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30 Unique 4th Anniversary Gifts You Haven't Thought of Yet

We've got all the inspiration you need right here, from traditional ideas to modern alternatives.
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Naoimh O'Hare the knot
by Naoimh O'Hare
Naoimh O'Hare the knot
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Updated Apr 28, 2021
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A marriage that's lasted four wonderful years deserves to be commemorated with something truly special. Whether you're looking for a new way to shower your S.O. with love or you want to congratulate a couple on their latest milestone, you can't go wrong with a thoughtful four-year anniversary gift. But what makes a present special enough to hand over in celebration of four years of marriage? Find out all you need to know about the milestone's traditional and modern symbols that'll add an extra layer of meaning to whatever you pick. Then, check out our list of unique fourth anniversary gift ideas, from on-theme presents to cool alternatives.

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What is the four-year anniversary gift?

So, what is the traditional four-year anniversary gift?  Depending on your location, the answer might surprise you. In the United States, the theme is fruit and flowers, representing a relationship in full bloom. But if you ask someone from the UK, they'll likely tell you that the fourth wedding anniversary symbol is linen—indicative of a marriage that's continuously growing stronger. 

Of course, the gift inspiration doesn't stop there! There are several other symbols associated with this milestone, including the modern fourth wedding anniversary gift: appliances. Practical presents show just how settled a couple is after almost half a decade together. Alternatively, why not look to the milestone's traditional stone (topaz), color (green or blue) or flower (geranium or hydrangea) on your hunt for the perfect gift? These unique symbols each have their own special meaning.

Fruit and Flower Anniversary Gifts

What could be a sweeter way of celebrating four years together than fresh fruit and vibrant blooms? We've searched the web for the most thoughtful and unique traditional fourth anniversary gift ideas that'll work for spouses and couples alike. From flower delivery services to on-theme subscription boxes, one of these presents is sure to win them over.

Beautiful Bouquet Delivery

Bouquet of bright. colorful flowers
BloomsyBox via Facebook

One bouquet is great, but you might want to take it a step further than that—it is the flower anniversary, after all! This subscription service will deliver a bunch of gorgeous blooms right to their door every week or month (depending on the plan you choose). Anyone who loves brightening up their home with fresh flowers will adore this gift idea.

Heartfelt Wedding Memento

Side by side pictures of wedding bouquet and recreation on linen

A hand-embroidered replica of your S.O.'s wedding bouquet is a meaningful way to combine the traditional American theme with the European one: linen. Kim Art lets you add your wedding date or initials to make it feel all the more special.

Delicious Fruit Arrangement

Floral arrangement made out of chocolate-dipped fruit

Thought the perfect four-year wedding anniversary gift didn't exist? Think again. This floral arrangement is made of a delicious selection of fruit, hitting the nail on the head for both traditional materials. And if artfully cut fruit isn't enough, you can have it dipped in decadent milk chocolate too.

Gorgeous Dried Blooms

Dried bouquet fourth anniversary gift in white vase

Like we said before, you might want to take the classic bouquet up a notch for this special occasion. Dried blooms are another cool spin on the traditional bunch of flowers. They're super on trend right now, and they'll last much longer than a fresh bouquet. The best part? This gorgeous arrangement includes one of the fourth anniversary flowers: hydrangea. Specifically, pink hydrangeas symbolize deep, heartfelt emotion, making them a fitting choice for your other half. 

Fresh Fruit Subscription

Collage of four different types of fruit

One way to help the couple celebrate all year? A monthly delivery of seasonal fruits. You pick the weight and The Fruit Company will do the packing, from Malibu Navel oranges in January to Royal Comice pears in December.

Pretty Floral Necklace

Birth flower necklaces for every month fourth anniversary gift idea

There are so many ways to interpret the traditional fourth-year wedding anniversary gift. For the spouse who prefers something a little more permanent, swap the fresh blooms with a meaningful pendant featuring their birth flower. It's a special keepsake they can wear as an everyday reminder of your love.

Tasty Fruit Jams

Selection of three strawberry jam blends
Rocky Luten

If your S.O. is a fan of fruity condiments, this flavorful set of preserves is an excellent four-year anniversary gift for him or her. Choose between a selection of strawberry jams or lemon jellies from Stone Hollow Farmstead to zhuzh up their every meal, from savory salads to sweet desserts. 

Romantic Preserved Rose

Preserved red rose fourth anniversary gift in black lacquer box

Out of all the traditional fruit and flower anniversary gift ideas on our list, we especially love this one. Surprise your spouse with a single preserved rose beautifully packaged in a shiny lacquer box. It's minimalist, romantic and sure to be remembered.  

