24 Cute Gifts to Ask, "Will You Be My Maid of Honor?"

Here's how to pop the next most important question.
Four maid of honor proposal gift ideas: heart pendant necklace, candle, notebook, proposal gift box
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Updated Nov 29, 2023
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You're engaged, congratulations! Before you get into the thick of wedding planning, there are a few more proposals that need to happen, like asking your bestie "Will you be my maid of honor?" Choosing a maid or matron of honor is no easy decision. Your MOH will be your right-hand woman (or man—hello, bridesmen!) leading up to the big day. Once you've decided whom you want to hold that sacred title, it's time for the maid of honor proposal. While you don't have to get down on one knee with an engagement ring, it doesn't hurt to give your maid of honor a proposal gift.

While gifts for asking your maid of honor aren't required, they're rising in popularity—and for good reason. Giving your bestie a few tokens of love is a surefire way to prove they're an important part of this next life stage. In fact, according to The Knot's wedding party gifts research conducted in the summer of 2022, about one-third of couples give their "I do" crew proposal presents. That's why we've rounded up the best maid of honor gifts to give your best friend or sibling when inviting them to your wedding party. From practical ideas to sweet keepsakes, we know you'll fall in love all over again with one of these creative maid-of-honor proposal ideas.

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The Best Maid of Honor Proposal Gift Ideas

If you're wondering how to ask someone to be your maid of honor, look no further than one of these cute gift ideas. There's no way they'll be able to say no.

1. Etched Wine Bottle

Etched wine bottle maid of honor proposal gift
Photo: Mano's Wine

Wine or champagne is a tried-and-true wedding party gift—after all, what says "Let's celebrate" more than a bottle of vino or bubbly? We especially love this bottle of California cabernet sauvignon that's engraved with the question, "Will you be my maid of honor?" It's a great proposal idea because once they say "yes," you can cheers with the good stuff.

2. Personalized Loungewear

Personalized loungewear maid of honor proposal gift
Photo: Birdy Grey

Prep your maid of honor for long evenings of wedding planning by gifting her cozy loungewear as a proposal gift. You can buy them a crew neck embroidered with their name or a full set complete with matching sweat-shorts or pants. This is the kind of swag they'll want to wear even when their MOH responsibilities are over. While you're at it, get yourself your own sweat set for Instagram-worthy getting-ready photos.

3. Birthdate Pendant Necklace

Birthdate pendant maid of honor proposal gift
Photo: Birthdate Co.

Want to splurge on your best friend's maid-of-honor proposal? This 14K gold-plated or sterling silver necklace will be their new favorite bauble. Inspired by both astrology and numerology, it features four stones based on the wearer's birthday to bring them luck and positive energy. Make it even more personal by having their initials engraved on the back for an extra $15.

4. Monogrammed Trinket Dish

Monogrammed trinket dish maid of honor proposal gift
Photo: Anthropologie

Pretty much anything from Anthropologie makes a good gift idea in our book. This charming, ceramic box will be the perfect place for your MOH to store tokens of your friendship. Think: a Polaroid, charm bracelet or their new handwritten note from you asking them to be your maid-of-honor. Each piece of stoneware is painted with vibrant reds, blues or greens and has their monogram in gold.

5. Mini Letter Long-Lasting Roses

Mini letter-shaped rose boxes maid of honor proposal gift
Photo: Venus Et Fleur

FYI, flowers aren't just for romantic relationships! Why not ask "Will you be my maid of honor?" with long-lasting roses? Beautifully arranged in letter-shaped boxes, you can splurge on three to spell out "MOH" or just get one of their first initial and add a complimentary greeting card at check-out. Pretty much any permanent—or in this case, year-long—reminder of your wedding (and, thus, the memories you'll make together while celebrating) will be a touching gesture.

6. Maid of Honor Definition Candle

Maid of honor definition candle maid of honor proposal gift
Photo: ariabellacandles

Whether you're looking for a small but sentimental maid of honor proposal gift or an extra something for their swag bag, this playful idea checks all the boxes. Give your loved one this handmade candle with a sweet label that defines the coveted title "Maid of Honor." It comes in a variety of scents, from French Lavender and Ocean Breeze to the very-fitting Wedding Cake.

