Bridesmaids: Must Spouses Be in the Wedding Party?


I would like to invite my dearest friends to be my bridesmaids. My problem is that I do not want their husbands to be in the wedding party as they will be walking ahead of me alone. Is this okay? Or will I have to bite the bullet and ask their husbands too?


You don't have to invite the spouses of your friends to be in the wedding party -- unless these men happen to be dear friends of the groom. And your friends are not going to expect you to put their husbands in the wedding party unless the groom is very close to them. So don't worry about it. Invite the husbands to the rehearsal, seat them with their wives at the reception, and include them in the general festivities. As far as "walking ahead of you alone": The bridesmaids always walk in alone. They are escorted out by the groomsmen in the recessional.

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