The Best 2-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Other Half

Mark two years of wedded bliss with these symbolic gifts.
Collage of four 2nd anniversary gift ideas: porcelain planters, custom world map, Le Creuset pot, personalized framed art
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Updated May 24, 2024
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Two years married is twice as nice as one, isn't it? Embrace the milestone with a thoughtful two-year anniversary gift for your spouse or favorite couple so they can feel double the joy and love on the special day.

The second wedding anniversary is marked by a traditional and a modern gift as well as three other symbols—an anniversary flower, gemstone and color—so you have a host of ideas to choose from to commemorate the occasion. Plus, this guide will help you discover all the best two-year anniversary gifts for him, her or them.

Here's a spoiler to get you excited for what's ahead: The second anniversary's traditional gift is wonderfully soft—much like your feelings for each other!

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    Traditional Two-Year Anniversary Gifts

    So, what is the traditional gift for the second anniversary? You may have heard the year called the "cotton anniversary," because couples often exchange cotton gifts to commemorate the occasion. The soft, durable fabric symbolizes the flexibility and strength of your growing bond, as well as the comfort you feel after two years of marriage. From cozy bathrobes and blankets to sentimental canvas artwork, there are tons of options available that creatively incorporate this second-anniversary theme—and we've rounded up the best of them below.

    Sheet Music Wall Art

    Sheet Music Wall Art 2 year anniversary gift
    Photo: Canvas Vows

    Here's a sweet second-anniversary gift that'll take your spouse back in time to your first dance as newlyweds. This stunning wall art features sheet music from a chosen tune, such as your wedding song. The canvas is made primarily from cotton, making it a fitting two-year anniversary gift for her, him or them.

    Plush Bathrobe

    Pretty pair of 2nd anniversary bath robes
    Photo: Brooklinen

    Inspired by Brooklinen's beloved bath towels, this luxuriously soft cotton robe feels like being wrapped up in a cloud. Our bet? Once your other half puts it on, they'll never want to take it off. Practical and stylish, this second wedding anniversary gift will come in handy whether they rock it after a relaxing bath or for a hotel-inspired hangout at home.

    Weighted Blanket

    Cozy Cotton Weighted Blanket from Bearaby 2 year anniversary gift
    Photo: Bearaby

    Show your other half some love with a cozy blanket designed to help them unwind after a busy day. This chunky knit blanket is gently weighted to aid sleep by reducing the body's cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and increasing its serotonin (the happy one). Made from 100% organic cotton, it comes in four different weight options and a selection of gorgeous colors. It's a thematic gift for the second anniversary that's sure to inspire a cuddle sesh on the sofa with your love.

    Matching Anniversary Sweatshirts

    Matching anniversary sweatshirts 2 year anniversary gift
    Photo: CustomTrendyGoods

    Consider this matching couple's gift idea: Each of you can wear a fleece sweatshirt in coordinating colors, with each other's first initial on the sleeve and your wedding date displayed as Roman numerals on the front panel. Aww! It's arguably the cutest and coziest way to show off your connection this anniversary. You can choose between 12 fabric colors for a crewneck or hoodie and double as many embroidery thread hues.

    Personalized Material Art

    Personalized material art 2 year anniversary gift
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    Don't be fooled by the size of this second wedding anniversary gift; it holds a lot of sentimentality. The framed artwork features a folded cotton ribbon shaped into a heart above a short message explaining the meaning of this traditional second anniversary gift. It also includes the couple's names and wedding date, adding a personal touch. This sweet reminder of your love will look perfect on their desk or bedside table. Plus, you can continue the tradition by replacing it each year, thanks to the artist's collection for anniversaries one through 10, as well as 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50.

    Luxurious Duvet Set

    Cozy Cotton Duvet Set for your 2nd wedding anniversary
    Photo: Quince

    Cozy bedding is a practical second-anniversary gift that keeps on giving. Not only will it help your partner sleep better every night (and make weekend lie-ins extra special), but when it's as high-quality as this set from Quince, it'll last for years into your marriage. Sumptuously soft, this cotton duvet and pillowcase set is blended with Mongolian cashmere for next-level comfort. It's available in two muted colors (natural and gray) that'll enhance any bedroom design scheme.

