19 Creative Ways to Ask “Will You Be My Maid of Honor?”

After getting engaged, it’s your turn to ask the big question. Check out the most creative maid of honor proposal ideas.
by Audrey Noble

Choosing a maid of honor is no easy feat. She’ll be your right-hand woman (or man) leading up to your wedding. Once you’ve decided whom you want to hold that sacred title of maid of honor, it’s your turn to propose—and you have to do it big. Show this person how much they mean to you with something fun and creative. We’ve rounded up sweet keepsake items we know your special person will love. Scroll down for some ideas on how to propose to your maid of honor.

  1. plain black canvas tote bag

    Thinking of doing some sort of gift basket to pop the question? Consider holding all those items in a tote bag—it’s functional and cute. 

    The Knot Shop plain black canvas tote bag for bridesmaid, $13, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

  2. half moon personalized jewelry box

    What better way to ask your best friend to be by your side on your wedding day than with a keepsake that they’ll keep forever? We love this jewelry box—bonus: You can engrave it. 

    The Knot Shop personalized half moon jewelry box, $30, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

  3. personalized white stainless steel flask

    A personalized flask is the perfect way to ask the maid of honor who knows how to have a good time. 

    The Knot Shop hip personalized white stainless steel flask, $22, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

  4.  personalized open heart charm necklace

    Simple and beautiful, this charm necklace is a sweet way to ask someone to be your right-hand attendant. 

    David’s Bridal personalized open heart charm necklace, $30, DavidsBridal.com

  5. personalized glass jewelry box

    This glass jewelry box is a sleek-and-chic way for your maid of honor to hold a bunch of different items. Don’t forget to engrave their name in elegant calligraphy on the top. 

    The Knot Shop personalized glass jewelry box, $36, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

  6. looking glass trinket holder

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall—who’s the best maid of honor of them all? Your BFF is once they get their hands on this adorable personalized mirror. 

    The Knot Shop looking glass trinket holder, $22, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

  7. personalized Will You Be My Bridesmaid shot glass

    If you’re planning to do a huge reveal IRL, ask your maid of honor to drinks and pass her this personalized shot glass.

    HappilyEverAfterEtchedInc personalized will you be my bridesmaid shot glass, $10, Etsy.com

  8. asking bridesmaid gift wine labels

    Everyone loves a bottle of wine—elevate the thought with a personalized label.

     StudioBLabels asking bridesmaid gift wine labels, $12, Etsy.com

  9. bridesmaid gift box

    Find a gift box that is pretty much made with everything you need to ask someone to be your maid of honor. This one contains a mini bottle of champagne, bottle opener, sweets and more. 

    WhiteConfettiBox bridesmaid gift box, $40, Etsy.com

  10. custom bridesmaid proposal card

    Is your maid-of-honor-to-be someone who has a way with words? If that’s the case, she’ll definitely appreciate a custom poem proposal card.

    Goldicuts custom bridesmaid proposal card, $6, Etsy.com

  11. Heart Will You Be My Maid of Honor wedding card

    This card pretty much sums up everything you’ll be doing with your maid of honor:

    David’s Bridal heart will you be my maid of honor wedding card, $5, DavidsBridal.com

  12. maid of honor mug

    How cute is the mug? It’s the perfect keepsake for your maid of honor. 

    David’s Bridal maid of honor mug, $17, DavidsBridal.com

  13. personalized frame

    Chances are you and your maid of honor to be have a million photos together. Go old school and print out a fun memory and frame it with a personalized message. They’re guaranteed to love it. 

    Framebridge The Aiden with personalized mat, $49, Framebridge.com

  14.  I Can’t Say I Do Without You - Will You Be My Maid of Honor proposal coffee cup

    Choosing a maid of honor all boils down to the bestie you cannot be without. Say that with this adorable mug. 

    Mama Birdie I can't say I do without you - will you be my maid of honor proposal coffee cup, $18, Amazon.com

  15. custom bridal party puzzle

    If you know your maid of honor is the best at problem solving (an important trait to have for this particular title), they’ll appreciate this custom puzzle as a maid of honor proposal. 

    April Heart Art custom bridal party puzzle, $38, AprilHeartArt.com

  16. customizable photo book

    Photo books are touching and so much fun to look through. Ask your maid of honor with a photo book filled with your best memories together. 

    Mixbook white grid customizable photo book, $16, Mixbook.com

  17. Will You Be My Maid of Honor gift box chocolate

    Does your maid of honor have a sweet tooth? Propose to them with this personalized candy box that asks the big question. 

    WhatCandySays will you be my maid of honor gift box, $42, Etsy.com

  18. premium silky kimono robe with pockets in Ruby Red

    Ask your BFF to be your maid of honor with a luxurious robe—because who wouldn’t want something ultra glam and silky smooth to lounge in all day? 

    The Knot Shop premium silky kimono robe with pockets in ruby red, $40, WeddingShop.TheKnot.com

  19. pretty please nail polish

    This personalized nail polish is a perfect pick for your beauty maven maid of honor.

    Pretty Please personalized nail polish, $12, prettypleasenailpolish.com

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