14 Heartfelt Maid of Honor Proposal Ideas

Your bestie deserves the best.
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Updated Nov 05, 2021
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Choosing a maid or matron of honor is no easy feat. They'll be your right-hand woman (or man—hello, bridesmen) leading up to your wedding. Once you've decided whom you want to hold that sacred title of MOH, it's time for the maid of honor proposal. Of course, you don't have to propose with a gift, but it can be a nice gesture and possibly a keepsake for the future (even for the wedding day). If you want to put together a thoughtful maid of honor proposal, we're here to help. Show this person how much they mean to you with fun, creative and thoughtful proposal ideas. We've rounded up TK sweet keepsake gift ideas we know your bestie will love. Scroll down for some ideas on how to propose to your MOH.

Stuffed Tote

maid of honor proposal tote bag

Thinking of doing some sort of gift basket to pop the question? Consider holding all those items in a tote bag instead—it's functional and cute. Plus, they can use it on the actual wedding day to hold all of their belongings. Fill it with some goodies (think: stickers, t-shirts, candy and more) for an extra-special touch—it's the perfect way to pop the big question.

Comfy Sweatshirt

maid of honor proposal sweatshirt

We're fans of maid of honor proposal gifts that are practical. Your friend can wear this chic, cozy sweatshirt for pre-wedding events or while getting ready on the actual day. Plus, the "MOH" design is subtle enough that they can wear it after the fact.

Retro Bracelet

maid of honor proposal letters bracelet

The Little Words project was created to inspire people to be kind to themselves—and then to pass that kindness on. Gift your best friend this adorable bracelet to show her how much you appreciate their help and support. Plus, the retro, Y2K design is right on trend.

Personalized Water Bottle

maid of honor proposal water bottle

Another thoughtful yet practical maid of honor proposal gift? A personalized rose gold water bottle. They can bring it with them to the bachelorette party and to the wedding weekend to stay hydrated. Plus, you can gift the other members of your wedding party the same water bottle.

Gorgeous Jewelry Set

maid of honor proposal earrings and dish

Want to splurge on your best friend? Gift them this stunning jewelry set, which includes 24-karat gold-plated hoop earrings with pearls fresh from the sea. It also comes with a sparkly jewelry tray to celebrate the special occasion.

Sentimental Candle

maid of honor proposal candle

Your maid of honor proposal gift doesn't have to be huge. Give your BFF this handmade scented candle, which comes with a sweet message on the label. It comes in a variety of scents: from lavender to ocean breeze to wedding cake.

Gorgeous Gift Box

maid of honor proposal gift box

Get your bestie excited for the big day with this pretty gift box. It comes with Sugarfina's famous gummy rose bears, a luxe face mask and a bridesmaid minimergency kit—all wrapped up in a gorgeous box.

Handwritten Card

maid of honor proposal card

Keep your bridesmaid proposal gift simple by sending them a handwritten note. With its pretty cursive writing and watercolor roses, this card is an absolute keeper. Your friend will proudly display it on their desk or bedside table for months to come.

Loaded Gift Box

maid of honor proposal box

We're fans of this bridesmaid proposal box because it's thoughtful and simple. The decorative box includes confetti, an on-trend scrunchie hair tie, a personalized tumbler and a pretty jewelry dish. Simply add to cart, fill out the shipping information and you're done.

Sparkly Bracelet

maid of honor proposal bracelet

If your MOH has a minimal taste, gift them something they'll actually wear. This delicate bracelet features a pretty knot design and a personalized initial charm. The best part? It comes wrapped in a decorative box.

Man of Honor Gift Set

maid of honor proposal man of honor set

Your MOH should be the person you feel closest to—regardless of gender. If you're asking your bestie to be your man of honor, pick up this thoughtful gift set. It comes with a custom soy candle and a custom insulated tumbler. It'll make all the other groomsmen jealous!

Rosé-Themed Sweets

maid of honor proposal gummy bears

If your BFF loves to sip rosé all day, they'll love this maid of honor proposal gift. It comes with six small cubes of Sugarfina's cult-favorite rosé gummy bears. Not only are they delicious, they're also totally Instagram worthy.

Luxe Cosmetics Case

maid of honor proposal cosmetics case

MOH is a big job—help them stay organized on the day of the wedding with this clear cosmetics case. It'll fit all of their day-of necessities, and they'll be able to use if after the event too. Pro tip: You can get the rest of your bridal party matching bags for the wedding day too.

Maid of Honor Fanny Pack

maid of honor proposal fanny pack

Fanny packs are officially back. Lean into the trend with these fun bags, which will commemorate this special moment in your friendship. Psst: This is the perfect gift for any MOH that's the life of the party.

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