9 Breathtaking Locales to Host Your Indian Wedding

From vineyards to museums, your options span the globe.
by MaharaniWeddings.com
Updated Mar 30, 2018

Of course, it's the couples' family, friends and love for each other that ultimately makes a wedding so memorable and special. But we have to admit—a dreamy wedding locale adds an extra something special to an Indian wedding. Below, find our favorite location and venue ideas for an Indian celebration.

1. A Feminine and Fragrant Garden Wedding

There's nothing prettier than a garden wedding. Combine lush blooms with sparkling Indian fashions and décor and your guests will be blown away the moment they arrive. Additionally, getting married in a garden or nursery means your wedding photo album will be ultra-romantic and infused with Mother Nature. Pro tip: Holding the reception inside an arboretum is a dreamy option for a floral-loving Indian bride who'd love to dance the night away under the light of the moon and exotic blooms.

2. A Beautiful, City Center Ballroom

Ballrooms are a great option for city-dwelling Indian brides. Lavish hotel ones are extra convenient, since hotels are able to accommodate housing for hundreds of out-of-town guests and the vast seating charts that are a signature staple of South Asian weddings. Plus, Indian wedding vendors are often extremely familiar with local hotel ballrooms, and can beautifully customize and decorate the space based on your precise specifications.

3. A Spectacular Las Vegas Blowout

"Sin City" is famous for its luxurious hotels, extravagant nightlife and glittering casinos. Bursting with dazzling venues, nonstop entertainment and infectious energy, Las Vegas is the perfect place to host an Indian wedding of epic proportions.

4. A Dreamy Tropical Destination Wedding

If you're constantly fantasizing about sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, hosting an oceanside wedding is the perfect occasion for fulfilling your tropical dreams. We've been loving the increasing trend of sunny, destination Indian weddings—after all, there really isn't anything more breathtaking than the moment your mandap opens up to the beautiful (perhaps Hawaiian?) sky and glittering sea. Plus, with the stress that goes into planning an Indian wedding in particular, going on a miniature vacay with all of your loved ones is the perfect antidote to any planning anxiety.

5. A Natural, Picturesque National Park Wedding

A national park is one of the most romantic and scenic places to hold your Indian wedding. With starry skies and untouched wilderness, the 360-degree, picturesque views will stun your loved ones. Plus, many national parks offer cabins and glamping accommodations for your guests, as well as spaces to hold outdoor ceremonies and indoor receptions. We guarantee that a few days of basking in nature and participating in outdoor activities will rejuvenate every guest.

6. A Cool Museum Venue

For a couple that's creative, fun and a tad offbeat, holding an Indian wedding at a modern art museum is the perfect way to reflect their eclectic style while still maintaining traditional Indian wedding elements. At a museum venue, there are unlimited quirky and chic opportunities for a couple to personalize their celebrations. Think: holding the Indian ceremony in one of the galleries or dancing the night away at a rooftop reception.

7. A Refined Vineyard Celebration

If you're looking for a rustic meets refined Indian wedding vibe, a lovely vineyard is the perfect place to tie the knot. After all, what could be more festive than being surrounded by delicious wine, lush vines and scenic views? Exchange your vows in front of the rolling vineyard grounds, or book a wine-tasting tour to entertain your guests.

8. A Sleek and Modern Industrial Warehouse Soiree

If minimalism is your jam, a sleek industrial warehouse space would make an amazing backdrop for your nuptials. These venues often blend historical architecture with a modern, elegant feel—it's essentially a blank slate for any type of wedding style. Personally, we adore the juxtaposition of exposed beams, beautiful, reclaimed lighting fixtures and ornate Indian style.

9. A Return to the Motherland: An Epic Celebration in India

There's no doubt that India is amongst the finest luxury wedding destinations in the world. From the historic palaces of Udaipur to the impressive forts of Jaipur, there are unlimited glitzy and glamorous venues for Indian couples. Plus, India's hospitality industry is unparalleled, and will likely work tirelessly to help throw a dream bash.

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