleep to the stuff of dreams with a luxurious silk pillowcase from Brooklinen. The soft and silky fibers help protect hair and skin from friction damage, allowing your other half to wake up looking and feeling refreshed. Not only that, but this naturally cooling and breathable fabric is also machine washable, so there's no need to fuss on laundry day. Bonus: It comes in several neutral shades, including ivory, the 14-year anniversary color.

Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

Murder mystery jigsaw puzzle creative 14-year wedding anniversary gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Puzzles make fun anniversary gifts, especially if you and your partner love to solve them together. Unlike ordinary pictorial jigsaws, this one is a murder mystery game that will have you spending hours uncovering clues and sniffing out suspects to complete this 500-piece puzzle. It's the perfect date night gift to give your beloved partner in crime.

Paper Dahlia Bouquet

Custom song dahlia bouquet
Photo: TreeTownPaper

This pretty paper bouquet is inspired by the dahlia, the 14th wedding anniversary flower. Each bloom is handmade from wire and cardstock printed with your wedding vows or first dance lyrics for an extra layer of meaning. Choose from a selection of colors, including ivory, pale pink and lavender, for a symbolic gift that will last much longer than fresh flowers.

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