Here’s How Many Americans Really, Really Don’t Like Dry Weddings

Thinking of having a dry wedding? Here’s why your guests might not have as much fun.
by Sophie Ross

While wedding ceremonies are a celebration of love above all else, the receptions (and not to mention, after-parties) have gained a reputation for being booze-fueled bashes. Typically complete with an open bar, a dance floor and dozens of people celebrating a happy occasion, they can quickly become ragers—which usually comes as no surprise to guests.

And according to a recent study, that’s how they like it. The team at recently asked 1,000 Americans about their drinking habits and found 53 percent of Americans prefer alcohol-stocked weddings over dry ones. (Although if you do want a reception free of alcohol, we totally encourage you to do so.)

Other interesting findings? Second to birthdays, a friend’s engagement is one of the times respondents were most likely to tip one back. Next on the list was a respondent’s own wedding anniversary.

The study also found most people expect to consume a minimum of five drinks at bachelor or bachelorette outings. At wedding receptions, guests will typically consume up to four. It highlights another interesting point: They found that only 39 percent of individuals enjoy a night out less sans alcohol, compared to the 53 percent who enjoy weddings less without libations. Maybe guests just like having that extra “social lubrication” that alcohol provides.

Also, it’s important to pick your poison. For whatever reason, the study found that beer drinkers will consume the most drinks throughout the night, and wine drinkers will consume the least. This is probably due to the differing alcohol contents between the two (5 percent and 12 percent, respectively).

Dry wedding or not, it’s important to remember this night’s about the couple, and regardless of whether or not your guests are taking tequila shots, we promise your loved ones will have fun either way. Plus, no one likes a sloppy drunk.

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