The Best 24th Anniversary Gifts for Your Spouse or Favorite Couple

Celebrate long-lasting love with a thoughtful present.
a collage of 24th anniversary gift ideas
Monica Mercuri - The Knot Assistant Commerce Editor
Monica Mercuri
Monica Mercuri - The Knot Assistant Commerce Editor
Monica Mercuri
Assistant Commerce Editor
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Updated Jan 26, 2022
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Congratulations are in order! You or a couple you love has made it to 24 years of marriage, an accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated. (After all, that's almost a quarter of a century together!) While you might think that your inspiration has run dry after nearly 25 years, you're in luck. We've come up with plenty of sweet and sentimental 24th anniversary gift ideas—meaning your shopping duties just got a lot easier. Some of our picks follow the traditional or modern anniversary gift theme, while others are simply heartfelt presents that they'll be delighted to receive. Read more about 24-year anniversary gifts and what they symbolize below. Then, get to shopping!

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What Is the 24th Anniversary Gift?

Traditional: Opal

Traditionally, the 24th anniversary symbol is opal. The colorful gem is believed to inspire love and hope, and it's also said to bring happiness and good luck to those who own it. While 24 years of marriage isn't an easy accomplishment, it's one that's filled with joy and love, making this stone an ideal representation of the anniversary.

Modern: Musical Instruments

In addition to opal, musical instruments are recognized as a 24th anniversary theme. Whether your partner is a musical prodigy or they've had the same playlist on repeat for the majority of your marriage, there are so many thoughtful and unique music gifts that fit this fresh take on the traditional theme.

Anniversary Flower, Color and Stone

You can also gift something related to the 24th anniversary flower, color or stone. The anniversary flower (and color), lavender, represents serenity, calmness and healing. Meanwhile, the stone tanzanite is said to align the heart and mind and bring good luck and prosperity. Looking for creative gifts that symbolize these themes? Keep scrolling for a few great lavender and tanzanite gift ideas.

Opal Anniversary Gifts

Believe it or not, there are plenty of opal-themed gifts to represent the traditional 24th anniversary theme. We've rounded up creative and meaningful opal presents your loved one(s) will appreciate and use on the daily.

minimalist gold bracelet with opal stone 24th anniversary

There's something timeless about this minimalist gold bracelet accented with iridescent opal. The dainty double chain can be styled with other pieces or simply worn solo. It's a thoughtful jewelry gift to celebrate a special anniversary.

24th anniversary traditional theme opal facial roller

Your partner's next at-home spa day will feel much more luxurious when they use this opal facial roller. The piece is said to stimulate, brighten and detox the skin while attracting love and positive energy (we're for all of that). Buy an extra one for yourself while you're shopping!

24th anniversary layered gold necklace with opal stone

Expand your spouse's jewelry collection with a genuine opal necklace for the 24th wedding anniversary. The delicate stone will add a pop of color to any outfit, making it a perfect everyday bauble. And, this necklace achieves a stylish, layered look thanks to the two stacked chains.

steel tie clip with raw opal stone 24th anniversary

Help your other half keep their tie in place with this unique opal anniversary gift. It's a simple steel tie clip accented with a bold raw opal stone. This dapper accessory is sure to make a statement at their next formal event.

S'well stainless steel water bottle with opal design 24th anniversary

If your S.O. is always on the go, they'll appreciate a cute, convenient water bottle. This stainless steel bottle can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours (or hot for up to 12). Plus, the opal-inspired design is perfectly on theme for the 24th wedding anniversary.

white elegant 14-karat opal studs for 24th wedding anniversary

Treat your partner to a set of elegant opal earrings for your 24th wedding anniversary. Made with 14-karat white gold, these sparkling studs will go with so many outfits. You simply can't go wrong with this classic opal anniversary gift.

24th anniversary opal glass stylish nesting bowls, set of four
Rocky Luten, Ty Mecham

Keep the couple's cabinets organized with stylish nesting bowls made from opal glass. This four-piece set is ideal for all of their prepping and serving needs—so they can stir, whisk and toss with ease. We're loving this practical and traditional 24th anniversary gift!

whimsical dragonfly eternity necklace with 24th anniversary opal stone

Express your everlasting love with this whimsical dragonfly eternity necklace. The pendant's center depicts a dragonfly created with opals, blue sapphires, round-cut diamonds and 14-karat gold. It's an unexpected and romantic gift that they can hold close to their heart.

cute pebble art for 24th anniversary gift

This artist uses natural materials, like stones and dried grass, to create a sweet piece of "pebble art." Each framed keepsake features a cute pebble couple and an iridescent glass heart to nod to the traditional anniversary theme.

