This New We-Vibe Sex Toy Wants to Join You Out on Date Night

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Jamie Cuccinelli the knot writer and wedding expert
Jamie Cuccinelli
Jamie Cuccinelli the knot writer and wedding expert
Jamie Cuccinelli
Senior Editor, Sex & Relationships
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Updated May 20, 2024
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As The Knot's Senior Sex & Relationships Editor, my inbox is certainly never boring. Take the other week when I received an email inviting me to a couple's dance class to celebrate the launch of a new We-Vibe egg vibrator. For clarity, an egg vibrator is a type of sex toy that's insertable, made to be comfortably worn inside the vagina for G-spot stimulation. Most are remote-controlled for a hands-free, discreet way to play. (Its bulbous shape is where it gets its poultry-inspired name.)

We-Vibe leveled up the tech though on this new iteration, the Jive 2. Spotlighted features included a perfect-fit shape, app-enabled capabilities, and vibrations that hum to the beat of music.

To review: I was being invited to a couple's dance class for the debut of a wearable sex toy that can discreetly vibrate to music. You see were I'm going with this?

Naturally, I RSVP'ed yes for myself and my girlfriend. (I mean, what would you do?)

The We-Vibe Jive 2

Upon unwrap, the We-Vibe Jive 2 is rather impressive on sight. Its egg-shaped design has an especially thoughtful ergonomic shape that can be vaginally inserted for G-spot stimulation. Adjustable for a perfect fit, a hinged tail rests against—and teases—the clitoris.

When switched it on, I was delighted to find its vibrations to be deep and rumbly (buzzier, higher frequency vibrators aren't usually my fave). It also boasts over 10 notably powerful intensity levels. But here's where things get interesting: It can be controlled from the brand's We-Vibe app for hands-free operation from anywhere. That, coupled with its wearable design, means it can be used discreetly outside the bedroom.

Onscreen, its techy features are admittedly cool: Via the app, the Jive 2's vibrations can be intensified or turned down, and a touch mode will have the vibe mimic the taps and squiggles of your or your partner's fingers. Particularly intriguing standouts are also its 'ambient' and 'beat' modes. The former will have the Jive-2 vibrating in sync with voices, moans or surrounding noise once granted microphone access; while the latter allows it to hum in tune with your own downloaded music.

And, with it only having been released this month, I've only JUST started exploring all that the Jive 2 can do.

Suggested Ways to Play:

  • Ahead of a date night in, add anticipation by having your partner download the We-Vibe on their phone. Slip in the vibrator in the hours before you meet up and they can buzz and tease you at their leisure—and your frustration.
  • Similarly, couples in long-distance relationships can control each other's toys from afar. Call each other up (you can chat and voice call without leaving the app) to kick things up another notch.
  • During partnered play, have your partner control the vibrator on their phone while you perform oral sex on them for simultaneous stimulation.
  • Safely experiment with public partner play by wearing the Jive 2 outside the bedroom.

    So how'd that one-of-a-kind date night go?

    While, no, I did not actually wear the Jive 2 out to the aforementioned couple's dance class (it was a work event, after all!), it did truthfully bump my heart rate up in more ways than one. A group dance class is so not my thing—black cat girlfriend, checking in—the night couldn't have been better: I spent an evening holding my partner's hand, laughing over trying something new and forming the bond of a shared experience (and multiple mezcal margs).

    Recently, the Wall Street Journal published findings that the strongest relationships are thought to be those that encourage "self-expansion," according to psychologists. In other words: if your partnership helps you grow as an individual and opens you up to new experiences, your connection as a couple will also likely flourish.

    And, ahem: Such an outward display of vulnerability can lead to heightened sexual experiences. As seen in a 2019 Canadian study WSJ cites, couples reported that exploring together and broadening one another's worldview to be a straight-up turn-on. Personally speaking, while we waited to switch on the Jive-2 in the privacy of my own apartment (in the earshot of only the neighbor's impressively talkative dachshund, Franklin)—and the sample size being just us—hypothesis proved correct.

    The Takeaway

    Trying new things as a couple presents the opportunity for stepping out of comfort zones, sharing vulnerability and building new layers of intimacy. Give it a go: Dedicate a date night every month or two to something you're both curious to explore. And if that so happens to involve taking a vibe for a ride, join the club. As Elisabeth Neumann, Sexologist and Head of User Research at We-Vibe says, "Our user data shows that people are interested in, and already are, using sex toys outside of the bedroom," pointing to a stat that shows 76% of couples reported feeling more adventurous with the locations that they have sex in since using the We-Vibe app.

    "If you are interested in trying out a wearable, restaurants and bars are great starting points because they are public places that feel intimate," suggests Neumann. "For those who want to take the next step, I recommend wearing it to the movies, as the loud sound atmosphere plays on the vibration sensations."

    If you fear an IRL performance of that When Harry Met Sally scene, rest assured that your novel and new experience can be PG or PG-13 rated. Our master list of date ideas here is a great place to gather inspo.

    But while on the topic, a new sex toy can totallyyyy count as your 'something new…'

    Shop Our Favorite We-Vibe Toys

    Plenty of unique encounters are ahead thanks to the remote and customizable capabilities of these We-Vibe sex toys. Here are three particular standouts we'd recommend to our BFFs and MOHs.


    Jive 2 vibrator with remote control and phone app
    Photo: We Vibe

    In short, the Jive-2 is a G-spot egg vibrator that delivers deliciously rumbly internal vibes. Its features include voice, music and microphone activation, long-distance access and more.

    We-Vibe Moxie+

    Black vibrator with remote control
    Photo: We Vibe

    For those who aren't into internal play, we recommend the We-Vibe Moxie+. This panty vibrator can be tucked inside underwear for hands-free external stimulation. Use either the We-Vibe app or the included remote for solo, partnered or long-distance play.

    We-Vibe Melt

    Orange vibrator
    Photo: We Vibe

    More into suction toys than traditional vibes? Then consider this clitoral stimulator that's quite aptly named (it'll make you do just that). The power and pulsations of its suction can be controlled remotely with the app, and its slim shape is unobtrusive—perfect for partnered romps as well as solo.

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