20 Wedding Photo Gifts They'll Actually Enjoy Receiving

Yes, it's possible to tactfully give gifts that feature your wedding photos. Here's how.
Wedding photo gift ideas including custom Mom photo and photo lockets
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Updated Mar 08, 2024
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If you and your partner are like most couples, you're counting down the seconds until you get your wedding photos back. These beautiful images capture the joy of your special day, and all the unforgettable moments. But should you give wedding photo gifts to relatives and friends?

A couple's wedding photos encapsulate the pure happiness and love shared between two people on their wedding day, making them truly special and exciting gifts, says Carissa Kruse, senior wedding planner at Carissa Kruse Weddings. But it turns out that gifts using wedding photos are the source of a bit of debate: Is this a self-centered thing to do, or is it sweet and sentimental?

Here, we'll take a look at several picture gift ideas, along with some etiquette considerations to think about before wrapping your wedding pictures as gifts.

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When to Give Wedding Photos as Gifts

When it comes to giving wedding photos as gifts, you want to tow the line between a meaningful gesture and a gift that comes across as being all about you. Following a few simple etiquette rules can help you decide whether and when to give a wedding photo as a gift.

In general, wedding photos make suitable gifts for close family members and friends who attended the wedding, including parents, grandparents, siblings and close relatives, Kruse says. "For distant relatives or friends, I recommend traditional gifts like personalized wedding frames." Giving a photo from your wedding in a frame they can reuse is a nice compromise here.

If you're wondering when gifting wedding photos is acceptable and when it may not be, know that it's best to give gifts using wedding photos as a token of love or appreciation sometime after your wedding. "Gifting a wedding photo as a random gesture of gratitude for their presence on your big day is thoughtful and meaningful," says Kruse, "while specific events like birthdays or Christmas typically call for more traditional gifts."

How to Give Wedding Photos as Gifts

If you do choose to give someone a wedding photo as a gift, make sure to personalize it with a thoughtful note or message, says Kruse. "This adds an extra touch of sentimentality and shows the recipient that you put effort into the gift."

If you're at all worried about coming across as self-centered, a personalized message can certainly help with that. Something like, "this was my favorite moment of the evening" or, "I'll always be grateful you shared our special day with us" will make the recipient feel appreciated and loved, and will serve to explain why you're gifting a photo from your wedding day.

Another idea: Feature a wedding photo on your thank-you note stationery. That way, you'll be able to send all of your loved ones a photo from the big day. The Knot Invitations has lots of options to choose from.

The Best Wedding Photo Gift Ideas

Now that you've finally had a chance to pour over the beautiful memories from your special day, you're likely eager to start sharing them with family and friends. If so, you've come to the right place. Here, we're bringing you 20 wedding photo gift ideas for fun and creative ways to share your favorite snaps with your favorite folks.

1. Photo Ornament

Wedding photo ornament gift idea
Photo: Personalization Mall

Here's a simple and inexpensive idea if you want to give Christmas gifts with wedding photos. This two-sided photo ornament allows you to gift your loved ones not one, but two pictures from your wedding. Perhaps you could opt to display your favorite picture of you and your partner on one side, and choose a special photo with each recipient on the flip side for a customized and meaningful wedding photo gift.

2. Photo Mug

Wedding Photo Mug gift for friends and family
Photo: Personalization Mall

A mug is a great wedding picture gift idea for friends! A coffee mug is always a welcome gift, and one that features the two of you on your wedding day is that much more special. This 11-ounce mug features a collage of wedding photos and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

3. Modern Photo Frame

Modern Photo Frame wedding photo gift idea for friends and family
Photo: Artifact Uprising

Like we mentioned above, a great way to give wedding photo gifts is to display one in a frame they can reuse at a later date. This wedding picture frame from Artifact Uprising comes in a variety of sizes, from 8x10 to 40x30, and three sleek, modern finishes.

4. Custom Photo Calendar

Custom Photo Calendar wedding photo gift for friends and family
Photo: Artifact Uprising

Fun and relatively inexpensive, this desktop photo calendar would make a great personalized wedding photo gift for friends or relatives. That's because you can choose 12 photos - one for each month - that include a variety of people and moments. Personalize with different photos, two wood finishes and a variety of fonts. What's more, it's a useful gift as well, and we consider that a win-win!

5. Photo Wrapped Hardcover Book

Photo Wrapped Hardcover Book wedding photo gift idea
Photo: Artifact Uprising

One of the best wedding photo gifts for parents is a beautifully presented wedding photo album. This one, from Artifact Uprising, checks all the boxes. This hardcover photo book is available in four different size options and two paper finishes: matte or lustre. Using the site, you can easily design a completely customizable book that displays all your favorite photos from your big day.

6. Walnut Photo Block

Walnut Photo Block wedding photo gift idea for family
Photo: Artifact Uprising

The perfect wedding photo gift for your friends who place a high priority on sustainable living, this photo block is made of reclaimed walnut wood. Not only can it be reused for other photos, this little block keeps a low profile and won't take up much space on their desk. Holds up to 10 5x5 prints.

