21 Amazing Drip Cakes You Have to See

Meet the newest cake craze.
by Andrea Fowler

Warning: Delicious looking cakes ahead. When we say delicious, we mean mouthwatering flavors with delightful drizzle designs that will send you into a full-on tizzy. 

First came the naked cake, then the nearly-naked translucent cake and then we were talking about overloaded cakes. The newest trend? Dressing up your tiers with a simple drizzle of flavor. The drip design lends a bit of whimsy to a wedding cake, while it doesn't take away from any pretty embellishments like intricate fondant details or fresh blooms. For couples looking to add a unique spin onto their modern celebration, this is the cake design for you. Here are 21 different flavor and design ideas to get your sweet tooth ready for a some serious cake tasting appointments. 

  1. 1. Metallic Gold Drip Design With Fondant Peaches

    Metallic gold drip wedding cake with fondant peaches
    Photo: Cly By Matthew Photography; Styling: Cana's Miracle

    Cake by Lael Cakes

  2. 2. Caramel Drizzle With Chocolate Cake

    Caramel drizzled wedding cake with a floral topper
    Patricia Heal​
  3. 3. Small Wedding Cake With Gourmet Cupcakes

    Tiered wedding cake display with cupcakes and a drip cake
    Limelight Photography
  4. 4. All-Chocolate Groom's Cake With Feather Topper

  5. 5. Nearly Naked Vanilla Cake

    Naked wedding cake with a frosted drip design
    Justine Montigny LLC
  6. 6. Dark Chocolate Mint Cake With Ganache

    Drip design wedding cake with a dark chocolate mint flavor
    Bri Cibene Photography
  7. 7. Chocolate Peanut Butter Wedding Cake

    Drip wedding cake design with a chocolate peanut butter flavor
    Hannah Woodard Photography
  8. 8. Rustic Cake With Gold Fondant

    Rustic wedding cake with a gold fondant drip design
    M2 Photography
  9. 9. Strawberry-Filled Naked Cake With Chocolate Ganache Drizzle

    Strawberry-filled naked cake with a chocolate ganache drizzle
    Heather Waraksa
  10. 10. Chocolate and Vanilla Naked Cake With Caramel Sauce

    Vanilla and chocoalte drizzled naked wedding cake
    onelove photography
  11. 11. Chocolate Groom's Cake With Strawberries

    Chocolate groom's cake with chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate drizzle
    Clint Brewer | Photo
  12. 12. Tiered Bundt Cakes With Fresh Flowers

    Tiered bundt cakes with a chocolate drizzle
    Lauren Fair Photography
  13. 13. Chocolate-Drizzled Groom's Cake With Strawberries

    Chocolate drizzled groom's cake with strawberries
    Mandy Owens Photography
  14. 14. Naked Carrot Cake With Drizzled Caramel Sauce

    Naked carrot cake wedding cake drizzled with caramel sauce
    Ashley Seawell Photography
  15. 15. Whimsical Wedding Cake With Gold Butterflies

    Whimsical wedding cake with a chocolate drip design and gold butterflies
  16. 16. Naked Chocolate and Vanilla Cake With Caramel Drips

    Chocolate and vanilla naked cake with a caramel drip design
    Photography du Jour
  17. 17. Small Wedding Cake With Flower Decorations

    Small wedding cake with flowers and a chocolate drip design
    Jessica Q Photography
  18. 18. Nearly Naked Caramel Apple Cake

    Caramel apple nearly naked wedding cake with a caramel drizzle
    Willow Noavi Photography
  19. 19. Chocolate Groom's Cake With Strawberries

    Chocolate drip groom's cake with chocolate covered strawberries
  20. 20. Simple Cake With a Chocolate Drizzle Design

    Simple four-tier wedding cake with a chocolate drizzle design
  21. 21. Graham Cracker and Toasted Marshmallow Cake With Ganache

    Graham cracker and toasted marshmellow cake with chocolate ganache
    Kurtis Kronk Photography
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