These Newlyweds Spilled Their Top Wedding Regrets, From Budget to Bridal Parties

Recently married couples reveal what they wish they'd spent more (and less) money on, and what they'd do over if given the chance.
maggie seaver the knot wedding planning expert
Maggie Seaver
maggie seaver the knot wedding planning expert
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Updated Mar 09, 2020

Are you worried you'll regret how you're alloting your wedding budget, or how many guests you invite? Don't worry, it's totally natural to experience anxiety about potential wedding regrets. Luckily Dana Rebecca Designs surveyed 2,000 couples married in or after 2010 to uncover exactly what they wish they could do over—or what they wouldn't change for the world—so you can learn from their regrets (and worry less).

How Many Couples Deal With Postwedding Regrets?

Overall, 76 percent of people confessed there were things about their wedding they should have done differently. Nearly half of respondents (43 percent) claimed there are elements of their day they flat-out regret (oops). But, it's not all bad news—90 percent reassured that all the positives outweigh any negatives, and 72 percent say they consider their wedding day one of the best of their lives.

The Top 5 Wedding Budget Regrets

On the whole, 28 percent of respondents regret the nature of their budget, whether it was how much they spent in general or exactly how they prioritized funds. Here are the top five budget regrets.

Couples wish they'd spent more on:

1. Honeymoon

2. Rings

3. Photographer

And couples wish they'd spent less on:

4. Dress

5. Invites

So what's the takeaway? Looks like newlyweds regret spending too much on details that only matter for about 24 hours instead of focusing on the details that last a lifetime. There are also some secondary details couples encourage to-be-weds not to worry about spending quite as much on, including the rehearsal and bridal party gifts (although we always think you should spoil your crew).

They Have Non-Budget Related Regrets Too

Survey respondents were also asked about details like their guest list, wedding party size, registry and whether or not they were able to kick back and enjoy their day.

Guest List Regrets: Everyone seems to have guest list tweaks they wish they could have made: 41 percent wish they should have invited more, 41 percent wish they invited fewer and 18 percent say they should have invited different people.

Wedding Party Regrets: If given the chance to go back in time, 36 percent wanted to have a bigger group, 30 percent would have had a smaller group and 34 percent would have asked different people. We can't stress enough how important it is to ask the right group to be in your wedding party—and this is proof.

Registry Regrets: Looks like most couples feel good about how they curated their wedding registry, with only 18 percent claiming they weren't happy with theirs. (See, registry can be sexy if you do it right).

Stress Regrets: Oh, wedding stress—won't you leave us alone? Unsurprisingly, more than half of respondents said they were stressed at their wedding (maybe because they didn't use our All-In-One Wedding Planner to help them, just saying), but more than half also admitted they were able to have fun, regardless.

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