    Monogrammed Bath Towel

    Monogrammed Cotton Bath Towel for your 2nd wedding anniversary
    Photo: Mark & Graham

    Need to upgrade your bath linens? The traditional second-anniversary material is a great excuse to refresh every room in your home. This monogrammed bath towel can be customized with your spouse's initials or name to create a stylish personalized anniversary gift—and ensure that you don't mix up towels after a shower. It's made from 100% Turkish cotton and looks so good you'll want to snag one for yourself two. Choose from individual towels or a set of four if you're in the mood to splurge.

    Custom World Map

    Custom world map 2 year anniversary gift
    Photo: PaperAnniversaryLove

    Keep track of where you've been (and where you plan to go) as a couple with this personalized cotton push-pin map that reads: "Adventuring together since…" You can personalize it with your names and an anniversary date, then add pins denoting memorable locations from your travels. This thematic present is just what your travel buddy needs to track every adventure in your relationship.

    Stylish Loungewear

    Stylish loungewear 2 year anniversary gift
    Photo: Lunya

    Luxury cotton gifts are a great way to mark this special milestone. Lunya's trademark washable silk PJs are always a hit—but did you know the brand makes cotton womenswear, too? This gorgeous Henley pullover comes in several neutral shades and boasts a trendy oversized fit and adorable tortoiseshell buttons. It'll be extra comfortable and stylish to lounge in and pairs wonderfully with their cotton ribbed leggings if you feel like really treating your spouse.

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    Wrinkle-Resistant Shirt

    Wrinkle-Resistant Cotton Shirt from UNTUCKit 2 year anniversary gift
    Photo: UNTUCKit

    Make sure your spouse looks sharp for your anniversary date night with a new button-down for the occasion. Bonus: This one is made from 100% cotton to match the milestone's theme. That's not even the best bit, though—the fabric is wrinkle-resistant, so he won't be scrambling for an iron at the last minute. It comes in classic navy and you can choose from two different fit options (slim or regular) to suit your spouse's tastes.

    Modern Two-Year Anniversary Gifts

    The second anniversary is also associated with the modern gift of porcelain or china. Elegant yet delicate, these materials symbolize the beautiful fragility of young love and the special care required for a relationship not to crack or shatter. Don't let this symbol intimidate you, though. Like marriage, porcelain gifts are beautiful and can be well-maintained with the right care and attention. With this in mind, we've selected the best two-year anniversary gifts made of porcelain or china to show your spouse just how much you adore them.

    Porcelain Mug Set

    Set of kissing porcelain mugs modern second anniversary gift
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    This idea is for a coffee-loving duo that prioritizes slow mornings enjoying each other's company. The porcelain mugs are sold as a set of two, each one shaped like a face so when they're pieced together, their lips "kiss." It's a thoughtful and on-theme gift that'll add a playful touch to your daily ritual.

    Personalized Ring Dish

    China ring dish personalized with couple's initials modern second anniversary gift
    Photo: WillowLaneCollective

    This elegant ring dish is a practical anniversary gift for the second year of marriage, providing a safe place for your partner to store their rings. (Trust us, you can't have too many trinket dishes.) Whether it's placed by the sink for when they're washing dishes or in the bathroom for when they shower, they'll know their precious engagement and wedding rings won't get lost or tarnished. Personalize the dish with your first initials and wedding date in black, gold, rose or silver calligraphy for a special touch.

    Porcelain Dangle Earrings

    Porcelain Dangle Earrings for your 2nd wedding anniversary
    Photo: juneauri

    Good news: Jewelry gifts remain a tried-and-true idea, even for the second anniversary. Made to order, these delicate porcelain earrings feature painted blue flowers, sparkling crystals and pearls for a unique vintage feel. They're sure to become a favorite in your spouse's jewelry collection.

