25 Henna Designs to Obsess Over

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Updated Apr 14, 2020

Henna designs are a staple of Indian culture—especially when it comes to weddings. Brides often get mehndi designs applied to their bodies during their sangeet, a prewedding ceremony that also includes dancing and singing. Henna tattoos are already common in India and throughout the middle east, and their popularity continues to rise in the United States. However, some may be unfamiliar with the specific details and terminology of the Indian tradition.

Today, the terms "henna" and "mehndi" are often used interchangeably, though there are differences between the two. Traditional henna is the name of the paste made from a henna plant, which is used as dye to create tattoo designs. Mehndi is the name of the body art made using henna dye. Mehndi is more commonly used among the Hindu community while henna is commonly used among the Muslim community. ("Henna" is Arabic while "mehndi" is Sanskrit.)

In Western culture, though, both terms are used when describing intricate body art tattoos inspired by Indian culture. Here, we've rounded up our favorite henna tattoo designs for maximum inspiration. From simple artwork to intricate and personalized creations, you'll love these stunning bridal mehndi creations.

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Simple Henna Designs

Henna tattoos don't always have to be intricate. Those who have a preference for simple body art will adore these mehndi creations.

This bride's mandala designs on the tops of her hands are the focal point of the henna tattoos. Additional artwork on her finger tips and wrists add a subtle hint of complexity to the otherwise simple design.

The simplicity of this singular henna tattoo stands out on the bride's arm. The addition of her monogram adds a sentimental, personalized touch to the center of the mandala.

Though this paisley design is intricate, the simplicity lies in the symmetrical design. When cupped together, the bride's hands form a trendy tattoo.

Swirled paisleys and mandalas cover this bride's forearms and fingertips, proving that wedding henna patterns don't have to be largely extravagant to make a statement.

Henna tattoo designs don't always have to connect. This example shows how individual shapes can come together to form one simple mehndi design.

Matching Henna Tattoos

Want to show off matching henna tattoos with your spouse or your bridesmaids? You'll love these creative ideas. Below, find the best corresponding henna designs for everyone in your wedding party.

Henna tattoos don't have to be reserved just for the bride. Entire wedding parties can get matching body art too. This bride's intricate mehndi design is complemented by corresponding art on the bridesmaids' hands.

Couples can also get matching henna tattoos. This bride's henna design, which covers her palm, fingers and forearm, is matched with a simple tattoo on the groom's palm.

Bridal party members don't need to have the same exact henna designs. This wedding party opted for various floral designs and mandala artwork to complement the bride's palm and forearm designs.

Matching intricate mehndi designs are a must for couples who love extravagance. This bride's complex henna matches the groom's palm designs. Together, the artwork serves as a stunning display of heritage and tradition.

Matching henna tattoos don't need to be extravagant if it's not fit to the couple's taste. These simple designs—which include an elephant and a monogrammed mandala—are perfect for those who want to pay homage to tradition without an over-the-top design.

Intricate Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos are well-known for being ornate designs with stunning attention to detail. Below, browse our favorite photos of intricate patterns for maximum body art inspiration.

Henna designs can often be inspired by traditional Hindu culture. This bride's mehndi design depicts two figures within an intricate design of artwork. If you're particularly inspired by historical figures or fictional characters, including them in your artwork is a unique way to personalize your bridal henna.

The intricacy of this mehndi design shines on the bride's fingers. Not only is this a unique alternative to artwork on your palms or forearms, it's an ideal way to show off your brand new wedding jewelry.

The use of blank space in this henna design makes the artistry stand out. While the eye is initially drawn to the henna flower in the middle, the artwork on the bride's fingers and forearms adds another stunning dimension to this design.

A number of small designs come together to form complex vignettes on this bride. Together, each pattern flows into one cohesive mehendi tattoo that spans from her fingertips up her arm.

Three mandalas placed on top of each other comprise this bride's mehndi design, along with decorative lines and leaf-inspired patterns spanning the length of her fingers.

Brides who love exquisite jewelry will adore this intricate henna design. The front and back of the bride's hands are adorned with various shapes and patterns that resemble dainty jewelry pieces, completing the bridal look.

Guests won't be able to take their eyes off an intricate pattern like this. Seasoned henna artists will be able to replicate a similar design that includes small, detailed tattoos covering the front and back hands of the wearer.

When cupped together, the bride's hands display a piece of art that's simply stunning. Darker coloring on the palms stand out, while the lighter red shade on the bride's arms adds a secondary layer of artwork to complete this mehndi design.

Those who love symmetry will adore this balanced henna design. Various lotus flowers, paisley designs and leaf-inspired art creates a mirrored image on both hands. It extends up the forearm for an added touch of artistry.

Looking for wedding henna that delivers a serious "wow" factor? Get inspired by this design. This bride's tattoos feature two completely different designs that cover both palms.

One large mandala spans across this bride's palms. When brought together, the mandala is complete, while the surrounding designs mirror each other from both arms.

This bride's back hand henna designs are accented with hand chains and bangles. Intricate patterns, including dots, lines and mandalas cover her arms while hanging tassels complete the wedding henna look.

When brought together, this bride's henna tattoo reveals two faces looking at each other. The symbolic design is encircled with elaborate patterns that create an ornate mehndi tattoo.

Mirrored images of mandalas, paisleys and unique patterns make up this trendy henna design. Once the hands are placed together, it forms a cohesive work of art.

Mehndi designs aren't limited to being applied to hands and arms—some opt for foot henna too. This bride's intricate patterns cover her arms, wrists and fingers as well as her ankles and the tops of her feet. Together, these henna patterns create an unforgettable bridal look.

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