Wedding Family Matters: Wedding Without Family?


My bride-to-be's parents do not support our wedding and almost certainly are not attending -- nor are virtually any other relatives from her side. How should we deal with our wedding ceremony (particularly the walk down the aisle!) and wedding receiving line to avoid bringing additional attention to this unfortunate and painful situation?


It is unfortunate that your fiance's parents will not give your wedding their blessing, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go ahead and make it a special, personal day. Instead of highlighting family matters, choose to focus on you two as a couple. Your bride can walk down the aisle solo (plenty of gals do these days!), or she might ask a close male or female friend to be her escort. As for the receiving line, many couples do a mini line that only includes the two of them instead of the usual with both sets of parents. It's still a wonderful way for you to greet your guests and thank them for their support. Do be careful, however, not to exclude your own family. The bride's parents' absence does not make your parents' presence less important! Your mother should still be the last woman seated before the ceremony begins, and your parents should certainly have seats of honor at the reception. If they are hosting, perhaps your father would like to make a welcoming speech at the party, as well. No matter who is or isn't there, you two should still be able to make it an amazing day.

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