24th anniversary opalescent champagne flutes

They'll happily clink these opalescent champagne flutes in celebration of 24 years of marriage. The stemless, double-walled design is chic and durable. This fun 24th anniversary gift will make their Sunday morning mimosas taste even better.

blue opal hair clip for 24th anniversary

Surprise your spouse with a practical hair clip in a beautiful shade of opal blue. This handmade hairpiece has a gold floral overlay that exudes elegance. Take it from us barrette lovers—it's an accessory they'll love having close by.

shimmery opalescent highlighter for 24th anniversary

Here's a creative take on the traditional 24th anniversary theme: a shimmery highlighter for your partner's makeup collection. The opalescent shade, Moonstone, will give them an illuminating, dewy look every time they swipe it on. They'll use this makeup staple until it runs out.

Music Anniversary Gifts

While musical instruments are the official modern 24th anniversary theme, you're more than welcome to take some liberties and give any kind of music-related gift. From custom guitar picks to personalized song prints, there's something for everybody.

24th anniversary turntable-inspired cheese board

What do you get a music enthusiast who also loves cheese? A turntable-inspired cheese board, of course! This slate platter was designed to look like a record player, but the needle is actually a hidden cheese slicer (how clever is that?). They'll be serving tasty snacks and impressing their family and friends in no time.

24th anniversary custom music plaque

Do you and your spouse still hum your wedding song from time to time? Well, did you know that you can take your wedding song and have it printed on a custom plaque? This Etsy shop turns memorable music into meaningful art, complete with the song's title, the artist's name and a scannable song QR code. You can even add your favorite wedding photo! They'll be so impressed with this personalized 24th anniversary gift.

professionally written song for 24th anniversary gift

Here's another customizable 24-year anniversary music gift: a professionally written song about your relationship! Answer a few questions and share some stories about your marriage using an online form. Then, singer-songwriter David Morgan will take your stories and turn them into an original composition that'll blow your S.O. away.

frame with the lyrics of your wedding song for 24th anniversary gift

Reminisce on your first dance as newlyweds by framing the lyrics of your wedding song. This meaningful print would make a charming addition to any room in your house. For an extra cost, the seller can add the song's Spotify QR code—so it can always take you right back to your special track.

24th anniversary vinyl-inspired cuff links

In keeping with the modern 24th anniversary gift theme, we just had to include these adorable vinyl-inspired cuff links. They're perfect conversation starters that freshen up formalwear. Want even more music-themed options? Check out this site's cool electric guitar and piano cuff links!

Cameo personalized video from musician and singers for modern 24th anniversary gift

Seriously, what's a better way to tell your partner how much you love them than with a surprise message from their favorite musical artist? With Cameo, you can request a personalized video from a range of singers and musicians (including Lance Bass, Tommy Lee and Dionne Warwick). Plus, you can watch your S.O. completely freak out when they open the special video. (You can thank us later.)

I pick you guitar pick for modern 24th anniversary present

After 24 years of marriage, remind your partner that they'll always be your first pick with this handmade "I pick you" engraved guitar pick. It's a sweet music-themed gift and they'll think of you every time they use it. We call that a win-win.

canvas print with your wedding song's sheet music for modern 24th anniversary gift

How about a truly unique canvas that'll look lovely in your home? You can personalize this print to display your wedding song's sheet music and include a photo of you and your spouse. It's a meaningful 24th anniversary gift that you can pass down to future generations.

Customized music amp doormat for 24th anniversary music gift

Give the music-loving couple something fun to personalize their entryway. Put their family name center stage with this rock-and-roll doormat. The creative amp design (by graphic artist Jim Holodak) is anything but ordinary.

black portable bluetooth speaker modern 24th anniversary music gift

No game night or dinner party is complete without a great playlist, so enhance your favorite couple's DJ skills by gifting them a Bluetooth speaker. This model has touch controls, an impressive 11+ hour battery life and is water resistant, among many other useful features. And it's portable, so you can easily transport it anywhere.

vinyl gift subscription for 24th wedding anniversary gift

Ready for the ultimate gift for record lovers? Give them a vinyl subscription; it's perfect for someone who wants to expand (or start) their own record collection. Choose from one, three or 12 prepaid months and your gift will be delivered in the form of a membership activation card. From there, your recipient can build a member profile and receive new music tailored to their taste. No wonder this is one of our favorite subscription boxes for couples!

