8 Amazing Wedding Exits

A limo and a few measly sparklers just weren't flashy enough for these couples' grand wedding reception exits.
by Justine Lorelle Blanchard
  1. A Paper Airplane Exit

    photo by Embrace Life Photography / The Knot

    For a retro spin on confetti, this couple gave their guests pre-made paper airplanes to toss as they made their escape.

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  2. A Silly String Exit

    photo by Diana M. Lott Photography / The Knot

    It's not a party until someone breaks out silly string! These newlyweds' guests let them have it as they left the reception.

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  3. A Ski Lift Exit

    photo by Pettit Photography / The Knot

    After their mountain wedding, this couple hitched a ride down on the ski lift for a memorable exit with an amazing view.

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  4. A Silver Streamer Exit

    photo by Eclectic Images / The Knot

    Hand-held party poppers (containing flashy tinsel streamers) gave this couple's exit a celebratory burst.

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  5. A Helicopter Exit

    photo by Shyla Photography / The Knot

    It's not the best option for budget brides, but these newlyweds blew their guests away by hiring a private helicopter to whisk them off to their hotel (after a high-flying tour of the area, of course!).

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  6. A Hot Air Balloon Exit

    photo by Whitebox Weddings / The Knot

    For the wow-factor of a helicopter with a bit more romance (not to mention a lot less noise), this couple opted for a hot air balloon to take them up and away.

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  7. A Yacht Exit

    photo by Recherché Photography / The Knot

    This couple knew that the best way to bid guests bon voyage after an oceanside reception was on a sleek yacht.

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  8. A Ticker Tape Explosion Exit

    photo by Michael Howard / The Knot

    This couple enlisted the help of their attendants (and a few rented confetti cannons) to create a blizzard of confetti as they dashed for the limo.

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