30 Awesome 24th Anniversary Gift Ideas to Surprise the One You Love

We've found meaningful traditional and modern gifts to mark two dozen years of marriage.
a collage of 24th anniversary gift ideas
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Updated Jun 21, 2023
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Two dozen years of marriage—what a remarkable achievement for you and your spouse! While the 24th anniversary may not seem like a big one, we think every marriage milestone should be celebrated in some way, and picking out a meaningful 24th anniversary gift for your other half is a lovely way to commemorate another happy year together. If you're stumped for ideas, don't stress—we've found some of the best 24th anniversary gifts out there to honor the occasion. Whether you're after a traditional or modern anniversary gift or something completely different, we're here to make the shopping experience a little bit easier. Keep reading to find out more about the various symbols associated with the 24th wedding anniversary.

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Traditional 24th Anniversary Gifts

The traditional 24th anniversary gift is an opal, an iridescent gem thought to inspire love, hope and prosperity. This striking stone is also said to bring happiness and good luck to those who wear it, which anyone who has been married for 24 years surely deserves. While opal jewelry may seem like the most obvious gifting choice, there are a few other ways to pay tribute to the traditional 24th anniversary theme. From iridescent glassware to opal-inspired accessories, we've rounded up the best thematic gifts to help you spoil that special someone in your life.

Opal Stud Earrings

If you want to impress your spouse with a traditional (and romantic) 24th anniversary gift, you can't go wrong with a pair of elegant earrings. These pretty opal studs are the perfect way to add some subtle shimmer to any outfit, whether it's for work, play or a combination of both. The lab-created opals look multi-colored depending on the light, while the vermeil prong settings add just the right amount of shine to the overall design. We bet your partner will be so thrilled they'll want to try these beautiful baubles on immediately.

Stemless Champagne Flutes

Cheers to 24 joyful years! Whether you're toasting to your long and happy marriage with a glass of bubbly or a zesty mimosa, these opalescent champagne flutes will look the part. The stemless, double-walled design is lightweight yet durable, while the pretty iridescent glass is right on theme for the 24th anniversary. Pair them with your favorite bottle of champagne to make this traditional anniversary gift really pop.

Silver Opal Pendant

A well-chosen piece of jewelry is a great way to treat your spouse, especially if they wouldn't normally splurge on themselves. This elegant pendant features a pretty round opal finished with rope detailing in sterling silver. The simple, timeless design will ensure they'll get lots of wear out of it on any occasion, starting with a romantic 24th anniversary dinner date, perhaps?

Opal Cuff Bracelet

If your spouse has an eye for contemporary accessories, they'll love this gold bracelet from Kendra Scott. This dainty pinch cuff is made from 14K gold-plated brass with a beautiful white Kyocera opal set on either end. These lab-grown stones take over a year to produce and are carefully crafted to created mimic the iridescent structure of natural opals. It's an affordable and ethical option for anyone who loves statement jewelry without the designer price tag.

Personalized Pebble Art

Show off your sentimental side with this cute, personalized pebble art. It's handmade from natural materials, like stones and dried grass, which are carefully placed to resemble a couple huddled together under a tree. The framed keepsake also features an iridescent glass heart to nod to the traditional opal anniversary theme. Have it customized with your names, a sweet message or a meaningful quote for a 24th anniversary gift you'll be proud to display in your happy home.

Layered Opal Necklace

Expand your spouse's jewelry collection with a genuine opal necklace for the 24th wedding anniversary. The delicate round stone is effortlessly elegant, while the two stacked chains create that chic layered look that's everywhere right now. Available in two hardware options, sterling silver or gold vermeil, it's a gorgeous accessory that'll suit anyone who loves wearing minimalistic jewelry.

In search of a gift that'll give your spouse's formalwear a fashionable upgrade? These striking opal cuff links could be the answer you've been looking for. They're made from raw, ethically sourced opals set in square stainless steel platforms for elegant accessories that'll give any sleeve a stylish edge. Bonus: They come in a chic gift box that you can personalize with your partner's name or initials for a super sweet presentation.

Iridescent Aviator Sunglasses

If opal jewelry is not on your gifting radar, but you still want to nod to the traditional theme, you can choose something opalescent instead. These retro aviator sunglasses are a subtle way to do just that, thanks to their rimless mirrored iridescent lenses. They're a great gift for anyone who loves to look stylish while they're out and about and are a fun take on a classic pair of Ray-Bans. Plus, they offer 100% protection against the sun's UVA and UVB rays, so their eyes will be shielded from any glaring midday rays.

Opal Anniversary Pocket Watch

After almost a quarter-century of marriage, you and your spouse are probably well aware of how quickly time passes. Pay tribute to all the happy years you have shared with this elegant opal anniversary pocket watch. This personalized anniversary gift can be customized with your names and wedding date in a font of your choice for a symbolic keepsake your partner can stash in their pocket. Choose from gold or silver metallic finishes to compliment the colorful opalescent watch face.

