Groomsmen Thank-You Cards and Messages to Show Gratitude to Your Guys

Let's hear it for the boys.
Thank you card for groomsman
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Mia Maguire
by Mia Maguire
Updated Nov 16, 2023
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Your wedding party is made up of your favorite friends and relatives and, while they're elated to be a major part of your big day, it is a commitment. Your groomsmen play an essential supporting role. Groomsmen thank-you cards are a kind way to show your gratitude. Use these notes to thank each groomsman for their presence at the ceremony, reception and other wedding events, offer heartfelt love and well-wishes or provide hilarious anecdotes or toasts. If you're stumped on where to start, we've got you covered with everything you need to know (and to buy) to pen the perfect thank-you note to your groomsmen. Pair each card with a killer groomsmen gift or best man gift (even though we're sure your groomsman proposal gift is hard to follow) and you're golden.

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Groomsmen Thank-You Card Wording

So you're ready to pen your thank-you letters to your groomsmen. To help your process along, we've outlined what to write and also provided a few examples on how all of our tips come together. Start thinking of some fun memories and all of the help these great guys gave you on your day.

What to Write

When considering what to write in a groomsmen thank-you card, it's best to avoid clichés as much as possible, but you'll still want to be honest and sincere about your appreciation even if it is a bit cheesy at times. After all, these events can make even the most stoic among us pretty emotional! To show that you really see the impact they had on your ceremony and celebration, you'll want to include a specific memorable event, moment or contribution: a great toast, a "save-the-day" situation like retrieving a lost item of clothing, guarding the rings with their lives etc. You'll also want to make sure that you include some personal details of appreciation as well, for example: how far they've traveled, a great wedding gift they presented or some event or discussion that really connected them to the rest of the wedding party or the larger celebration or guests. You also of course want to plainly say, "thank you for being my groomsman."

Overall, the point is to convey your earnest thanks in a sincere and meaningful way that not only shows that you appreciate and remember their contributions to your wedding. And of course, delivered in a way that'll brighten their day.


Use these messages below as groomsmen thank-you card templates. Be sure to adapt them to suit your individual groomsman, but these three good sample cards should give you a good point of departure to craft the perfect note of thanks to each of your guys.

As we reflect on the beautiful moments of our wedding day, I wanted to personally express my deepest gratitude for your incredible presence and unwavering support as a groomsman. Your role in our fantastic celebration was not just symbolic—it was truly an embodiment of friendship and joy. From the heartfelt toasts to your fantastic spirit on the dance floor, your positive energy added an indescribable warmth to the whole event. Your commitment and genuine enthusiasm were felt by all and I am truly fortunate to have had you by my side. Your friendship means the world to me and I am thankful for the memories we created together on this special day. Here's to a lifetime of shared moments and cherished friendship.

As I reflect on the incredible day of our wedding and the surrounding events and celebrations, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your presence and the special role you played as groomsman. As more than just a brother, but also a steadfast friend and someone who has always had my back, your support was invaluable. From the heartfelt conversations leading up to the big day, the shared laughter and the memorable moments during the actual ceremony, your presence made the occasion even more meaningful. It meant the world to me to have my brother standing by my side as I embarked on this new chapter of life. Your love, support and shared joy amplified the happiness of the day, and I am truly fortunate to call you not only family, but also a cherished friend. Thank you for being an integral part of our wedding and for the lifelong bond we share.

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how thankful I am for your incredible presence and unwavering support as my groomsman during our wedding. Your friendship has been a source of strength and joy throughout the years, and having you by my side on such a significant day meant the world to me. From the hilarious toast that had everyone laughing to the quiet moments of camaraderie and conversation before the ceremony, your unwavering support and genuine enthusiasm made our most special day even more special. Your role went beyond tradition; it was a reflection of the deep bond we share. I am truly fortunate to call you a friend. Thank you for being an integral part of our celebration and for being the extraordinary friend you are.

The Best Groomsmen Thank-You Cards

We've covered all of the important wedding thank-you card etiquette when it comes to how to say thank you to your groomsmen. Now it's time to give you the perfect vehicle to deliver your kind words (because no, a text is NOT the same). Shop our favorite thank-you cards for groomsmen below.

1. "Thanks for Suiting Up" Groomsmen Thank-You Cards

"Thanks for suiting up" thank you card for groomsman
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If you're looking for a thank-you card option that has a bit of a theme already in place without being written for you, these Amazon Prime-eligible groomsmen thank you cards are a great option. They come in packs of four, six and ten, so everyone will be covered. They also come with envelopes.

2. Simple Groomsmen Thank-You Cards

Groomsman thank you card
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Sometimes, short, sweet and simple is the vibe, and these sleek groomsmen thank-you cards fit the bill. The blank interior allows you to be as brief or lengthy as your heart desires in your groomsman thank-you message, so these are a great option for grooms who have different messages for each groomsmen or plan to decide what to write once their pen hits the paper. Hey, there's nothing wrong with a bit of stream-of-conscious writing!

3. Oversized Groomsmen Thank-You Cards

Oversized groomsman thank you card
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Looking to infuse a bit of humor and brevity into your sentimental groomsmen thank-you note messages? These oversized funny groomsmen thank-you cards won't fail to conjure the laughs. They'll surely feel the love.

4. Funny Groomsmen Thank-You Cards

Funny groomsman thank you card
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Another humorous groomsmen thank-you card pick, this customizable card allows you to fill in you and your partner's names in the funny message. It's definitely a great choice if your spouse is the one known for their stellar hospitality (not quite you). You can order as little as just one card up to 204, so this is a great choice for wedding parties of all sizes.

5. Playing Cards Groomsmen Thank-You Cards

Playing card groomsman thank you card
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If you're looking to include your spouse in your thank-you card, this unique playing-card inspired thank-you note set is a wonderful choice. Choose between six color themes, including classic ivory, pink and blue. Plus, it's a fun nod if your bach weekend was a classic Vegas bash.

6. Personalized Photo Groomsmen Thank-You Cards

Personalized photo thank you card for groomsman
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We love these personalized photo thank-you cards because they double as tangible memories of the day they helped make extra special. Choose one of you and your crew to grace the cover. Plus, the minimalist design is so slick.

7. Illustrated Suit Groomsmen Thank-You Cards

Illustrated suit thank you card for groomsman
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For a bit of pop-art flavor, check out this deck of illustrated groomsmen cards featuring an illustration of a suit that's likely similar to the ones they sported on your wedding day. These cards feature a glossy finish and premium card stock with a blank interior so you can craft your message to your liking. They'll look as cool as your crew.

8. "Thanks a Lot, Man" Groomsmen Thank-You Cards

"Thanks a lot, man" groomsman thank you card
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Another great option for grooms who'd like to keep their thank-yous to the point without being generic, these lighthearted groomsmen thank-you notes allow you to follow through with a simple message inside. Or amp up the sentiment with a longer message inside.

9. Monogram Groomsmen Thank-You Cards

Monogram groomsman thank you card
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For the sophisticated groomsmen group, look no further than these luxe monogram thank-you notes. The customizable cards allow you to personalize each note with the recipient's name, which makes them feel extra special and giftable. They won't want to take this gorgeous card off their fridge for months to come.

10. Classic Groomsmen Thank-You Note

Groomsman thank you card
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Tell it like it is with this meaningful, yet not at all sappy card. The front of the card speaks for itself, while the blank interior allows you to go ham on your sweet message. There's a special option for your best man, too.

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