Alternative 24th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Nearly two and a half decades of marriage is a milestone accomplishment, so we've rounded up the best anniversary gift ideas to help celebrate. Below, you'll find some unique presents that go beyond the traditional and modern 24th anniversary themes.

24th anniversary double disc pendant necklace

Symbolize you and your partner's close-knit bond with a double disc necklace. Select two initials to be hand-stamped onto the pendants. This easy-to-layer jewelry is a worthwhile choice for any minimalist.

24th anniversary MLB bat wine opener for baseball fans

This unique bottle opener is a home-run 24th anniversary gift for any baseball fanatic. The wood base is made from a real MLB bat that was used in a past game. Your spouse will feel honored to own a piece of their favorite sports team's history.

Ekster parliament wallet with built-in cardholder for 24th anniversary gift

A leather wallet is always a great gift idea. Your spouse will love the sleek, convenient design of Ekster's Parliament Wallet. The built-in aluminum cardholder fans out cards with one click (and protects against skimming!). It also comes in six colorways, so you can choose the color that best suits their style.

24th anniversary flower and color lavender gift set

They'll love unwinding with this soothing lavender gift set. Inspired by the 24th anniversary color and flower, the bundle includes a lavender grow kit, a lavender pillow spray, a floral soy-blend candle and finally, a cotton sleep mask for restful sleep. Your partner will feel totally zen after trying out this relaxing gift set.

24th anniversary gift smart garden planter

Any couple can cultivate a flourishing garden with this innovative planter. All they need to do is insert the plant pods, add water and let the smart technology do the rest. Soon, they'll be growing flowers, fruits and vegetables all year round—straight from their kitchen counter. (Psst: Lavender is one of the flower options!)

24th anniversary personalized couple's crossing print

This photo print is a clever 24th anniversary gift to commemorate where a couple's paths crossed. The print displays the couple's names as street signs, joined together at the "intersection of love." Any pair of lovebirds would be proud to display this personalized piece of art.

small portable fireplace for 24th wedding anniversary gift
Rocky Luten

What if we said that you could toast marshmallows any time, anywhere? We're obsessed with this portable mini fire pit (and for good reason, too). It's absent of all that messy soot and smoke you'd normally get with a traditional fire pit. Plus, it's cute and incredibly compact. Use this gift to set the mood for an amazing 24th anniversary date night.

The Knot Shop versatile duffle back 24th anniversary gift

A frequent traveler needs a sturdy bag to carry their essentials. The Knot Shop's versatile duffel is great for weekend trips and other short getaways. Select from five stylish designs and personalize the bag with your partner's initial. How's that for a practical 24th anniversary gift?

lush flower arrangement with lavender-hued roses for 24th anniversary gift

A flower delivery is a lovely gesture that your loved one will appreciate. This lush arrangement contains fresh lavender-hued roses with beautiful pops of pink. They're a romantic way to show your spouse just how much you care.

24th anniversary stone raw tanzanite ring

Pay tribute to the 24th anniversary stone with this raw tanzanite anniversary ring. It's handmade, so you know that it's special. The sterling silver band goes exceptionally well with the vibrant purple stone.

Atlas tea club subscription service 24th anniversary

Thanks to this subscription service, your tea-loving partner or favorite couple can try tasty tea blends from all over the world. New bags will be delivered to their doorstep with a postcard from their origin country, as well as flavor notes and steeping tips for each tea bag. Bonus: This tea is even delivered in sustainable packing materials—ideal for anybody who's eco-conscious.

Decocrated home decor subscription box 24th wedding anniversary gift

There's practically a subscription service for everything these days. But this subscription box from Decocrated is totally worth it for what you get inside. Four times a year, your spouse will receive six to eight curated home goods, along with professional styling tips. By the end of the year, they'll have a beautiful selection of decor that they can use for years to come. It's a really fun and creative way to keep their home looking fresh and seasonal.

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