Opal Palm Crystal

If your spouse has a spiritual side (or is simply looking for a new way to feel relaxed), this opal palm crystal makes for a unique 24th anniversary gift. The tiny stone is formed from genuine opal, which is said to bring protection and healing energy to anyone who holds it in their hand. Ideal for meditation and relaxation, it's great for someone who tends to fidget when they're nervous or needs a gentle distraction from their daily worries.

Modern 24th Anniversary Gifts

In addition to a traditional theme, the 24th anniversary also has a modern symbol: a musical instrument. This unusual gift embodies all the passion and emotion that music signifies while also representing a couple who are perfectly in tune with each other. Whether your partner is a musical prodigy or an enthusiastic beginner, there are loads of ways to incorporate the modern theme into your gift. Even if they don't play an instrument, you can get creative and give them any kind of music-related gift to mark your 24th wedding anniversary. Our list is bursting with lots of cool modern gifts, from personalized LP records to wireless earbuds, so you're sure to find something special for the music lover in your life.

Turntable Cheese Board

What do you get a music enthusiast who also loves cheese? A turntable-inspired cheese board, of course! This slate platter is designed to look like a record player, but the needle is actually a hidden cheese slicer (how clever is that?). Pair it with a selection of your partner's favorite savory snacks for a modern 24th anniversary gift that's anything but cheesy.

Personalized Song

If you're looking for a really romantic gift that'll sweep your partner off their feet (again), here it is: a professionally written song about your relationship. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your other half using an online form before singer-songwriter David Morgan turns your stories into an original song. Choose between a one-minute and three-minute track for a truly unique 24-year anniversary gift that'll have your beloved reaching for the tissues. Cue the happy tears!

Portable Wireless Speaker

No game night or dinner party is complete without a great playlist, so enhance your partner's DJ skills by gifting them a Bluetooth speaker. This model has touch controls and an impressive 11-hour battery life, allowing you to dance the night away. It's also portable and water-resistant, so you can use it in the backyard or bring it to the beach. With a modern, music-inspired gift like this, you and your partner can look forward to hearing sweet music for years to come.

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

If you're searching for a great music-inspired gift for him or her, it's hard to beat a good set of wireless earbuds. This Bluetooth-enabled pair is ideal for anyone who loves listening to their favorite tunes or podcasts while they're commuting, working remotely or at the gym. The long battery life offers up to five hours of listening time, while noise-reduction technology helps eliminate any background sounds and distractions.

Personalized LP Record

Want to ensure your 24th anniversary gift is a smash hit? Give them a really cool LP record personalized with your names and five of your favorite tracks. This retro artwork is made from a recycled vinyl record that can be customized to include the songs you both love, whether that's your first dance tune or a more recent number. Choose from two metallic options of gold or platinum for an on-theme gift that's destined to shine.

LEGO Model Guitar Kit

If your spouse is someone who is young at heart, a fun anniversary gift is a no-brainer. This LEGO kit contains all the pieces they need to build a model of a 1970s Fender Stratocaster guitar and a Fender 65 Princeton Reverb amplifier, including a foldable display stand, a logo sticker and model-scale guitar picks in four colors. Whether they build it alone or get you involved, they'll spend several enjoyable hours putting this unique creation together.

Custom Music Plaque

Do you and your spouse still hum your wedding song from time to time? If you have a special tune you both treasure, this custom music plaque is a lovely way to make it even more memorable. Simply choose your favorite song and one of your wedding photos to be transformed into a meaningful keepsake, complete with the song title and the artist's name printed on clear acrylic. Whether you display it on your coffee table or nightstand, it'll always remind you of when you danced together for the first time as a married couple.

Personalized Guitar Pick

After 24 years of marriage, remind your partner that they'll always be your first pick, no matter what. This handmade guitar pick is engraved with a sweet, simple message, "I pick you," for a modern 24th anniversary gift that'll give them all the feels. If your spouse plays the guitar, it's also a lovely way to show them how much you support and appreciate their unique talents.

Sound Wave Art

Here's another creative way to incorporate your favorite romantic tune into your gifting. This wooden sound wave art is modeled off a snippet, chorus or full rendition of your chosen track for a creation that's as unique as you two are. It doesn't necessarily have to be your first dance song, though—you could also pick a tune from the year you met or something you always sing along to together during long car rides.

Kazoo Guessing Game

Sometimes a silly anniversary gift is where it's at, especially if you and your partner love to laugh together. This kazoo guessing game is suitable for between two and four players and is guaranteed to leave you giggling. The aim of the game is to play a song on one of the kazoos included while your opponents try to guess what the melody is. It comes with everything you need to play right away, including 100 tune cards, four colored kazoos, a sand timer and a set of instructions. Whether you play it as a duo or with friends, you can expect to have plenty of laughs together.

