Your Ultimate Guide to Bachelor Party Invitations

Because an official invitation says: "Let's goooo!"
Danielle Halibey
by Danielle Halibey
Updated May 31, 2023
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A bachelor party is one of the most looked forward to events in any groom's life. It's a reprieve from life for a few days with their best buds and, even if most of the communication for the event happens over email or text, shooting off a simple bachelor party invitation (just to kick things off) is still appropriately festive. That's why we're here to help with all the formalities, from where you can find the best bids for your invitees to bachelor party invitation wording to make the most compelling request. We'll also give you advice on when to send out bachelor party invites to ensure full (or close to it) participation from the groom's pals.

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Where to Buy Bachelor Party Invitations

Truth be told, it's probably 10 times easier to find bachelorette party invitations than it is to find bachelor party invitations online these days. But since the groom-honoring event has been around for literal centuries (and has only gotten cooler and more epic, year after year), there's obviously enough of an interest to keep conventional invitations in rotation. So, bookmark these sites for when you're ready to put the ask out to everyone on your guest of honor's list. And if paper invitations aren't really your vibe, no worries! The majority of these retailers set you up with digital missives to send over email or through the group text chain. Technology for the win. All this considered, we recommend giving yourself a generous two-week period before you need your invites to place your order, if you're going with print.

  • Etsy: There are tons of reasons why we love Etsy, but for someone planning a bachelor party, you can find a number of handcrafted paper (between $2 to $5 per card) and printable designs (most under $10 for files you can print, email or send via text) to get the whole group riled up. Several of the designs also come bundled with an itinerary template, which can be useful if you need an effective way to let the group know what they're in for during bachelor weekend bashes. Speaking of, we're also fans of Etsy for allowing customers to filter products with an "arrival date" needed in mind. You'll never have to worry that you're sending anything too late if you plan ahead and have cards in-hand a couple weeks before you're slipping them in envelopes and sending them out.
  • Greenvelope: If you're green when it comes to party planning savvy, you'll definitely want to check out a site that has bachelor party invitation etiquette down to a science. Not only can you find a host of fun invitations with quick-hitting animation and "backside supported" empty space where you can lay out the logistics of the event, weekend, trip, etc., you'll also have event management tracking at your fingertips. Greenvelope's included RSVP tracking, event updates and guest messaging features make it easy to oversee guest responses, communicate important details about the bach and maintain an interactive experience leading up to the groom's getaway. Plus, the platform is committed to sustainability, eliminating the need for paper and reducing waste—which is major for eco-minded folks.
  • Greetings Island: Convenience and ease are some of the biggest reasons why people planning a bachelor party might not spring for an actual invitation versus just sending a text that says: "Our guy is getting married and he deserves a sick sendoff into newlywedhood." However, Greetings Island comes through with those two qualities, so you can make your correspondence a little more special. The website is incredibly user-friendly—we've truly never used such a responsive search box—and you can find several dozen quality bachelor party templates in record time. Customization takes mere minutes and the majority of the cards are free (for downloading, printing or sending via email, text, WhatsApp or Facebook with a watermark). But if you're amped on a certain design, you can purchase it for between $4 to $9 or upgrade to a Premium membership for one month or a full year—unlocking tons of exclusive templates, getting zero ads served and removing the watermarks from any/all future cards you send.
  • Paperless Post: For those who get pumped when they're thrust into the all-important bachelor party planner role, Paperless Post is a great place to find bachelor party email invites. Really, everything on the site is well-categorized and high-quality, so whether you're going to Vegas or heading into the woods for some "Light food, heavy drinking and good music," you'll have a bunch of looks to choose from. You also won't find a better selection of gender-neutral and bucking-archaic-stereotypes digital stationery here. The site's "coin credits system" for payment is a little confusing at first, but just be sure to take a few minutes to learn about it. You're really just buying coins to go towards your virtual send (via text message, email or a shareable link).
  • Zazzle: All things considered, if you want a physical card, you'll hit the jackpot with Zazzle. Their selection of customizable templates goes on forever and most of the options are super affordable. (How good does $2 per card sound?) Plus, if you'll be tripping somewhere fun with the groom and group, you can start building anticipation with an on-theme invitation to any of the most popular bachelor hot spots. Or, if all else fails, just go with whiskey.

Bachelor Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Alright, so once you've made the decision to send an invitation to all the VIPs on the groom-to-be's list, it's time to pick a design worthy of your bachelor's best weekend to come. If you have a better track record curating pics for likes, then look for a card design or flyer (a much more affordable option that many sites offer) that matches the event you have in mind. If you want to take this opportunity to start working on your Best Man speech, then use the invitation to wax poetic on your favorite groom. From funny to flattering (especially if it's paired with a studly pic of the man of the hour) bachelor party invitation wording, these sample sound bites are all you'll need to get your invites wrapped.

  • Hope you're ready for an awesome bachelor party honoring [Name]—saying "no" just isn't an option.
  • Hold up, [Name] is getting married in X days. Let's help him kiss his single life goodbye with a good—no, great—time!
  • Cheers and beers to [Name]'s bachelor years. Join us to raise a glass (or two) at our best bud's brewery of choice.
  • He's tying the knot and we're buying the shots. See you at [Name]'s bachelor party on [date] at [location].
  • Time to roast and toast: It's [Name]'s bachelor party weekend and we're not holding back on busting his chops!
  • An epic bach party for [Name] is right around the corner and you best be there! So, hit that "YES, I'm attending" button…now.
  • Two grooms are infinitely better than one. Keep us company at [Name] and [Name]'s bachelor party weekend.
  • We had our fun screwing around, but now our dude's settling down. [Name] deserves a silly good send-off, so LET'S GO.
  • It's been a privilege to call [Name] a friend—now they'll just be the friend who's married AF. Let's celebrate that on [date] at [time] in [location].
  • Suit up, fellas. Time to show [Name] some fun on their last weekend of freedom, [date - date]. (Kidding, of course.)

    When to Send Bachelor Party Invitations

    Okay, this might sound crazy (especially since we're all adults and can get a get-together in gear in no time at all, if we're motivated), but you should aim to send out official bachelor party invitations four to six months prior to the event. Why? Well, to give your party people ample time to plan their schedules and finances around the ultimate bash—especially if it's a destination bachelor party. Plus, once you have a confirmed guest count, you'll be able to lock down travel arrangements, hotel accommodations and all the epic activities. If you haven't settled on a theme or a specific location yet, but have the dates locked in, it's also cool to shoot your buddies an email or a text with the tentative game plan so they can mark their calendars and start preparing accordingly.

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