7. Customized Gift Builder

Customized Gift Builder wedding photo gift for parents
Photo: Greetabl

Here's a fun way of giving wedding photos as gifts! This sweet little mini gift from Greetabl allows you to customize a paper gift box that contains a small gift of your choice, like a gift card or a sweet treat. This is a perfect way to share one of your favorite wedding snaps with a friend or relative who lives far away. They'll love the surprise, and the keepsake, too!

8. Photo Coasters

Wedding photo coasters gifts for parents
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Here's another clever way to immortalize your wedding day with family and friends. This set of four 4-inch by 4-inch marble coasters features your favorite pictures, burnished for a vintage aesthetic. If you're into gifting wedding photos, these coasters make a great option.

9. Watercolor Photo

Watercolor Wedding Photo gifts
Photo: Memorialize Shop

One of the best wedding picture gifts, this beautiful, full-color canvas print features your favorite wedding photo in watercolor. This would be a great way to gift a photo of just you and your partner (which would be suitable for your parents or grandparents), or your favorite group photo (choose up to 10 people). This beautiful gift is available as a digital file, a canvas or a poster print in a variety of sizes.

10. Photo Memory Box

Wedding Photo Memory Box gifts for friends and family
Photo: Lasting Snapshots

Share your favorite wedding snaps with friends and family when you opt for this adorable photo box. The accordion-style box contains up to 10 photos, which you'll upload from your device using the URL provided. When your loved ones are finished browsing your wedding pictures, they can tuck them neatly back inside the wooden keepsake box.

11. Mom Custom Wedding Photo

Mom Custom Wedding Photo gifts for parents
Photo: Love People As Yourself

We can't think of a better way to bring happy tears to your mom's eyes than this adorable print. Here, the word "mom" appears as a cut-out that displays some of your favorite images from your big day. Find your favorites of you and your leading lady, and customize this super special wedding photo gift for your mom.

12. Glittery Photo Holder

Glittery Photo Holder wedding photo gifts for parents
Photo: Amazon

Looking for a less expensive way of giving wedding photos as gifts? This cute little acrylic frame from Amazon displays one replaceable photo, but glams it up with shakeable glitter to add a sparkly touch. Add a 3.5x5 or 4x6 print from your wedding for a fun way to share your favorite memory with loved ones.

13. Photo Projection Bracelet

Photo Projection Bracelet wedding photo gift idea for parents
Photo: Amazon

We love this sweet idea if you're looking for unique wedding photo gifts. This friendship-style bracelet comes with a hidden bonus: the center bauble projects a single photo of your choice, which makes this simple gift so meaningful. With several different stones and bracelet colors to choose from, it's the perfect way to share your memories of your big day with your besties.

14. Candle and Photo Combination

Candle and Photo Combination custom wedding photo gift for parents
Photo: Just Bobble

This pretty crystal candle holder displays a laser-engraved photo, making it a perfect token of gratitude for those closest to you. Given as a gift shortly after your big day, this makes a perfect way to say thank you, while sharing your favorite snap from the event.

15. Wooden Photo Prisma

Wooden Wedding Photo Prisma gift for parents
Photo: Woodili

This super cool wedding photo gift is a fun nod to your big day. The wooden prisma contorts into tons of different shapes, displaying 15 different images of your choice. Once your friend or loved one has finished playing with it, they can return it to its original shape, which sits neatly on an included wooden stand. This unique wedding photo gift is sure to be a hit.

16. Photo Keychain

Wedding Photo Keychain gift idea
Photo: Coco Banana Designs

These tiny photo keychains are one of our favorite personalized wedding photo gifts for friends, and would be perfect for your wedding party, too. Choose from a ton of customization options, like colors and fonts, and hand out a snap of you with each recipient for a super-sweet way to let them know how much you appreciate them.

17. Photo Locket

Photo Locket wedding photo gift
Photo: Anavia Design

If you're looking for wedding picture gift ideas, don't overlook the most time-honored way to give a photo: a locket! This chic pearl locket breathes new life into an otherwise outdated trend, with a sleek circular shape. No one will even know it's a locket except the wearer! This locket holds two photos and comes in silver or gold, with the option to personalize the back.

18. Long-Distance Frame

Wooden wedding photo frame gift idea for family
Photo: Uncommon Goods

What's better than giving someone a picture from your wedding? Giving it to them in this long-distance friendship frame, of course! The frames can be paired with one another, allowing you to touch your frame and light up your loved one's frame. What a sweet way to let them know you're thinking of them. What's more, the removable back allows for easy replacement of the photo.

19. Photo String Lights

Photo String Lights wedding photos gift idea
Photo: Amazon

How adorable is this wedding photo gift idea? Perfect for a bestie or maybe for a younger recipient, these twinkly lights are adorned with tiny clear clips to hold your favorite snaps. Package these with an envelope containing a few of your favorite photos from your big day, which your loved one can display along with a bunch of their other pictures.

20. Heart Snapshot Mix

Heart Wedding Photo Collage gift idea
Photo: Minted

This beautiful collection of photos in the shape of a heart has quickly become one of the most popular photo gifts in recent years. And we love it as an option if you're wondering how to gift wedding photos to family. With a variety of sizes and frame styles, this stunning personalized gift displays all your favorite photos in a collection they're sure to treasure.

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