7. Hydrating Face Masks

Hydrating skin care set maid of honor gift idea
Photo: grace & stella

The to-be-weds aren't the only ones who will need some R&R while wedding planning. Set your maid of honor up for success with a self-care kit. This gift set includes hydrating eye masks, a berry lip mask, a hyaluronic acid serum and a rose quartz face roller. It'll be a luxe and energizing way for her to start a day of wedding errands or end one. Just make sure to include a card to specifically pop the question: "Will you (pretty please) be my maid of honor?"

8. Convenient Cosmetics Case

Green cosmetics case maid of honor proposal gift
Photo: Mark & Graham

How about a cosmetics case to store her beauty essentials on the big day? We're obsessed with anything that's tied with a bow, including this makeup and toiletries organizer. Made from vegan leather, it comes in black, green, navy, ivory or raspberry pink. With a train case design, she can store her essentials in either the top pocket with elastic holders for brushes or the bottom compartment with a mesh pocket and deep storage space. Add to the cuteness and convenience by having the top foil debossed with her initials—though we doubt anyone else has this unique case.

9. Monogrammed Straw Tote Bag

Personalized straw tote bag maid of honor proposal gift
Photo: The Knot Shop

According to our study, of the couples who gave wedding party proposal gifts, two-thirds asked their loved ones with multiple presents in a cute basket, bag or something similar—like this tote! Made of natural woven straw, this reusable carryall is a stylish and practical way to ask someone to be your maid of honor. Fill it with a few of their favorite things, like candy, a bottle of bubbly, a sweet-smelling candle and rejuvenating hand cream, then slip in a card and tie the straps with ribbon. They'll love using it as a beach bag on the bachelorette trip and a travel tote to carry their essentials to the getting-ready suite on the big day. It can even be embroidered with their name or initials.

10. Personalized Stanley Cup

Lavender Stanley cup
Photo: Stanley Cup

Shopping for a practical maid of honor proposal gift? A personalized water bottle will see plenty of use. Aptly named "The Quencher," Stanley's travel tumbler will keep their water cold for hours and—thanks to its 40-ounce size—will only need to be refilled once a day. It has a rotating, spill-proof lid for a straw opening or a wide mouth hole for chugging, features a handle for easy transport and it can fit in a car's cup holder. Your maid-of-honor will always feel hydrated and energized thanks to this gift (especially if she's matching your drink for a drink at the bachelorette party). Once you choose a color she'll love, have it laser-engraved with a monogram, a personal photo or even text that asks "Will you be my MOH?" Wanna go even bigger? Fill the bottle with smaller gifts, like a scrunchie, lip balm, jewelry or their favorite candy bar.

11. Maid of Honor Notebook

Maid of honor notebook proposal gift
Photo: WickedBride

Being a MOH is a big job, so help them stay organized with a dedicated spiral notebook. It's not just filled with lined pages, though—she'll also find a 12-month calendar, tabbed planning sections, checklists, trackers, a wedding day timeline and more! You don't even need to include a card, just write a note on one of the first pages asking her to be your maid of honor. The cover really does all the talking for you though, thanks to bold letters exclaiming "Best maid of honor (ever)." The Etsy seller has lots of other designs too.

12. Beaded Maid-of-Honor Bracelet

Beaded maid of honor bracelet proposal gift
Photo: Little Words Project

What about gifting the jewelry trend of the year: a friendship bracelet? Ask your bestie if they'll be your MOH with this dainty beaded bracelet. Pink, translucent and gold-plated beads are paired with letter beads to spell "Maid of Honor." We love the idea of buying one or two more, each with a special meaning. Add in a matching pink bangle that says "Soul Sisters," a white and blue one exclaiming "Ride or Die" or a "Love You" bracelet with a bonus heart charm. You could even customize your own for a really special bauble. They definitely won't want to trade these at any concert.