Handmade Fruit Bowl

Gorgeous clay fruit bowl filled with fruit
Ty Mecham, James Ransom

Don't be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to finding a fruit anniversary gift for the couple. Again, if you'd rather give them something a little more permanent than fresh blooms or produce, a fancy fruit bowl is a great present. Play up the theme even more by filling this beautiful serving bowl from Kendall Davis Clay with a few grapes, apples or other fruit before handing it over.

Monthly Plant Subscription

Two house plants in white ceramic pots

Shopping for a couple (or your spouse) with green thumbs? Stretch the flower theme a little to include plants of all varieties and you've got yourself one awesome present: a house plant subscription. Each month, The Sill delivers a thriving, easy-to-care-for plant in a stylish ceramic pot. 

Appliance Anniversary Gifts

Now onto the modern fourth wedding anniversary theme: appliances. The wedding was four years ago, meaning some of those old wedding gifts could probably use an upgrade. Take this milestone as an opportunity to spoil your spouse or the lovebirds with a shiny new appliance that'll instantly make life easier.

Self-Cleaning Vacuum

iRobot Roomba vacuum on floor

Gone are the days of dedicating their time to dragging a battered old vacuum around the house. If you haven't heard of this nifty gadget already, the Roomba is a robotic vacuum that can remove allergens and keep floors squeaky clean. They can connect it to their Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device for simple, voice-activated cleaning or just use the iRobot app on their phone.

Sleek Espresso Machine

Nespresso Vertuo machine in black and gray fourth anniversary appliance gift

If your S.O. is a fan of fancy coffee, here's a fourth anniversary gift for him or her that'll save them from having to rely on Starbucks (at least some of the time). With a Nespresso machine in the kitchen, they can have a delicious cup of joe without even having to put their shoes on.   

Convenient Phone Sanitizer

Woman putting headphones and tablet into black HomeSoap
PhoneSoap via Facebook

PhoneSoap's useful sanitizers are the must-have home accessory of 2021. We're especially big fans of the HomeSoap, which fits even more items inside than the brand's signature product designed specifically for phones. Insert remote controls, tablets, headphones and more for safe UV-C-light sanitizing in minutes.

Touch-Screen Toaster

White touch-screen toaster appliance anniversary gift idea
Rocky Luten

When it comes to perfectly toasted bread, some people aren't messing around—if that sounds like your S.O., we've got the perfect gift idea. This touch-screen toaster from Revolution is the upgrade they never knew they needed, with specific settings for bagels, muffins, waffles and more. The icing on the cake? It works 50% faster than a standard toaster. 

Chic Air Fryer

Chic gray and gold air fryer fourth anniversary appliance gift

Air fryers are still having a major moment, but if the couple has yet to jump on the bandwagon, maybe it's time to give them a gentle nudge. This practical appliance makes prepping tasty fried meals quick and easy (not to mention, a whole lot healthier). But that's not the only thing we love about it—just look at the design! There's a reason Drew Barrymore named her homeware collection "Beautiful."

Fancy Wine Fridge

Wine fridge anniversary appliance gift

Anyone with an appreciation for good vino will welcome this addition to their home appliances: a high-quality wine fridge. This freestanding refrigerator can keep up to 16 bottles of wine at the optimal temperature for enjoying right away.

Elevated Electric Kettle

Cream SMEG kettle on counter top modern fourth anniversary gift idea
Ty Mecham, Rocky Luten

Let's face it, we've all had our eye on some kind of SMEG appliance at one point or another—who could say no to those chic retro designs and pretty pastel hues?! While splashing out on a $200 kettle for yourself might seem a little extra, receiving it as a gift is a totally different ball game. It's an especially thoughtful four-year anniversary gift for your husband or wife if they're always relaxing with a hot cup of tea.

Smart Indoor Garden

Click & Grow gray smart garden on kitchen table

Searching for a unique addition to their countertop? Click & Grow smart gardens are pretty much one of the trendiest gifts you can give right now. This clever little device automates plant care to make growing herbs, veggies or even just flowers easy peasy. It's an excellent present for budding home chefs, busy parents or anyone with limited outdoor space.

State-of-the-Art Waffle Maker

Double waffle iron with waffle inside fourth anniversary modern gift
Ty Mecham, Julia Gartland

Waffles are the real breakfast of champions, and we won't hear anyone say different. If your S.O. agrees, they'll appreciate adding this sleek Cuisinart waffle maker to their arsenal. Bonus: Thanks to the clever design, they can whip up two waffles at once so you can both enjoy your breakfast (or lunch or dinner—no judgment here) straight from the iron.