Unique 24th Anniversary Gifts

If you're not feeling the traditional and modern gifting themes, there are a few other 24th anniversary symbols to consider. The official anniversary flower is lavender, a scented purple bloom that represents calmness, serenity and healing. Interestingly, lavender is also the 24th anniversary color and is a symbol of intuition, romance and nostalgia—which is pretty fitting for a couple who has spent nearly 25 years creating precious memories together. Finally, tanzanite is the designated 24th anniversary gemstone. This vibrant violet jewel signifies many things, including heart, intellect, purity and perception. If you're still not sure about a symbolic gift, feel free to throw the rule book out the window in favor of a more unique option. We've found some great alternative anniversary gifts to suit various tastes and personalities, from personalized wall art to indoor gardens and a few well-chosen accessories.

Personalized Wall Art

This personalized photo art is a really cool (and thoughtful) 24th anniversary gift to commemorate where your paths crossed for the first time. The simple graphic print displays your names as street signs, joined together at the "intersection of love." It's a lovely way to celebrate when your romantic journey began and how your relationship has continued on in the right direction for 24 happy years.

Smart Indoor Garden

Anyone, green-thumbed or not, can cultivate a flourishing garden with this innovative planter. All they need to do is insert the plant pods, add water and let technology take care of the rest. From automating watering times to managing the perfect amount of light and nutrients, this clever device will ensure flowers, fruits and vegetables thrive indoors. Bonus: Lavender is one of the flower options, so feel free to add these to your order to incorporate the 24th anniversary flower into your gift.

Adventure Challenge Date Cards

Running out of date night ideas is totally normal, especially when you're busy balancing work and family life. Here's a thoughtful 24th anniversary gift that'll help you reconnect with your partner without upending your weekly schedule. The Adventure Challenge's mini-dates pack is jam-packed with fun scratch-off activities that can be completed in under 30 minutes (so you've no excuses for not having the time). Best of all, minimal supplies are needed so you can cut out the prep and get straight to the date!

Lavender-Colored Bouquet

Waking up to a bouquet of fresh flowers on the table is a lovely way to surprise your spouse on your 24th wedding anniversary. This lavender-colored bouquet of dreamy pink and purple blooms includes roses, carnations, daisy poms, button poms and stock, and comes in a clear vase with a purple ribbon. Choose from four different sizes, from small to extra large, to pay tribute to the 24th anniversary color and the one you love.

Baseball Bottle Opener

Married to a dedicated baseball fan? This unique bottle opener is guaranteed to knock them out of the park. The wood base is made from a real MLB bat that was used in a past game played by their favorite sports team. Whether they're a Cubs supporter or a fan of the Dodgers, they'll feel honored to own a piece of their beloved team's history. It's a thoughtful and practical 24th anniversary gift that's sure to be a big hit.

Monogrammed Jewelry Case

If your partner loves wearing jewelry and traveling the world, here's a practical 24th anniversary gift they'll really appreciate. Designed to prevent accessories from getting tangled while on the move, this compact leather case features four necklace hooks, six earring holes and a ring holder. It's ideal for throwing into a suitcase and is a travel essential your jet-setting spouse will never want to be without. Have it monogrammed with their initials to add a personal touch at no extra cost.

Lavender-Colored Reading Pillow

Take inspiration from the 24th anniversary color (lavender) and your spouse's favorite hobby with this plush reading pillow. Soft yet firm, it has two "arms" where your partner can rest their elbows while reading a book, along with three pockets for storing a TV remote, phone or even snacks. Even if they're not an avid reader, they'll love sinking into this after a long day to watch a movie or their favorite show. Warning: When you see how comfy they are, you may be tempted to pick one up for yourself!

Tanzanite Hoop Earrings

Pay tribute to the 24th anniversary stone with a pair of simple, elegant earrings. This stylish duo features dainty tanzanite gems suspended from sterling silver or 14K gold fill hoops. These minimalist accessories can be worn with any outfit and are the perfect way to add a dash of color to your spouse's jewelry collection. You can choose from five different hoop sizes to suit their personal style.

Lavender Gift Set

If your partner is always on the go, here's a thoughtful gift that'll inspire them to take some time out to recharge their batteries. Inspired by the 24th anniversary color and flower, the bundle includes a lavender grow kit, a lavender pillow spray, a floral soy-blend candle and a cotton sleep mask for a restful night's sleep. Our suggestion? Add in a handwritten note with a time and date each week when they can prioritize their self-care routine to make this great gift even sweeter.

Plush Cotton Bathrobe

Whether your spouse likes to spend weekends relaxing by the pool or lounging in their pajamas, they won't say no to a plush cotton bathrobe. This one from Brooklinen is inspired by the brand's super-soft towels and is made from combed Turkish cotton. With wide sleeve adjustable cuffs, roomy pockets and a tie waist, it's the perfect coverup after an early morning swim or a long, luxurious shower. Choose from a variety of colors, including white, grey and blue, to delight your partner with the ultimate spa-worthy robe.

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