13. Sentimental Sister Picture Frame

Custom sister photo frame maid of honor proposal gift
Photo: keepscollective

Looking for a maid of honor proposal idea for your sister? This picture frame is sure to pull on her heartstrings. The birch wood is engraved with a quote of your choice like, "The only thing better than having you as my sister, is having you by my side as my maid of honor" or "There is no better friend than a sister and there is no better sister than you." Add a nostalgic childhood photo or promise to fill it in a few months with a snapshot of the two of you from the wedding.

14. Custom Photo Wine Label

Custom wine labels maid of honor proposal gift
Photo: CloverhillandCo

Whether it's champagne, sparkling rosé, chardonnay or pinot noir, toast to your maid of honor saying "yes, yes, yes!" to the role with a bottle personalized just for them. This Etsy seller will transform your favorite photo together into a black-and-white label with text to say "[Insert MOH name], I can't say 'I do' without you. Will you be my Maid of Honor?" They'll keep it as a memento even once all the wine is gone.

15. Floral Wine Glass

Floral wine glass maid of honor proposal gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Looking for a little something extra to pair with a bottle of wine for your maid of honor's proposal gift? How about a stemless wine glass featuring their birth flower? Each piece of personalized drinkware transforms pressed flowers into stunning digital images printed along the sides of the curved glass. They'll feel so spoiled having such a special toasting glass.

Chocolate chip cookie cake maid of honor proposal
Photo: Mrs. Fields

It'll be hard to say no to this edible maid of honor proposal gift. Ask your best friend to be your biggest supporter with a delicious chocolate chip cookie cake that reads, "Will you be my MOH?" in frosting. You can even have it shipped right to their door in case you don't live close enough to pop the question in person—just make sure to have your name signed in frosting too so they know who's asking.

17. Illustrated Coffee Mug

Illustrated coffee mug maid of honor proposal gift
Photo: ThePaisleyBox

Does your bestie start every day with a cup of coffee? If so, they'll love this maid of honor proposal gift idea. This mug features a custom watercolor illustration (simply choose the hair and skin colors) meant to represent the two of you in robes that flash your respective wedding titles. It also features the year you're tying the knot. We suggest popping a gift card to their favorite coffee shop inside—they'll appreciate the caffeine boost when they're checking off wedding to-dos with you.

18. Magic Moon Tea Set

Magic moon tea set maid of honor proposal gift
Photo: Sips by

You already know she'll be a tea-rrific maid-of-honor, so commemorate that with this unique maid-of-honor proposal gift. They'll get two types of loose-leaf tea (black tea and rose white tea) sprinkled with glitter for a touch of magic, as well as a cute teapot with a moon lid and an iridescent double-walled glass mug. It'll be a great way to say "Thanks for always supporting me. I love you to the moon and back! "

19. Custom Engraved Ring

Custom engraved ring maid of honor proposal gift
Photo: Made by Mary

Just like your fiancé gave you a symbol of their commitment (or vice versa), you can give your maid of honor one too. This 14K gold-filled or sterling silver ring can be engraved with a meaningful word, name or date that celebrates your friendship, the occasion or their personality. Every time they look at it, they'll be reminded of your love—and that they've got some MOH duties to tackle.

20. Bouquet of Yellow Roses

Yellow rose bouquet maid of honor proposal gift
Photo: 1-800-Flowers.com

Did you know that yellow roses are a symbol of friendship? Ask someone to be your maid or matron of honor with a gorgeous bouquet of these sunny flowers. 1-800-Flowers.com will deliver them straight to their door, alongside a gift message with your big question. You can even include a vase with the delivery.

21. Premade Maid-of-Honor Proposal Box

Maid of honor proposal gift box
Photo: SincerelyMeGift

Bridesmaid proposal boxes—especially ones that are premade for you—are a great (and easy) way to ask "Will you be my maid of honor?" This particular gift set will spoil your bestie with beauty products (think lip balm, a bath bomb, bath salts and a stone face roller) as well as a compact mirror, hair scrunchies, a candle, a heart-shaped ring dish, a satin sleep mask and a personalized stainless steel beverage tumbler. *Phew* What more could your MOH ask for to get ready for the big day?