    Porcelain Hummingbird Feeder

    Porcelain hummingbird feeder 2 year anniversary gift
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    If your spouse loves spending time in the garden, this charming hummingbird feeder will be a treasured gift. Handmade from porcelain and adorned with colorful floral motifs, it combines beauty and practicality. The cork stopper is easy to remove for quick refilling and cleaning, and the feeding holes are designed for easy access by the birds. A uniquely on-theme gift, it'll help transform your backyard into a haven for feathered friends. (Be sure to include a bottle of nectar so they can enjoy it immediately.)

    Blue and White Porcelain Planters

    Porcelain planter 2 year anniversary gift
    Photo: Williams Sonoma

    Here's another second wedding anniversary gift for your husband, wife or partner that'll dress up your backyard. Sold individually or as a set of four, these traditional blue and white glazed porcelain pots are beautifully detailed with botanical patterns. Pair them with a promise to join your partner on a trip to the garden store to pick out beautiful flowers and greenery to fill them.

    Porcelain Dinnerware Set

    Porcelain Dinnerware Set for your 2nd wedding anniversary gift
    Photo: Target

    Looking for the perfect gift for a dinner party enthusiast? This stunning dinnerware set includes 32 pieces (eight dinner plates, eight salad plates, eight bowls, and eight mugs), all made from high-quality porcelain. It's ideal for hosting a themed soirée to celebrate your anniversary. Available in various colors with a gold trim, these pieces will bring vibrancy to your kitchen. The square shape adds a modern touch and, best of all, it's dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup after the festivities.

    Porcelain Cake Stand

    Porcelain Cake Stand for your 2nd wedding anniversary gift
    Photo: Neiman Marcus

    If you and your partner love baking together, this porcelain cake stand will be a delightful addition to your kitchen. Its chic, minimalist style will elegantly display your homemade treats, and add a touch of sophistication to your baking sessions. This modern two-year anniversary gift will be perfect for showcasing your creations on any occasion, from birthdays to weekend Instagram stories.

    Ceramic Double Spoon Rest

    Ceramic double spoon rest 2 year anniversary gift
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    This double spoon rest makes a seriously adorable anniversary gift for him, her or them, no matter the year you're celebrating—although the white porcelain composition makes it an especially great second anniversary gift. It's designed to keep counters clean and will make cooking together even more romantic as it's stamped with the phrase, "Let's cook together," with a small red heart. There's another that states, "You cook, I'll clean," if one of you is less prone to burning dinner and the other a dishwasher Tetris master.

    Photo Travel Mug

    Personalized photo travel mug for your 2nd wedding anniversary
    Photo: Personalization Mall

    Shopping for someone who loves their coffee to-go? This personalized travel mug is guaranteed to brighten up their daily commute. It's made from durable ceramic and features double-walled insulation that'll keep their brew hot for hours. You can even add a romantic photo and thoughtful message to instantly transform this handy mug into a standout second anniversary gift.

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    Porcelain Cosmo Flower Sculpture

    Porcelain flower sculpture 2 year anniversary gift
    Photo: Neiman Marcus

    Fun fact: The second anniversary's flower is actually a cosmo—meaning this miniature cosmos porcelain sculpture from luxury lifestyle brand Aerin manages to combine the year's modern material and beautiful bloom in one! This white or pink decorative accent captures the delicate beauty of nature with its intricate petals and shimmering glossed accents. Whether displayed as a centerpiece or a delicate dresser addition, this porcelain flower is a perfect gift to symbolize the timeless nature of your love.

    Unique Two-Year Anniversary Gifts

    Anniversary gifts for two years of marriage are not limited to the aforementioned materials. You can also shop for gifts that incorporate the two-year anniversary stone (garnet), flower (cosmos) or color (red). Of course, you can also forgo all of the second anniversary's symbols and find a thoughtful gift for your wife, husband, partner or the couple that is completely unique to them. So, without further ado, here are some of the best alternative presents for the second wedding anniversary.

    Adventure Scrapbook With Camera

    Adventure scrapbook with camera 2 year anniversary gift
    Photo: The Adventure Challenge

    If you're looking for a thoughtful second anniversary gift for your wife, husband or partner, it's hard to go wrong with something from The Adventure Challenge. This cool scrapbook is packed with exciting date night ideas you can do together and then document with the included film camera. The twist? You have to commit to one of the scratch-off ideas before finding out what it is, bringing an element of fun and spontaneity to your next hang. (They just released volume two of their Couples Edition for when you blow through the first!)

