How to Choose the Right Wedding Video Music

Love Stories TV founder Rachel Silver shares what goes into choosing the perfect tune for your wedding video.
by Maggie Seaver

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten emotional watching a random couple’s wedding video. Same—and we’re not ashamed of it. Why do wedding films always do that, even if we’ve never seen these people before in our lives? Probably because their videographer did a brilliant job piecing their sweetest wedding moments together, accompanied by the perfect music. So how do couples land on the right tune for their wedding video? Or is it all up to their filmmaker to choose instrumentals? Here’s how the whole process works, and why such a small decision is actually pretty important.

Sound Sets the Tone

Long story short, whether you choose a song with lyrics or light instrumentals, the music you choose has an emotional sway. It adds another layer of feeling to your film, giving it personality and color, as well as tying together all the various edited footage. “Along with the filmmakers editing style, the music helps dictate the tone, such as dramatic or lighthearted,” says Rachel Silver, founder of Love Stories TV. Also, depending on your preferences and how long your video is, Silver says different songs can correspond to different parts of the film (think: the vows versus the reception).

Get Inspired, Then Come Prepared

If you do some homework researching video styles and music types, you’ll likely end up finding specific videographers you love. And since the word homework isn’t all that appealing, here’s a better translation: Watch tons of wedding videos (check out or a videographer’s website). “The best advice I can give when it comes to your video is to watch a lot of wedding videos before deciding on your filmmaker,” Silver says. “Then you can let your filmmaker know which of their videos are your favorite, and why, or share songs you love from films they’ve done for other clients. [It gives your videographer] a sense of what you like, which makes everything easier—including choosing the right music.”

Trust Your Videographer

In terms of the actual process of choosing video music, you might be wondering whether you or your videographer gets to make the final call. Silver says the editing process varies by filmmaker and depends on their relationship with the couple. “Most filmmakers prefer to choose the music themselves, and—pro tip—you should let them,” she says. “They’re the experts and they know where to find the right music that best accompanies your wedding style.”

Videographers Can Only Use Licensed Music

“The most important thing to understand is filmmakers need to use licensed music,” Silver says. “This means the song’s owner has given permission for the filmmaker to use it in your wedding video.” Videographers often purchase a song or piece of music from from a marketplace such as Music Bed or Song Freedom, which offer all kinds of options to enhance your film and help bring your wedding day to life long after it’s over.

Grab a tissue and check out two of Silver's favorite Love Stories TV wedding videos right here, each with totally different music that's perfect for the couple.

Shelby and Tyler's Wedding

Video by: Reel Special

Song: "In the Stars" by Analog Heart

McKenzie and Kentavious's Wedding 

Video by: The McKellars Wedding Cinema

Song: "Off the Record" by EZA

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