22. Man of Honor Gift Set

Bridesman proposal gift set
Photo: DKGiftsBoutique

Your MOH should be the person you feel closest to—regardless of gender. If you're asking your bestie to be your man of honor, pick up this premade bridesman gift set. It can come with a custom wallet, bottle open and socks with their important role on it all of which is pre-gift-wrapped. It'll make all the other guys in the wedding party jealous!

23. Heart Pendant Necklace

Gorjana heart pendant necklace maid of honor proposal gift
Photo: Gorjana

If you couldn't tell, jewelry is one of our favorite maid-of-honor gifts, and this 18K gold-plated necklace will be their new favorite bauble. The heart pendant can be engraved with up to eight characters for extra sentiment. Think: "MOH," "BFF," their initials or their first name. We bet they'll flaunt this necklace on the big day.

24. Birthflower Travel Jewelry Case

Birthflower travel jewelry case maid of honor proposal gift
Photo: Amazon

Ask your maid of honor to hold your bouquet on the big day with this leather jewelry case. It's customized with their birth flower and name so they always have a safe and personal place to store their baubles. Naturally, we recommend adding bridesmaid jewelry to the box for extra oomph—they can wear the bling to the wedding.

Your Maid of Honor Proposal Questions, Answered

There's more to a "Will you be my maid of honor" proposal than just gifts—and there are more gift ideas than just what's on our list. Learn more about maid-of-honor proposals below.

How do you ask someone to be your MOH?

You've decided who will be your maid (or matron or man) of honor, so now what? While there's no one right way to ask someone to be your MOH, since it's such a big role, it's considerate to put a little time and energy into the proposal. This could mean a proposal gift or it could mean treating them to dinner, drinks or another special outing with just the two of you. According to The Knot's wedding party gifts survey, about one-third of the people surveyed gave their wedding party asking gifts—and of that cohort, two-thirds gave more than one gift. That said, a present, no matter how big or small, shows your loved one how much they mean to you as a friend and now MOH. While the majority of couples surveyed asked their wedding party in person, you have other options if your friends or family live far away. It's A-okay to give your long-distance bestie a call or send them a lil' something in the mail.

Once you know the who and what of your maid of honor proposal, it's time to think about the when. The earlier you ask your loved ones to be a part of your wedding party, the better. Our survey showed that a majority of couples proposed to their bridal party within two months of getting engaged. This is because it's important to give them leeway to budget not only money but also time off for the wedding. (Plus, the sooner you ask, the sooner you can dive into wedding-planning fun together!)

What kinds of gifts complement a MOH proposal?

Popular MOH proposal gifts include alcohol like celebratory champagne, edible confections like gourmet chocolate, beauty essentials like soothing lotion and cute drinkware like a tumbler or mug. Of course, you don't have to stick to the status quo. Think of something that reflects your unique friendship, like a sentimental photo gift or something that they can wear to wedding-related events, like jewelry. Still stumped? It's also common to buy a personalized gift that displays their name or MOH title. Custom presents are a tried-and-true way to make someone feel special.

What are the best MOH proposal gifts for sisters?

You've known your whole life that your sister will be your MOH, so how do you still surprise her with a proposal? A classic way to ask your sister to be your maid of honor is with a picture frame filled with a nostalgic photo from your childhood. Then, feel free to pair it with your other bridesmaid proposal gifts, like a bottle of sparkling wine (or non-alcoholic cider if she's not quite 21) and personalized drinkware. Alternatively, treat your sister to an experience together instead of a gift, like mani-pedis and brunch on you. Then pop the question with a thoughtful, handwritten card or a well-prepared toast over mimosas. No matter how you go about your sister's maid of honor proposal, make sure it comes from the heart. After all, no one knows you quite as well as she does.

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