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    Intersection of Love Print

    Intersection of love print 2 year anniversary gift
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    When you really think about it, finding someone to spend your life with requires a little (or a lot of) luck. Celebrate the moment fate intervened and your paths crossed for the first time with this cute print exclusively from Uncommon Goods. It features an image of two street signs displaying your names and two special dates (like when you met and when you got married). Choose from several stylish framing options to give this meaningful second anniversary gift a display-worthy finish.

    Personalized Anniversary Candle

    Personalized anniversary candle 2 year anniversary gift
    Photo: Birthdate Co.

    Create the perfect ambiance for a romantic evening with this unique candle from Birthdate Co. Hand-poured with premium soy wax and infused with sage, frankincense and oakmoss, it emits a luxurious fragrance that adds to the warmth of its glow. What makes it truly special is the personalized label featuring your names, anniversary date and a bespoke reading crafted by the brand's team of astrologers, capturing the essence of your special day and the depth of your bond. This candle is a truly unique anniversary gift that I personally adore.

    Premade Charcuterie Board

    Premade charcuterie board 2 year anniversary gift
    Photo: Boarderie

    A good second anniversary gift for friends doesn't get much tastier than this. (And you can order at the last minute thanks to its free overnight shipping.) The premade snack board is brimming with artisan cheeses, meats, dried fruits, nuts, chocolates, olives and crackers. They even get to keep the acacia wood serving board it's displayed on. Our favorite part, though? The couple's initials are made of cheese!

    Personalized Four-Across Game

    Personalized wooden four across game with couple's names as the holes two-year anniversary gift idea
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    The dating game may be over, but that doesn't mean the fun has to end. Personalize this wooden four-across game with your names so you can challenge each other to some lighthearted competition. It's a fun second anniversary gift that'll go down well after a romantic dinner or with a glass of your favorite wine.

    Cosmos Flower Wall Art

    Lovely painting of cosmos flowers
    Photo: joreyhurley

    Cosmos (the second wedding anniversary flower) symbolize peace and harmony, making them a lovely representation of a happy marriage. This vibrant print features pink cosmos and blue cornflowers in a bright, breezy palette that'll liven up any room. Purchase it framed or leave it as is for a more relaxed look.

    Red Round Dutch Oven

    Red round Dutch oven 2 year anniversary gift
    Photo: Le Creuset

    If you're still dreaming of the Le Creuset Dutch oven you had on your wedding registry but didn't receive, here's your chance to make it a reality for your second anniversary. The brand's renowned craftsmanship ensures this five-and-a-half-quart Dutch oven will be cherished in your kitchen for years to come. Best of all, it comes in vibrant red to match the two-year anniversary's color.

    Garnet Stud Earrings

    Garnet Stud Earrings from Brilliant Earth 2 year anniversary gift
    Photo: Brilliant Earth

    As the official second anniversary gemstone, the garnet is a striking red jewel that represents love and friendship—a fitting tribute to your special bond. If you want to treat your spouse to a symbolic jewelry gift, look no further than these gorgeous stud earrings. They're made from ethically sourced garnets and 14K yellow gold and are a lovely way to add a pop of color to any outfit.

    Elegant Diamond Necklace

    Diamond Necklace from Gorjana
    Photo: Gorjana

    Diamonds are a classically romantic gift no matter how long you've been married. Show your spouse how much you cherish them with this elegant necklace from Gorjana. The 14K gold chain is accented with three round-cut diamonds, the perfect example of understated glam. It'll add just the right amount of sparkle to their ensemble and works equally well when worn alone or layered with other gold jewelry.

    Anniversary Journal

    Anniversary Journal in black and white
    Photo: Uncommon Goods

    This beautiful journal is an incredibly popular first anniversary gift, but it's never too late to start documenting your milestones. There's a space dedicated to each year of marriage, from the first all the way to the 60th. Thoughtful prompts inspire you to reflect on the past year together, while dedicated photo pages and envelopes allow you to preserve your mementos.

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