Powerful Bluetooth Speaker

Black Sonos speaker in home

When you read the word "appliance," a fancy Bluetooth speaker might not be the first thing that comes to mind—but that doesn't make it any less giftable, especially when it's as good as this one. The Sonos One features powerful sound, voice control and is humidity resistant (shower singers, rejoice!). It's easily one of our favorite modern fourth anniversary gift ideas, whether you're shopping for him, her or the couple.

Alternative Four-Year Anniversary Gifts

You certainly don't have to pick out a traditional or modern present for your spouse or the couple. If you're really stuck on what to get for the fourth anniversary, your best bet is to go with something you're sure the recipient(s) will appreciate. That might mean taking inspiration from their hobbies and interests, gifting an experience rather than a physical present or opting for something that's on the sentimental side. To help you out, we've gathered all of our top alternative gift ideas right here.

Inspiring Push-Pin Map

Blue and white push-pin canvas map of the world personalized

It wouldn't be an anniversary gift guide without a meaningful piece of home decor from Canvas Vows. This personalized push-pin map of the world comes in a stylish shade of blue, aka the fourth wedding anniversary color. If you and your spouse have been itching to get back on a plane, consider this your inspiration to start planning some post-pandemic travel.

Stylish Stacking Ring

Woman wearing blue topaz pavé ring

Since blue topaz is the fourth anniversary stone, a new accessory featuring the gem is a welcome choice. Our pick? This gorgeous ring adorned with dainty pavé gems. Not your S.O.'s style? Blue Nile sells tons of options, from trendy topaz drop earrings to a beautiful topaz pendant necklace.

Personalized Whiskey Flight

Wooden personalized whiskey flight with Glencairn glasses

Why take your partner out for one drink when you can offer a whole lineup? That's the rationale behind this tasting flight made by Jeremiah and Kassy Reynolds from reclaimed bourbon barrels. The statement piece comes with four (how thematic) spots for brews, including complementary Glencairn glasses. It also comes personalized with the name, location and year of your choice.

Convenient Meal Kit

Mindy Kaling smiling and leaning over Hello Fresh delivery box

If the couple spent the past year at home perfecting their cooking skills, they'll appreciate the challenge of creating something new together on their next date night. A HelloFresh gift card will allow the lovebirds to sign up for a food delivery service, including the recipe and ingredients needed to make a delicious new meal.

Electronic Love Note

Love heart spinning box messenger device fourth anniversary gift idea

Want some top-tier relationship advice? Never stop looking for new ways to say "I love you." This electronic messenger box is one of our favorite wedding anniversary gift ideas. Use the app on your phone to write a heartfelt note for your other half. As soon as you press send, the heart on the box will start to spin around and the message will appear on top.

Designer Underwear Subscription

Two models wearing gorgeous green-blue lingerie from Underclub
Underclub via Facebook

Speaking of romantic gift ideas, we're pretty much obsessed with Underclub's designer lingerie subscriptions. Simply select a plan, choose the date you want your partner to receive the gift notification email, and add any extras you want to include in the first shipment. Your S.O. will be asked to fill out a style questionnaire before anything is delivered so that everything is tailored to their personal tastes.

Versatile Waxed Jacket

Beige waxed trucker jacket fourth anniversary gift idea

Sometimes practical presents are the best anniversary gifts of all. Treat your loved one to an on-trend trucker jacket from Flint and Tinder. The brand specializes in functional, hard-wearing styles that'll instantly elevate their look without feeling overly fussy. The waxy exterior is designed to lighten over time in the creases and bends created by the wearer, making it a truly personal piece. Plus, the jacket has a polyester blanket lining that feels soft against the skin. 

Fun Date Subscription

DateBox Club delivery showing contents of box

It's the fourth wedding anniversary, meaning you've already had four-plus years of trying to come up with new ideas for date night. Take the pressure off by signing up for a DateBox Club subscription on behalf of you and your spouse. Every month, you'll receive everything you need for an epic date night right to your door.

Elegant Cheese Board

Ampersand symbol wooden cheese board

Your favorite couple is forever an "and," and this cheese and crackers serving board made by J.K. Adams celebrates that. It's a subtle but symbolic gift, not to mention quite the pretty piece to put out at a party. (And they definitely won't be mad if you deliver it with a nice brie.)

Punny Fishing Lure

Metal fishing lure stamped with Hooked Happy 4th Anniversary

If your spouse loves to fish—and appreciates a good pun—wrap up this steel fishing lure from C & T Custom Lures, inscribed with the message: "hooked—happy fourth anniversary." Want to go one step further? Tie it to the end of a new fishing rod.

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